Spycht guides you back to solid land with the follow-up to Amanna.  Secreta Roi is a rough crash in a new world. Somewhere above the hills was an egress, a gate, an entryway allowing access to something new.  There is no going back now that you have witnessed both ends of the void.  Tread slowly.  This familiar landscape still holds many surprises.

Mastered @ Anomalistic Records

Written by Spycht

Artwork by Martika LyleAlbum Merchandise

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Sleepless monk is a audiovisual performer and artist/scientist from outer space. “It’s the fear of the unknown, the fear of our own mortality. We are all scared of death, phantoms of the past that we can’t change, chained to the future that scares us, scared of this moment as it passes away. It is gone….this chunk of time. I don’t know what it was:- between the infinite and infinitesimal, lies a vast gap of numbers, numbers that we made up. Yet there is a commonality, commonality of fear, fear of the endless and the unknown. As we break records, we find more numbers, numbers in space, numbers in pulses of time. Yet this chunk of time is gone, what was it? A picosecond, an attosecond? Yet there was creativity in it, Pandora’s box. This tiny fragment may hold clue to my consciousness. It is gone but there will be another one, as another thought pattern bursts forth.”

Production, final mixdown, words and artwork : Sleepless Monk
Mastering : Thomson Das


Sleepless Monk – Rage of Tandava (196 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – The Path of Mindfulness (196 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Shamanic Threshold (204 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Synaptic Meltdown (218 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Shaman Baikal (190 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Gautama (190 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Humanity (180 BPM)

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The debut EP, 4 experimental tracks, 25 minutes of twisted music.

All Music by Hector Miller
Mastering by Thomas Velvet ,
Hungary Artwork by Prashob (India)

Hector Miller – Acid In The Zoo (200 Bpm)
Hector Miller – Advanced Mathematics (200bpm)
Hector Miller – Vibhuti (190 bpm)
Hector Miller – Volando (200 bpm)

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00. Front Cover
scared evil va01 back

Scared Evil Records presents “Friends from Hell,” the first album compiled by Znataraja and inspired by the darker and more horrific realms of psychedelic trance. Guiding you through 15 intense tracks, Friends from Hell brings you a new outlook to the darkside.
Compiled by: Znataraja – U.S.A.
Released by: Scared Evil Records – Germany
Mastered by: Voidscream – Germany
Artwork by: Paranoia Sector – Greece

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01.) Digital Mind Terror – W.W. (155 BPM)
02.) Krono Psy – The Sea and U Tripping (150 BPM)
03.) Paranoia Sector – Slay the Titans (158 BPM)
04.) Yata Garasu vs Bones – The Abyss Walker (160 BPM)
05.) Psyloscope – Bloodsucker (165-171-181-165 BPM)
06.) Pheromaniacs – Kal Drogo (165 BPM)
07.) Synthetic Forest – Lullaby for Elvira (165 BPM)
08.) Psy Horror Noize – Black Flash (165 BPM)
09.) Voidscream – Breathstealer’s Crypt (175 BPM)
10.) Mythorlogic – Goolgolet (178 BPM)
11.) Crone – Ritual for Death (179 BPM)
12.) Psy4tecks – Anjuna (180 BPM)
13.) Kashis – Cannabalistic Ego (190 BPM)
14.) CinderVOMIT and KILLATK – Circumstantial Cognitive Awareness (198 BPM)
15.) Delp – Verständnis Management (232 BPM)

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front cover
back cover complit

This a compilation made it by the artist they participate in a presentation party of the platform Menino Do Mundo in Germany in September 2014

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1-Alien Hardware-cronosphere(175)
2-Brainkore-Shadwos in the Ligth(180)
3-Menino Do Mundo-(Yuppi&Knowheregpsy)-Harmonic Strings(145-156)
5-Psc-Moo (182)
6-Romeodark-Moon star nigth street(157)
7-Soospicey- Busted Minds (167)
8-Twistedbabas-un espacio retorcido(170)
9-Yuppi-Perception Management (153)
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Pterodactylus is a genus of pterosaurs, whose members are popularly known as pterodactyls.  It is currently thought to contain only a single species, Pterodactylus antiquus,  the first pterosaur species to be named and identified as a flying reptile. The idea is to bring them back through a sonic summoning of power and wisdom. It is a ritual of pure psychedelia of letting the soul imagine and transcend to a world where belief holds no boundaries.

Label: Ant Robot Wisdom Records (Mexico)
Compiled by: T-T00N (India)
Mastering:  HiQ Mastering (Austria)
Artwork: Ashtak Singh – Trilochna (India)

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1.Hector Miller – Feedback (148BPM)
2.Dark Cygnus – Banjhakri (155bpm)
3.Paganorium – Holly Pterodactyl (155bpm)
4.FluroNeuro – Primordial Pandemonium (158bpm)
5.Mythorlogic – Bushman of the Kalahari (158bpm)
6.Hexatech – Synthetics in the Forest (160bpm)
7.Obscurus Anima – Bad Dreams (166Bpm)
8.Gurgamesh – Tai Ping (170bpm)
9.Voidscream – Trygon Predator (175bpm)
10.Ofgohd – Dimensional Dementia (178bpm)
11.Unfug – Pterodactyl Replicator (185Bpm)
12.Phal-anx – Spectral Universe (190bpm)
13.Necronomus – Expansion Evolutiva (194bpm)
14.GunaTama (Catharsys vs Prong) – Illusion Confusion (198Bpm)
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Hyprid Records is an independent Austrian record label founded in Salzburg 2011 by Peter K. (Zhoprenica/Kypernetic) and David M. (Paratax) specialising in electronic music genre like Hitech, Psycore, DarkPsy, N.A.P and experimental stuff with all Bpmstyles.
Music is timeless and infinity matter,
All beginnings are difficult,
but we give our best to find new stuff for our freaks and friends!
Our vision is to create a new area for music – IN THIS SENSE – enjoy the music and most of all HAVE FUN!

Mastering by Anomalistic Studios
Artwork by Zhophrenica

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01 Dagobert Dark vs. Shackleton – Anazoot (135)
02 KanibaL HolokausT – Cube (153)
03 parakustik- stranger´s (166)
04 Kopophobia – Valar Morghulis(170)
05 Solanacea – Electric forest (170)
06 Infra – Ganta (200)
07 Phreneticus – It’s Not Real MoM (200)
08 Depopulation program – Alternativen (200)
09 Paratax- Alien Input (210)
10 Manticore – Objekt X (210)
11 Riptide & Obscurum – Mortician Chronicles(225)
12 Zhophrenica – Other Land Enter (220-230)
13 Traumaticoma – Whatta you know  (230)
14 Psylocida – Crystal Succubus (230)
15 Aloc – Derealisation (242)
16 Neuro Astral Owl – Titan Encapsulation (254)
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ASDFEP cover
asdfep back

Infra and Phreneticus present you with 4 really twisted compositions that will totally rattle your beings being. Proceed with caution….or don’t, and get totally blasted with us!

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01. Infra – Xephon 220bpm
02. Infra – Project 444 240bpm
03. Phreneticus – Fanasie 220bpm
04. Phreneticus – Cry 240bpm

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Do you ever feel like your flying? Do you love cake? We love cake, and flying, and cake while flying, and even flying while we uhhhh…cake. Not to mention that the flying we are doing is through cyber spider core wormholes in the 197th dimension.



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01. Artificial Revolution
02. Strange Spawn
03. Omoto
04. The Hydrocon
05. Programmed Memories (vs Alpscore)

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00 - Invid Mind - Inimaginable - Image 1
00 - Invid Mind - Inimaginable - Image 2

Alkhimia Records and Anomalistic Records join together to give birth to the second release by Invid Mind AKA Nancy Molina from Argentina. Inimaginable is a hypnotic tale from the weirdest universe: a complex, funny collage of sounds and feelings mixed and twisted especially created to give you a unique experience full of love and kawaii things! All tracks are written and produced by Nancy Molina. Mastered by Soospicey with cover art by 4MACK.

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01Inimaginable (160/195 BPM)
02Trapped Inside (161 BPM)
03Kawaii (190 BPM)
04Know Your Xenomorph (168 BPM)
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