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Ancient Tree, Wychwood Forest

The untrodden forests and paths are unknown and unpredictable human behavior. They also indicate the freethinking of skeptics and dissenters. The Alien grows in a secluded place near a pond, which suggests serenity and peace. He had suppressed his spiritual impulses, which should have found full expression; now, at last, he begins to walk those unused paths. It is a journey of selfdiscovery. He is now in communion with nature, and his inmost being responds freely. He thus realizes different levels of love and manly attachment.
released 28 June 2013
W&P by Jim K. @ Lost Reflection Studios
Artwork by mantzaraise
Mastering by Block 25 Studios

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01 – Lost Reflection – Reveal Traces
02 – Lost Reflection – Petrified Remains
03 – Lost Reflection – Absorbed By Forest
04 – Lost Reflection – Mystic Path
05 – Lost Reflection – Leaf Covered Trap
06 – Lost Reflection – The Evidence Of Absence
07 – Lost Reflection – Epitome Of Illusions
08 – Lost Reflection – In Orbit With Aliens
09 – Lost Reflection – Redefining Darkness
10 – Lost Reflection – Unanswered Questions
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Womtek Julla - back
Anomalistic Records is proud to present the debut release from ZY / Amanojaku with “Womtek Julla” (free mind). This release contains 4 songs wich express the way the artist sees this weird & strange life, and the world we live in. This delightfull story features powerfull arrangements and intense melodic scenes, mixed with energetic basslines and enchanting grooves.
Mastered by ZY/Amanojaku
Artwork by Azael Valle

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1 – ZY – Womtek Julla (156 bpm)
2 – Amanojaku – There’s 2 Ways (158 bpm)
3 – Amanojaku – Signal Of Luv (165 bpm)
4 – ZY – Soñando Con Xilitla (168 bpm)
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Scared Evil Records presents a brand new compilation *Pillars of Creation* – compiled by Retohmorgon!
This Compilation contains 12 unreleased tracks of well known Artists from the Dark Underground scene and some new talented upcoming Artists!!
The Pillars of Creation gives you a Taste of the Galactic Birth of Everything!

Enjoy that Psychedelic, Dark Twisted Trip and let your Body and Soul flow through the Tale of the *Pillars of Creation*

Released by: Scared Evil Records
Artwork by: Wasted Ages
Mastered by: Anomalistic Records

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01 – Plasmorph – Psicrus
02 – Steganography – YOLO (You Only Live Once)
03 – Pangea – Jungle Ninja
04 – Retohmorgon – Forest Realm
05 – Synthetic Forest – Not My Buisness
06 – Alien Chaos – Danger Zone
07 – Gloomy Phantom – Painbringer
08 – Dtox – Psycelots Round Table
09 – Scandalous White People – Human Alien Dynamics
10 – Hector Miller – Ololiuqui
11 – Unfug – Hazy Fog
12 – Orion’s Belt – Nocturnal Knowledge
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in contact with sound the lost levels

Greetings dear friends!!! As we made a previous announcement a few days before, thanks to the success we had with the release of the album ” Xikwri Neyrra – In Contact With Sound [Acidmaniacs Records]” we want to give away the tracks that were going to be part of the track list at the beginning and after a while we decided to change ’em. In Contact With Sound: The Lost Levels is a fine collection of 3 unreleased and remastered spells specially crafted for you with unique Xikwri Neyrra’s style. We, the Acidmaniacs team and I, want to thank you a lot for your support, is very important for us and we wish you enjoy it and have the best of the psychedelic journeys with this material ( we recommend to blend it together with “In Contact With Sound full album”) All the best!!!!
Mastered by:  High Shelf Mastering Studio
Artwork by:  Alan Macias

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01 – Xikwri Neyrra – In Contact With Sound (…from outer space) 152
02 – Xikwri Neyrra – Psy-Sci 155
03 – Xikwri Neyrra – Requiem (For Dad & Romolo) 149
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NaturesHiddenSecrets FRONT
NaturesHiddenSecrets BACK

V.A Nature’s Hidden Secrets, compiled by SKUNK AKA “SALAD SCREAM” is a free digital mid-2013 release by POINT OF VIEW MUSIC & would love to thank the p(E)ople that made this all possible Cinder,Spicey,Konvn,myrkabah,Zabba,Invid Mind & ANOMALISTIC RECORDS. P(E)OPLE OVER PROPHITS.
Artwork by Enteogeno
Mastered at Anomalistic Studios

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01 – Pholiot Minds – Tent Witch
02 – Myrkabah – Breencasts
03 – Octopus Prime – Bansh Can0pee
04 – Invid Mind – Floating Lavender Eye
05 – Konvndrvm – 12 psi
06 – Invid Mind – Wrong Number
07 – CinderVOMIT – Prank Call To Ranbow Static
08 – Konvndrvm – Calling From Afar (U Should Go There)
09 – SooSpicey – YES
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01 – Master of Horror – Le Torture Satane 130 Bpm
02 – Master of Horror – Necromorphosis 160 Bpm
03 – Master of Horror – Alaughter Auras 170 Bpm
04 – Master of Horror – The Unknown Sektor 190 Bpm
Master of Horror – Good is Also Evil (BONUS TRACK) 160 Bpm
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cover art

In association with Fish n Trips Records, Satori presents his latest E.P.

Mitosis is the process by which a cell separates the chromosomes in its cell nucleus into two identical sets, in two separate nuclei.

This ep was created during a time of division in my life, from the old to new. New life, new encoding, new music.
I hope you enjoy.

released 06 June 2013
Written and produced by Rory Robinson

Mastered by Priapizzm, except track 5 mastered by Ogopogo

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Satori – Drenched in Shimmer (174 BPM)
Satori – Fog (168 BPM)
Satori – Should or Should Not? (172 BPM)
Satori – Stuff (174 BPM)
Satori – Peace of Mind (90 BPM)
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