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SkridmarkS Volume 2: DejaVudu

And here we are again.
How did we get here?
What does this mean?
How do you explain it?
Have we experienced this before?
Is it something from a Dream?
A signal we are on the right path?
Or a flashback to the past?
Whatever this Dejavu may be…
It is something that connects us.
Something that helps to assure us
there is something greater
than this layer of reality.

It has been a great Journey,
A lot of energy went into the creation
of this compilation. Each person involved
made this what it is. Thank you to all the
artist’s hard work, and a big Thank you to
Spiro (Oblium) at Optinervear studio for
mastering this collaborative creation.
We all appreciate you so much!


  1. Zamurah – Uii iuuu
  2. Okage and Enigmachina – Keepers of the Forsaken
  3. Oblium – The Sounds Around You Are Converted Into Energy
  4. Synthetic Forest – Fata Morganic
  5. Audionimus – Frish Geschlupft, Noch Nicht Getauft
  6. Enigmachina – Sonic Expressionism
  7. CinderVomit – Dejavudu
  8. Black Phillip – Receptor 5-HT2A
  9. Binasephira – Masta Mike
  10. Rysavy – eXperimental
  11. K-Owl – The Moment You Forgot You Were Happy
  12. Dattatreya – Vude Javudu
  13. Depuratus – Buty Prysutnim
  14. Spycht – Crosshead
  15. Setu Ketu – Errore Della Realtà
  16. Mukhtar – Reverse the Humanity


Compiled by: EkimSkriD
Mastered by: Spiro (Oblium) at Optinervear Studio
Artwork by: EkimSkriD
Released by: Anomalistic Records

For Zig and Twig
Fly high good buddies!

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