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Gurgamesh_-_ Return_To_The_Source_FrontCover
Gurgamesh_-_ Return_To_The_Source_-BackCover
Artist: Gurgamesh
Name: Return to the Source
Label: Horrordelic
Genre: Darkpsy
Artwork: Starfighter
Mastering: Anomalistic
Date: 31. December 2013
Format: WAV & MP3

Horrordelic is proud to present a new EP, from the up and coming Swedish artist: Gurgamesh. Here presented with 4 tracks from the realm of Ayahuasca and experimental psychedelic states of mind. At fist moment of play, this will rocktake over your perception and make the world turn backwards, try it on a large sound system.

The first EP from Gurgamesh, watch out for for this guy in 2014 and beyond.

A steady and stong BPM around 170bpm makes it a wonderfull and powerfull, join us in Trip.

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01 – Gurgamesh – Closed Eye Visuals – 170bpm
02 – Gurgamesh – Dimension Within – 170bpm
03 – Gurgamesh – Return To The Source – 173bpm
04 – Gurgamesh – Aprilia – 177bpm
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Back Cover

On the top of the world, where there is nothing but sunshine and sky, a hell awaits underneath. Following the smoke that slowly rips into the clouds, below the heavens lies a growing violence in the city of Athens. The people are roaring as loud as the fire that surrounds them. War and chaos has evolved into revolution, and the people of Greece are tired, sick of the corruption that wreaks in the streets. They want justice. They want freedom. Compiled by Paratrip and Paranoia Sector; they want nothing more than to express these passions for truth. This compilation beckons you to join us in a battle for art.

We want to take you on a journey, so that one day we can all feel harmony like the world above us.

JFFR is proud to associate donations with this release with:

Greeks 4 Kids is dedicated to helping children in schools and hospitals that are in desperate need of books, toys, supplies and friendship to remedy both educational and health challenges.

Released: 13 December 2013
Compiled by: Paratrip and Paranoia Sector
Artwork by: Paranoia Sector
Mastered by: Konvndrvm at UniSign Studios , California
(with the exception of track 12 mastered by Pupsidelic of Greece.)
Words by: Nick Sumbles of Arkansas.
Released on: JellyFish Frequency Recordings 2013

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1. Archeos – Slaves to a System
2. Lost Reflection – Inhale The Void
3. Zabaero Project – Om Mani Padme Hum
4. Akbar & Vjd – Epic Theatre
5. CheVeYo – Experimentation Of The Mind
6. Stef Vs. SoundCurious – Ignorance Is Bliss
7. Silent Moon – Infected Brain
8. Aum Sector Vs Om Chandra – Disobey (Aum Sector Rmx)
9. PsyBuk vs Crone – Dark Revenge
10. Looney – QuestionMark
11. Paranoia Sector – From Athens With Hate
12. Pupsidelic – Planet Wars
13. Necroillusion – Haunted Monkey
14. Psychotica – Artificial Intelligence
15. Psylence Mind – The Hardest I Can Feel
16. Paratrip – PsyRiots
17. Atria – Secret Societies
18. Neutralizer – Ravelution
19. Koktavy – Ascension
20. Kivotronic – Escape From Your Planet
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Sinister Moon the new VA from Scared Evil Records. Compiled by Syntethic Forest,mastering by Anomalistic Records and Coverart from Ningura. This is the continuation from the VA. Scary Sun, released in 2010. The Opposite of that release, a Faster, Darkish, Industrial Touched Journey! 12 tracks and a big bonus featuring the worldwide underground darkpsy scene, free for you. Grab it and play Loud !”
Artist:  VA
Name:  Sinister Moon
Label:  Scared Evil Records
Artwork:  Ningura
Mastering: Anomalistic Studios
Genre:  Darkpsy
Date: 24. December 2013
Format: WAV & MP3

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01 – Gloomy Phantom & Synthetic Forest – Knocking On Hells Door – 164bpm
02 – Paranoia Sector – No More Badtrip – 168bpm
03 – Dra Orcon – Noc Noc Noctum – 170bpm
04 – Hector Miller – Blessings – 172bpm
05 – Orions Belt Project – Crash’s Party In The Moon – 170bpm
06 – Voidscream & Akira – Purgatory Gates – 175bpm
07 – Synthetic Forest – Hypnotizer – 176bpm
08 – Unfug – Shrooms Inside – 180bpm
09 – CinderVOMIT – Story Of The Merciless – 172bpm
10 – Motorbrain – Blood Moon – 190bpm
11 – Blind-ox – Eleusinian Mysteries – 188bpm
12 – Asamori – Warped Instinct – 177bpm
**Bonus Track** SooSpicey – Barbeau-Bot (Priapizzm RMX) 154bpm
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Psycharge - Unknown Existence

Unknown Existence is the debut solo album produced by Psycharge from the tropical island of Singapore released on Plasmasphere Productions. The album takes you on a mystical journey into the deepest and darkest corner of the woods to co-exist with the forest spirits and creatures in harmony.

Enter unknown planes of existence,
Realms revealed for mystical relevance,
Creeping through depths of dark,
Encountering otherworldly tribes with freaky masks,
Dwarfs,Elves, goblins and all olde fairy folk,
Help conjuring of magic casting invoke,
Beware of Leishii’s deception,
Fragments of a lost night in revelation,
Trippy weird woodland wildness in contemplation, Enter inner path of unknown existences,
Voyaging vision quest using shamanic senses,
All sacred knowledge’s retrieved,
From shimmering dream worlds mystically perceived.

All tracks written and produced by Psycharge
Except for track 03, collaboration with Witch Freak
Mastered by Maxim “Makus” Kurushyn at Overdream Studio
Artwork by Witch Freak
Released in 2013 by Plasmasphere Productions

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Psycharge – Creeping In The Dark (149 BPM)
Psycharge – Into The Woods (150 BPM)
Psycharge & Witch Freak – Leishii’s Deception (152 BPM)
Psycharge – Fragments Of A Lost Night (153 BPM)
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The human is energy in a material body, we have an aura like the earth, and is the electromagnetic field, as we have the same composition as the universe. Geometry Vortex seeks to expand existing notions of experimental and space sounds, as work with new ideas and ways to experience new stimuli that can re-organize meditative concepts. Atoms, protons, electrons, all we are part of that great cosmos called EVOLUTION.
Mastered by ZY
Artwork by Jeff D.zign
Released by Galactic Crew

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01. Mucifelam – What Are You
02. Moondoggy – Lily Of The Valley
03. Menterama – Hikaru
04. Samyaza – Aurora Zosel
05. HyperYohual – Heart Melt Like Plastic
06. Shitzophrenick vs Master of Horror – ME7ILDHIPROPILHAMINA
07. Mexkline – 39.1º
08. Necronomus – Perverse Mind
09. Menterama – Indiastral
10. Cosmic Egg – Morphogenesis
11. Psy Horror Noize vs Botox Brain – Smoked Teletransportation
12. Cyber Noise – Vitrual Mould
13. Kujata vs Chronopium – Killing The Legendary Hero
14. Cali’Balam – Vortex
15. Walhalla project – Dimensional Mirror
16. Insane El Rato – Head Voices
17. Yuppi – The Unknown Soldier
18. Kaikkailla – Universe Expanding
19. Acidevil – Retraidoxa
20. Higher Energy – Organic Weakness (Deadhead RMX)
21. DreadLokkWarrior – Classical Conductivity
22. Micromood – Victrolaphonic
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Anomalistic Records presents Qua Da La, compiled by Maleficium. 12 fantastic stories saturated with twisted arrangements and mind altering rhythms, a synthetic experiment so to speak…
Released by: Anomalistic Records
Compiled by: Maleficium
Mastered by: Priapizzm
Artwork by: Enteogeno

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01 – Pangea – Silver Beams
02  – Suke – Virus
03 – Walpurgisnacht Projekt – Datura Tales
04 – Necropsycho – Anima Stans
05 – Datavore – Tiempo De Aventuras
06 – Ogoun – Oracolo
07 – Aum Sync – Amigo
08 – Maleficium – Psychostic Rhythm
09 – Coatttattbs – Damnit Braincells
10 – Knobolt – Knobodelic
11 – SooSpicey – Smurfin
12 – CinderVOMIT – Far East Coast
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“A collection of music made by friends.”

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1. Dangel xxx – Hard Wuol
2. Marquis de Malibu – Scissor Polish
3. Kul-Sprutz – Riot In Sunblock No. 15
4. Ryan Trecartin – I-BE AREA Credits Song 2007
5. GO III HELL – Cybercorny
6. !luuli – MoodSwing
7. Th.o.Th – Needle’s Eye
8. Somnolent – The Other Room
9. Triplets – Kato
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And the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound them. The 1st sounded, and there came HAIL and fire, mixed with blood, and they were thrown to the earth; and a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.
Released by Helicon Sound System
Mastering by Cthulhu/Ewok
Artwork by Mantzaraize

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Sungazer – χξς
Mendor – Hide In The Woods 120 Bpm
Lost Reflection – Escaping With The Ram 135 Bpm
Glazed Pots – Beer , Coke And Souvlaki 138 Bpm
Plasma Force – Metallized Swamp 144 Bpm
Dark River -Corruption On All Sectors 146 Bpm
Synthetic Forest – Walpurga 146 Bpm
Tsek-Wood 149 Bpm
Archeos – New World order 150 Bpm
Spaggeti Brain –Don’t Even Think About 152 Bpm
Crooked Mind – Ayahuasca 152 Bpm
Psy-Mr. ft Mystical Voyager -Low Frequencies 160 Bpm
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