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ॐFenomeNoize Laboratoryॐ….. we’ll be glad to present a new project of psychedelic Dark trance from two great minds … “Pharmakeus…. Hugo Lopez ( Manik Buluk) and Israel Ortega ( Sacrostema) are the creators behind this new project of experimental forest music that make reference to the altered states of consciousness ,using introspective sounds and deep bass lines in order to create an alternative space in the minds full of synthetic sounds and biological leads. ツ

FenomeNoize Laboratory ….. estaremos encantados de presentar un nuevo proyecto de trance psicodélico oscuro a partir de dos grandes mentes … ” Pharmakeus …. Hugo López ( Manik Buluk ) e Israel Ortega ( Sacrostema ) son los creadores detrás del laboratorio de este nuevo proyecto de música experimental con atmosferas y leads totalmente inigualables, que hacen referencia a los estados alterados de conciencia , el uso de sonidos introspectivos y líneas de bajo profundas con el fin de crear un espacio alternativo en las mentes llenas de sonidos sintéticos y biológicos acompañanos a descubrir que tienen guardado estos dos maestros..ツ

Artist : Pharmakeus Project
Label : Fenomenoize Laboratory
Cover Designer : Twisted Doom
Mastering Studio : Zombie Scream (Kamino Records)  & Froog (Freak Records)

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1.- Pharmakeus Project – Adrenochrome Devotes – 150 BPM
2.- Pharmakeus Project – Morphogeneticmatrix – 155 BPM
3.- Pharmakeus Project – Awakening in the Jungle – 152 BPM

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dimension of damnation cover Art Front
dimension of damnation cover art back

The dimension in which we now are giving us shape a film (reality) in which we manipulated by master plans to control masses, this musical album, teaches us that to audible frequencies and analog sounds, we create our own reality (film) and manipulate our behalf, discovering new tricks magic (magic tricks) and living with interplanetary beings living exploring the matrix, Manik Buluk young producer presents his second album with unreleased tracks, will transport you to an unknown dimension there you will find what other worlds UFOs, fairies, elves, goblins, shamanism 3.5 is the program you need to upgrade to understand this album. Create your own reality !!

Artist : Manik Buluk
Label : Label : FenomeNoize
Artist : Manik Buluk
Title : Dimension of Damnation
Mastering : Zombi Kamino (Zombie Scream)
Except Tracks : 5. 6. 8. Master By Manik Buluk
Artwork : Emanuel Gradilla
Distribution : Free Release

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1.-Manik Buluk – The Butterfly Effect – 151 BPM
2.-Manik Buluk – Somebody To Dope – 162 – BPM
3.-BulukNichXtraNoid (Manik Buluk, Nich, Xtraterretre, and Humanoid) – Black Lab – 185 – BPM
4.-Manik Buluk – Jayapa Stramonium – 188 – BPM
5.-Manik Buluk vs Injerto – Demented Music Trance 190 – BPM
6.-Manik Buluk – Time For Medication 191 – BPM
7.-Manik Buluk – Nahualli Nightmare 197 – BPM
8.-Manik Buluk – Chainsaw Dismemberment 207 – BPM

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As we know, music is the only portal to commune with the cosmic consciousness. The aim of this album is to help connect the human spirit with that cosmic oneness. FENOMENOIZE crew likes to present you.

Como sabemos, la música es la única entrada para conversar con el conocimiento cósmico. El objetivo de este álbum es ayudar unir el espíritu humano con aquella unidad cósmica. El equipo FENOMENOIZE gusta presentarle.


A whole new dimension of Hi-Tech & Darkpsy sounds and frequencies enveloped in killer base-lines that is ready to be opened by the visual ears of the listener, and take them on a transcendental voyage which is designed to destroy the negative thought and re-program the mind with Positive and Fresh energy. This is the phenomenon that regulates the order of the Microcosms and Macrocosms. BOOOOM..!! — – SHIVAYA NAMAHA – —

Una nueva dimensión entera de Hi-Tech y Darkpsy, sonidos y frecuencias envueltas en las líneas de bajo asesinas que están listas a ser abiertas por los visuales oídos del oyente, y tomarlos de un viaje transcendental que es diseñado para destruir el pensamiento negativo y el nuevo programa la mente con la energía Positiva y Fresca. Esto es el fenómeno que regula la orden del Microcosmo y el Macrocosmo. ¡¡BOOOOM ..!! –SHIVAYA NAMAHA–

Album :

Reverberations From The Interstellar

Label : ॐFenomeNoize Laboratoryॐ (MEXICO)
Artist: Various
Compiled by : Nefarious Aavee (INDIA)
Mastering by: Manik Buluk (MEXICO)
Artwork by : Claudine Pinto (INDIA)
Release Date: 30 Jun 2014

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01.- SANATHANA – Who Am I (170 BPM)
o2.- SRAVANAM – Reverberations From The Interstellar – (170 BPM)
03.- HUMANOID – Weird Space (175 BPM)
04.-SEPEHRAKA – Dark Spirituality (175 BPM)
06.- SONIK DISTORTION – Star Technology – (180 BPM)
07.- LEPUDNESS – Archive-01 (180 BPM)
08.- HOLOGRAPHIX – Ocillatronic
09.- INJERTO – Listen The Music (183 BPM)
10.- MANIK BULUK VS MOTORBRAIN – Paradise of Child (190 BPM)
11.- COSMIC GROW – Demoniac Mushrooms (195 BPM)
12.- XOCHIPILLI – Answer Dance! (200 BPM)

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Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message, a form of security through obscurity.

Steganography started around 2 years ago, in the year 2011 – 2012 making music from 120 bpm to 170 bpm MAX.
Influenced by Funky, Darky, Mysterious, Suomi, Groovy Forest.
Released by: ॐFenomeNoize Laboratoryॐ
Artwork by: AntiElf – Horrordelic
Mastered by: Manik Buluk , Xtraterrestre & Silent Enemy

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1. Steganography – Aguileras Secret Recipe 145 Bpm (Master by Xtraterrestre)
2. Steganography – Algorithms 146 BPM (Master by Manik Buluk)
3. Steganography – Heads Will Roll 148 BPM (Master by Manik Buluk)
4. Steganography – Occam’s razor 150 BPM (Master by Manik Buluk)
5. Steganography – ALICE – A Large Ion Collider Experiment (Master by Silent Enemy)
6. Steganography – Hypochondriasis 154 BPM (Master by Manik Buluk)
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Second compilation of Laboratory FenomeNoize record company where you will find powerful tracks and aggressive atmospheres, strong bass and high frequencies, we have the honor to present such as Holographix track, Qakbatzulu, Aum Sync, Hyperziio & Biox, Chontal Project, among others join us and have fun with this great compilation. Namaste.

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01. Steganography – Osmosis 150 BPM
02 Chontal Project – I See Fractales 150 Bpm
03. Azzault – Crazy Baby On Board 160 BPM
04. Manik Buluk – Cosmic Consciousness 165 BPM
05. Saint Germain – Something You Shouldn’t Know 140 – 165 BPM
06. Acid Graphicks – Viajeros Ayahuasca 170 BPM
07. Minagoris & Adrieligena – Tejidos Conectivos 170 BPM
08. Psynetik – Wrong Planet 175 BPM
09. Humanoid – Vortice 175 BPM
10. Aum Sync – Abolish Capitalism 176 BPM
11. Holographix – Wild Melody 180 BPM
12. Qakbatzulu vs Alienazed human – 180 – 220 BPM
13. Hyperziio & Biox – Nac Frozen Can 175 BPM
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