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Infarto Music presents the new full album from one of the pioneers of our crew, Yaotzin Tech, 10 tracks of pure high-tech and psycore style, including a collaboration with Dark Sektor, the introduction of the new project of Yaotzin and Nap “Mechanical Enox” and a special remix.

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Dark Sektor & Yaotzin Tech – Nivel Absoluto (174 BPM)
Yaotzin Tech – Sadistic Culture (176 BPM)
Mechanical Enox (Yaotzin Tech & Nap) – Legion (165 BPM)
Yaotzin Tech – This Night Awaked In Another World (175 BPM)
Yaotzin Tech – Durga Chalisa (185 BPM)
Yaotzin Tech – Emotion (160 BPM)
Yaotzin Tech – Flamenco (165 BPM)
Yaotzin Tech – Dimensions (174 BPM)
Yaotzin Tech – Paradise Of Different Colors (170 BPM)
Yaotzin Tech – Galaxy & Infinity Where I’m Going [Nap Remix] (180 BPM)
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Psychorale - Aint Your Fairytale - FRONT
Psychorale - Aint Your Fairytale - BACK

Gustavo PsychOrale Together With Ana PsychOrale Present: Their 1st album completely independent Called: Ain’t Your Fairytale. (no label, nonprofit) Which contains 3 tracks. full of energy and high bpm’s [40-190BPM] / [195BPM] / [200BPM] + [Bonus Track 220BPM]
*Independient Artwork By:  JP Design*
*Mastered By:  SooSpicey*

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1 – PsychOrale – Lucid Dreams [40-190BPM] (Intro)
2 – BanYa – Wi Ex Doc Va (PsychOrale’s Rmx) [195BPM]
3 – PsychOrale VS PsychOrale – Ain’t Your Fairytale [200BPM]
Bonus Track: PsychOrale’s – Ignis Fatuus [220BPM]
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All tracks produced by Yaron Eshkar at
Track 11 original by Maxim and Olga Kurushyn
Mastering by Alex Wordsworth @ eMasters UK
Album graphics by Ran Kramer

C2011 Faxi Nadu

Unatohrized dupilcation makes smurfs cry. be awsome, support crazy music


The Last Kick of your Life is an album of the imagination. Mysterious and enchanting, through tunnels of space, time and the deep mind. Intricetly layered collages of sound woven intro theatrical fabrics of harmony. Grungy and analog with a glitchy digital heartbeat, this is Faxi Nadu’s unique version of a psytrance musical.

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Faxi Nadu – Welcome To Faxi Nadu 000bpm
Faxi Nadu – After People 130bpm
Faxi Nadu – The Deep 140bpm
Faxi Nadu – Arrange My Mind 144bpm
Faxi Nadu – Blackout 000bpm
Faxi Nadu – Sands Of Fantasy 145bpm
Faxi Nadu – Missing Puzzle 148bpm
Faxi Nadu – Strange Beyond 000bpm
Faxi Nadu – Space Opera 140bpm
Faxi Nadu – Temporal Control 145bpm
Overdream – Ultramarine (Faxi Nadu RMX) 148bpm
Faxi Nadu – The Last Kick Of Your Life  100bpm
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All tracks written and produced circa 2005-2006 by Yaron Eshkar

“Due to the announced return/remake of the epic show Blake’s 7 , here is my knee-jerk on the spot reaction to the wonderful news – a free download ep containing tracks inspired by and heavily sampling the show! All tracks are from around 2006, 3 out of the 4 previously unreleased”
Artwork by Artaida

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1. At Least Avon Is On Our Side (6:53)
2. No Hand Is The Winning Hand (7:48)
3. Servalan Wins (8:03)
4. Even Better Than Oil (5:39)
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Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message, a form of security through obscurity.

Steganography started around 2 years ago, in the year 2011 – 2012 making music from 120 bpm to 170 bpm MAX.
Influenced by Funky, Darky, Mysterious, Suomi, Groovy Forest.
Released by: ॐFenomeNoize Laboratoryॐ
Artwork by: AntiElf – Horrordelic
Mastered by: Manik Buluk , Xtraterrestre & Silent Enemy

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1. Steganography – Aguileras Secret Recipe 145 Bpm (Master by Xtraterrestre)
2. Steganography – Algorithms 146 BPM (Master by Manik Buluk)
3. Steganography – Heads Will Roll 148 BPM (Master by Manik Buluk)
4. Steganography – Occam’s razor 150 BPM (Master by Manik Buluk)
5. Steganography – ALICE – A Large Ion Collider Experiment (Master by Silent Enemy)
6. Steganography – Hypochondriasis 154 BPM (Master by Manik Buluk)
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Umber Vamber is the new psychedelic duo from Moscow, Russia.
You gonna be hypnotized from their sound immidiately, always fresh with ideas and top sound quality.
Spatial Shift is a night time journey thru the cosmos, be carefull not to go too far away…

All tracks W&P by Dmitry Bobrov & Artem Leontev
Released by: Active Meditation Music

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Umber Vamber – Spectrum Future (148 Bpm)
Umber Vamber – Mystical Revelation (150 Bpm)
Umber Vamber – In Deep Rising (156 Bpm)
Umber Vamber – Human Journey (160 bpm)
Umber Vamber – The Secrets Of Time (160)
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