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Written and produced by Grind Disco and Faxi Nadu.

Mastering by: Assaf Dar
Cover art by: Maayan Peer

C2008 Grind Disco / Faxi Nadu
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“We remain
but like dust shall fade away.
As cities become mountains
our songs will be forgotten.
For he who seeks clairvoyance
a search must begin”

D-Fault is the collaboration Experimental/IDM project of Maayan Peer (aka Grind Disco / Black Mizi Pro Duck Sun) and Yaron Eshkar (aka Faxi Nadu / Elmooht), both hailing from Israel. The vast array of musical influences between the artists, and at times the clash between them, brings about an interesting collaboration, rich in flavor and content. D-Fault packs in both the raw power and warmth of the analog world, with the clarity and precision of the digital DSP domain. Hi-tech broken grooves, chopped up melodies and sizzling digital effects, exploring the limits of creativity. Dark, psychedelic and disturbing, yet vaguely optimistic, giving D-Fault a fresh, yet nostalgic appeal.

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1. d-fault – artograph (3:38)
2. d-fault – dns (2:26)
3. d-fault – fs (4:25)
4. d-fault – eq (3:29)
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All tracks produced by Yaron Eshkar at
Track 11 original by Maxim and Olga Kurushyn
Mastering by Alex Wordsworth @ eMasters UK
Album graphics by Ran Kramer

C2011 Faxi Nadu

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The Last Kick of your Life is an album of the imagination. Mysterious and enchanting, through tunnels of space, time and the deep mind. Intricetly layered collages of sound woven intro theatrical fabrics of harmony. Grungy and analog with a glitchy digital heartbeat, this is Faxi Nadu’s unique version of a psytrance musical.

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Faxi Nadu – Welcome To Faxi Nadu 000bpm
Faxi Nadu – After People 130bpm
Faxi Nadu – The Deep 140bpm
Faxi Nadu – Arrange My Mind 144bpm
Faxi Nadu – Blackout 000bpm
Faxi Nadu – Sands Of Fantasy 145bpm
Faxi Nadu – Missing Puzzle 148bpm
Faxi Nadu – Strange Beyond 000bpm
Faxi Nadu – Space Opera 140bpm
Faxi Nadu – Temporal Control 145bpm
Overdream – Ultramarine (Faxi Nadu RMX) 148bpm
Faxi Nadu – The Last Kick Of Your Life  100bpm
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All tracks written and produced circa 2005-2006 by Yaron Eshkar

“Due to the announced return/remake of the epic show Blake’s 7 , here is my knee-jerk on the spot reaction to the wonderful news – a free download ep containing tracks inspired by and heavily sampling the show! All tracks are from around 2006, 3 out of the 4 previously unreleased”
Artwork by Artaida

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1. At Least Avon Is On Our Side (6:53)
2. No Hand Is The Winning Hand (7:48)
3. Servalan Wins (8:03)
4. Even Better Than Oil (5:39)
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“You found my weakness… I prefer to shoot a moving target” – Del Tarrant

Star One is the second remix project to reach maturation on Faxi Island Records (Postunder Records outlet), after Second In Command in early 2007. We present you with ten delicious remixes of Faxi’s original minimaltech/psy tune Star One. On this one We have got some returning names on Faxi Island – LSDan, Fright Rate and Elmooht – and a bunch of new names to our label. We believe this album is truley a journey, with each remix taking you to a different destination into each of the artist’s minds. From DJ Hoax’s pumping UK techno vibes, through the bouncy trippy take by Skyhighatrist, and the deep and dark version by Noized – each remix is a new world of sound and color.

The project for the original tune was posted online, and artists could download the project and work thier own remix. The remixes were then collected, and it was decided that we will offer this album as cd and as a digital download.

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1. Faxi Nadu’s Original Galactic Trouble Mix (Israel)
2. Hoax’s Empires Fall Remix (UK)
3. LSDan’s Paranoid Remix (UK)
4. Elmooht’s Portals Remix (Israel)
5. Noized’s Nano Battles Remix (Germany)
6. Fright Rate’s Hero Remix (South Africa)
7. Skyhighatrist’s Hovercraft Remix (UK)
8. Signal:Noised’s Dream On Remix (UK)
9. Sickmoth’s Submerge Remix (UK)
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Original track and album mastering by Yaron Eshkar.

“How did you like command?” – Commander William T. Riker

This album comes to you as a climax of an interactive internet project. After making the original version, the project files were posted on the Faxi Nadu website, where artists could pick it up and work thier own version.
It was a pleasent surprise to see all the people who took up the task and all the special remixes that came out
of it.

Cover art by: Teodor Tudorica

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1. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Faxi’s Original SciFi Dreams Mix)
2. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Izba Tripovalnya’s Spugadelic Fog Remix)
3. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Fright Rate’s Cargo Hold Remix)
4. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Overhuman Project’s Spooky Rabbits Remix)
5. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Overdosed’s Twisted Mayhem Remix)
6. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (LSDan’s Hardcore Vibes Remix)
7. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Elmooht’s Valium Remix)
8. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Chemical Reaction’s Kill Your Enemies Remix)
9. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Megaheadphoneboy’s Lullaby Remix)
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