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ATTENTION: Listening to this V/A will allow you to open a portal leading to a secret place of another dimension. You’ll suddenly find yourself surrounded by bizarre music structures of abnormal architecture. There are different rules here, but they are strictly followed in order to create a perversion of your conception.
Welcome to ‘Diligence Square’, enjoy this perverted experience as long as it lasts, but you must know..
Return to Reality will be harsh..
Compiled by Hora Project
Mastered by Cthulhu & Ewok @ Prana Studio
Cover art work by Valpigle
Released by Badgers Records

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01. RomeoDark – Strezz2 (154 BPM)
02. Crooked Mind – Pineal Gates (156 BPM)
03. Hazardose – Outside The Physical (160 BPM)
04. Noizhartt – Hardcoradelica (165 BPM)
05. Cthulhu – Especto Ancestral (165 BPM)
06. Pupsidelic – Badgers Kick (167 BPM)
07. Blind Ox – Auditory Hallucination (168 BPM)
08. Irrsin – Mind Splitter (170 BPM)
09. Soospicey – Gimme The Beans (175-190 BPM)
10. Hallucinated Hologram – k.m Magnoom (200 BPM)
11. Pigle – Please By Don’t Touch (136 BPM)
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Disenlightenment is the state of humanity whereby, through dependence on technology and abolition of the esoteric, we reach a state of complete vacuity and complacency. Whereas once science and the esoteric were one, as we have begun to worship one and discredit the other, we have forfeit control over whatever we unleash. Science becomes the new religion and technology becomes its only practice, and we are its god, and our machines, the creation. This album plots this course which we can see commencing in the world around us as science is worshiped, spirituality condemned, technology becomes a human right, and we creep ever closer to creating sentience and sapience to serve us with no free will so that we might devolve back into a philosophically embryonic state and die off like the gods and goddesses before us.
Produced by: Rose Red Flechette
Released with: Anomalistic Records
Artwork: Enteogeno
Mastering: Anomalistic Studios

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1. Ophiuchus (Intro)
2. Infrarhythmic Devolution Torus – 90bpm
3. Black Horizon – 150bpm
4. Dystheistic Percussion Battery – 155bpm
5. What Is Control – 165bpm
6. Eviscerate – 165bpm
7. Nociception – 175bpm
8. Ego Insurrection – 195bpm
9. Government Is Religion Is Death – 140bpm
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“V/A – Irregular Intervals” is an experimental foray into the outer reaches of ambient and psy-trance music. Each track was composed using non-standard intervals – i.e. no 4/4. Each of the artists were carefully sought after and hand selected based on their talent, dedication, and willingness to push both their own envelopes and the accepted norms of electronic music production in order to assemble a collection of tracks which is truly unique, different, and on levels all their own.
V/A – Irregular Intervals (Jellyfish Frequency Recordings)
Compiled by: Axis Mundi
Mastered by: Interstice
Cover art by: Axis Mundi

This is a charity release. 100% of all money generated from this release will be donated to the Malala Fund ( Malala Fund is a global charity whose goals are to promote greater educational freedom and raise educational standards for millions of girls and women across the world.
There are 600 million adolescent girls in the developing world. They are an undeniable force for social and economic impact. But only if given the opportunity.
Around the world, girls are denied a formal education because of social, economic, legal and political factors. And in being denied an education, society loses one of its greatest and most powerful resources.

The Malala Fund aims to change that.
Education empowers girls to raise their voices, to unlock their potential, and to demand change.

The Malala Fund’s solutions are grounded in inspired innovation: they are girl-centric approaches to education that support the Fund’s goal of creating a world where every girl reaches her true potential.

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1. Durangama – Mental Field Technik
2. Luuli – Polar
3. Ghreg on Earth – Harbinger ov Maya
4. Dog of Tears – City of Dog
5. Argot Digamma – Mat Come Na Campana
6. Enichkin – Rhythmic Templates
7. CinderVOMIT – Unnatural Spans of Space
8. Datavore – Hippietwister
9. Konundrum – Irregular Intervals
10. SooSpicey – Voices in Your Mind
11. Oblium – Sick Building Syndrome
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00-Steganography - The Cosmic Cookbook -2013-(cover)-upe.jpg00-Steganography - The Cosmic Cookbook  -2013-(back)-upe.jpg

The cosmic ingredients book is a collection of 9 tracks
is a mixture of three basic ingredients for the creation of the universe;
Space, Matter and Energy. This album is designed to have an amazing journey
right through the psychedelia since the creation of the universe to the present day.
Songs produced by Jose Luis Aguilera T. (Steganography). Official album from Tripura yantra recs.

Release Date : November 2. 2013
Artwork by : AntiElf (Antikriz+Edelf)
Mastered by : PANCHOS STUDIO (Audio clean alien)
Released by : Tripura Yantra Rec

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01 – Steganography – Osmosis (150BPM)
02 – Steganography – Eagle-era (146BPM)
03 – Steganography – The Lords of creation (150BPM)
04 – Steganography – Apophis (150BPM)
05 – Steganography – Mountains speaking in constellations (150BPM)
06 – Steganography – Kaluza-Klein Theory (148BPM)
07 – Steganography – Borderline Personality Disorder (150BPM)
08 – Steganography – E.H.S (Electromagnetic hypersensitivity) (148BPM)
09 – Steganography – Coptic Inscription (146BPM)
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Forma Mentis & Lucronofix - BRAIN JUICE - coverForma Mentis & Lucronofix - BRAIN JUICE - back

”Written and composed in the FM cave in Malvaglia. This is the first album of the duo Alpigiano Forma Mentis & Lucronofix. For the Production of these tracks we were inspired by our mental images, Memories of the past that remain etched in our mind.
A big thank goes to Labyrinthine Crew!! Oblium for: mastering, cover and big work, Friends, Giugi, Chai, Wild boar and everyone support and listen the Fruit of our Brains” -Forma Mentis & Lucronofix-
Label: Labyrinthine Crew
Format: Digital Download
Release: 1,August,2013
Mastering and cover: Spiro Oblium @ Bamboo Studio (CH)

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01 Forma Mentis – Aegis
02 Forma Mentis – Smash Mole
03 Forma Mentis – Lumberjack
04 Forma Mentis & Lucronofix – Gun Ip
05 Forma Mentis & Lucronofix – Un Pig
06 Forma Mentis & Lucronofix – Brain Juice
07 Forma Mentis – Aaa
08 Forma Mentis – Blblblblblblbl
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