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The cosmic ingredients book is a collection of 9 tracks
is a mixture of three basic ingredients for the creation of the universe;
Space, Matter and Energy. This album is designed to have an amazing journey
right through the psychedelia since the creation of the universe to the present day.
Songs produced by Jose Luis Aguilera T. (Steganography). Official album from Tripura yantra recs.

Release Date : November 2. 2013
Artwork by : AntiElf (Antikriz+Edelf)
Mastered by : PANCHOS STUDIO (Audio clean alien)
Released by : Tripura Yantra Rec

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01 – Steganography – Osmosis (150BPM)
02 – Steganography – Eagle-era (146BPM)
03 – Steganography – The Lords of creation (150BPM)
04 – Steganography – Apophis (150BPM)
05 – Steganography – Mountains speaking in constellations (150BPM)
06 – Steganography – Kaluza-Klein Theory (148BPM)
07 – Steganography – Borderline Personality Disorder (150BPM)
08 – Steganography – E.H.S (Electromagnetic hypersensitivity) (148BPM)
09 – Steganography – Coptic Inscription (146BPM)

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