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Underneath this strange blanket we call reality, a perplexing dimension known as Otsk hides in ancient secrecy, protected by archaic magic from origins unknown. Scattered across the multiverse, the various realms of this vibrant world have only existed in lost texts from primordial times, discovered when the fabrics of the universe were still being woven together. Legends say these forbidden teachings were burned, along with the wizards who studied them, by powerful demons who swore to keep the secrets of Otsk unearthed. Kingdoms erupted and fell, planets formed and crumbled, and time itself held a blade to the throat of these stories as they disappeared into forgotten history… until now.

From the deep ice caverns of Norway, an auditory innovator by the name of Spruce invites us on a profound journey through the buried planes of Otsk. For the next hour and a half, we will be leaving the world as we know it behind, taking a brave step into a universe of unmatched symphony. Bizarre deities, melodic conundrums, fiery synthscapes, and endless sound portals echo against each other in a dramatic orchestration that will excite our soul and widen our eyes. Some may call it “psytrance,” others will be lost without definition, but one thing is for sure; this music is one of the most unique and interesting releases 2018 has to offer. It’s going to be one wild ride.

With the help of countless others

Production by David Falao

Mastering by David Chaim Cohen @ Xexify Studios

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