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Scared Evil Records presents “The Gates of Guinee,” the second album compiled by Znataraja and inspired by the darker and more horrific realms of psychedelic trance. Guiding you through 10 intense tracks, The Gates of Guinee brings you brings you full circle through the darkside.

Compiled by: Znataraja [U.S.A.]
Released by: Scared Evil Records [Germany]
Mastered by: Voidscream [Germany]
Artwork by: Paranoia Sector [Greece]


01.) Hexatech – Fjell (138 BPM)
02.) Miquiztli vs Leonofobia – Black Claws of Hell (150 BPM)
03.) Shinje – Surgeon (153 BPM)
04.) Darkpsyde – River of Fire (155 BPM)
05.) DigitalX – Amnesia (155 BPM)
06.) Voidscream – Siege Rhino (165 BPM)
07.) Kashis – Sacrifices (165 BPM)
08.) Xochipilli vs. Cali’Balam vs. Matzalik Tum – Rhythmic Movement (170 BPM)
09.) Paranoia Sector vs Azareth – Life after Death (178 BPM)
10.) Crone – Ritum Magni (173 BPM)

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00. Front Cover
scared evil va01 back

Scared Evil Records presents “Friends from Hell,” the first album compiled by Znataraja and inspired by the darker and more horrific realms of psychedelic trance. Guiding you through 15 intense tracks, Friends from Hell brings you a new outlook to the darkside.
Compiled by: Znataraja – U.S.A.
Released by: Scared Evil Records – Germany
Mastered by: Voidscream – Germany
Artwork by: Paranoia Sector – Greece

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01.) Digital Mind Terror – W.W. (155 BPM)
02.) Krono Psy – The Sea and U Tripping (150 BPM)
03.) Paranoia Sector – Slay the Titans (158 BPM)
04.) Yata Garasu vs Bones – The Abyss Walker (160 BPM)
05.) Psyloscope – Bloodsucker (165-171-181-165 BPM)
06.) Pheromaniacs – Kal Drogo (165 BPM)
07.) Synthetic Forest – Lullaby for Elvira (165 BPM)
08.) Psy Horror Noize – Black Flash (165 BPM)
09.) Voidscream – Breathstealer’s Crypt (175 BPM)
10.) Mythorlogic – Goolgolet (178 BPM)
11.) Crone – Ritual for Death (179 BPM)
12.) Psy4tecks – Anjuna (180 BPM)
13.) Kashis – Cannabalistic Ego (190 BPM)
14.) CinderVOMIT and KILLATK – Circumstantial Cognitive Awareness (198 BPM)
15.) Delp – Verständnis Management (232 BPM)

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Scared Evil Records Proudly Present´s the 3rd. Album by Voidscream named Cadaverous Bloom!! prepare yourself for 10 trippy tales through the weird worlds of Voidscream!

Since his last release “Chasing Ghosts” in 2013 Voidscream played alround the country aside acts as dark whisper, ogun, dsompa, HGichT and many more…

Through this period he achieved tons of new musical experiences and heard very different approaches to a banging sound in a huge variety of genres.

So on his latest album “Cadaverous Bloom” he combines modern dark psy-trance with different approaches of hard pumping music (Hardcore DnB, Rhythmic Noise, IDM and Breakcore to name a few).

Two songs (“Loam Lion” & “Pernicious Deed”) feature his good friend and excellent music producer Delp, which complents the Voidscream sound with his layered soundscapes perfectly. After mastering his album Antagon got involved in the Voidscream project and marked the track “Abrupt Decay” with his characteristic sound!

Released by : Scared Evil Records
Music by: Voidscream
Title: Cadaverous Bloom
Release Date: 12.04.2015
Mastering by: Anomalistic Records
Artwork by: Kentaro Kanamoto

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1. Voidscream – Alter Reality
2. Voidscream vs. Delp – Loam Lion
3. Voidscream – Chalice of the Void
4. Voidscream – Deathrite Shaman
5. Voidscream – Dismember
6. Voidscream feat. Antagon – Abrupt Decay
7. Voidscream – Hypnotic Specter
8. Voidscream – All is Dust
9. Voidscream – Agent of the Fates
10. Voidscream vs. Delp – Pernicious Deed

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Scared Evil Records comes up next with a Ep by German Artist UnfuG!! The Ep contains 4 tracks, mastering by Anomalistic Records and Artwork by Romy Rodriguez, Speedydark Psyder&Manu Pilami!!
Prepare yourself for an wonderful trip through Unfug´s worlds of darkish dreams and scapes…

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Unfug – Fear [150]

Unfug – Dreamy Feelings [162]

Unfug – Listen to Smith [171]

Unfug – Iceneedle [175]

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*Scared Evil Records Family invites you to Blasting together the new Compilation Khajuraho!A Dark,Mystic and Intense Trip awaits you,created by some familair and new high talented Artists from all over the World!…prepare yourself..smoke much chillums.. ..blast the Speakers…celebrate… ..explode…. ….and enjoy this trip..!!! …Stay Dark….*

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1.He len – Mushrooms,Peppers,Arsenic 155bpm
2.Advaita Paso – White Horses 172bpm
3.Elephanticias – Monstrosity (synthetic forest rmx) 168bpm
4.Dra Orcon – 666 180bpm
5.Setek – Club Sandwich Moon 200bpm
6.Voidscream – Infernal Trust 175bpm
7.Hexatech – A Tree where Fairys hang around 165bpm
8.Orion´s Belt n´DeadOrphans – cCchaAarRLiIiEe 180bpm
9.Blind-Ox – Pagan Ritual 199bpm
10.Sputnik Inc. – HiVoltage 180bpm

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“Artifacts of ancient civilizations have revealed that Sirius was of a great importance in astronomy, mythology and occultism. Mystery schools consider it to be “sun behind the sun” and, therefore, the true source of our sun’s potency. If our sun’s warmth keeps the physical world alive, Sirius is considered to keep the spiritual world alive. located in the constellation Canis Major – also known as the Big Dog – and is therefore known as the “dog star”. It is over twenty times brighter than our sun and is twice as massive. At night time, Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and its blue-white glare never failed to amaze star gazers since the dawn of time.”

ALL TRACKS ARE WRITTEN AND PRODUCED BY ISMAEL BLINDA Execpt track 6 ( Motorbrain – Obsessed – “remix” ) MASTERING / Anomalistic Strudio ( U.S.A ) Artwork : Soursweet I would like to thank , specially “scared evil records Crew”, “TRIPTEC records Crew”, “Anomalisitc Studio” ,”Wastage Graphics” ” Synthetic Forest” “Neslihan” “Motorbrain” “Setek” And all those who have shown me their support. ONE LOVE .

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01 – Blind-ox – Dark Dreams (Intro)
02 – Blind-ox – White Dwarf
03 – Blind-ox – Temple Of Hathor
04 – Blind-ox – Alpha Canis Majoris
05 – Blind-ox – The Heliacal Rising Of Sirius
06 – Motorbrain – Obsessed (Blind-ox Remix)
07 – Blind-ox – Duat
08 – Blind-ox – Outro

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Sinister Moon the new VA from Scared Evil Records. Compiled by Syntethic Forest,mastering by Anomalistic Records and Coverart from Ningura. This is the continuation from the VA. Scary Sun, released in 2010. The Opposite of that release, a Faster, Darkish, Industrial Touched Journey! 12 tracks and a big bonus featuring the worldwide underground darkpsy scene, free for you. Grab it and play Loud !”
Artist:  VA
Name:  Sinister Moon
Label:  Scared Evil Records
Artwork:  Ningura
Mastering: Anomalistic Studios
Genre:  Darkpsy
Date: 24. December 2013
Format: WAV & MP3

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01 – Gloomy Phantom & Synthetic Forest – Knocking On Hells Door – 164bpm
02 – Paranoia Sector – No More Badtrip – 168bpm
03 – Dra Orcon – Noc Noc Noctum – 170bpm
04 – Hector Miller – Blessings – 172bpm
05 – Orions Belt Project – Crash’s Party In The Moon – 170bpm
06 – Voidscream & Akira – Purgatory Gates – 175bpm
07 – Synthetic Forest – Hypnotizer – 176bpm
08 – Unfug – Shrooms Inside – 180bpm
09 – CinderVOMIT – Story Of The Merciless – 172bpm
10 – Motorbrain – Blood Moon – 190bpm
11 – Blind-ox – Eleusinian Mysteries – 188bpm
12 – Asamori – Warped Instinct – 177bpm
**Bonus Track** SooSpicey – Barbeau-Bot (Priapizzm RMX) 154bpm
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 Scared Evil Records comes up with the new Compilation Malleus Maleficarum!! We go back into the Year 1486 A.C. to the high time of the Inquisition in Germany and Middle Europe!! The Malleus Maleficarum (z.dt.Hexenhammer) was a Book treatise on the prosecution of Witches, written by a German Catholic clergyman. it was a Brutaly and Evil time and thousands of peoples found a Nasty and Painful Death!!…so Scared Evil Records will shown a little taste from this time and compiled this Compilation!! 9 Powerful,Darkish n Evil tracks are contain,Written by Holix,Cyko,Shroomix,Retohmorgon,Gloomy Phantom,Notag,Voodoo,Digital Mind Terror and Motorbrain!!! …Dont Fear the Darkness..Be a Part of it…

Artwork: Wasteholic
Mastering: Anomalistic

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01 – Holix – Dizzy (100-180-146bpm)
02 – Cyko – Spider Matrix (156bpm)
03 – shrOOmix – HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY (147bpm)
04 – Retohmorgon – Angelica Roots (150bpm)
05 – nOtag – My Heroes Kill Cowboys (156bpm)
06 – Gloomy Phantom – Painfull (164bpm)
07 – Voodoo – Inter Kill (162bpm)
08 – Digital Mind Terror – Lords Of The Depth (160bpm)
09 – Motorbrain – OBSESSED (164bpm)
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Scared Evil Records presents a brand new compilation *Pillars of Creation* – compiled by Retohmorgon!
This Compilation contains 12 unreleased tracks of well known Artists from the Dark Underground scene and some new talented upcoming Artists!!
The Pillars of Creation gives you a Taste of the Galactic Birth of Everything!

Enjoy that Psychedelic, Dark Twisted Trip and let your Body and Soul flow through the Tale of the *Pillars of Creation*

Released by: Scared Evil Records
Artwork by: Wasted Ages
Mastered by: Anomalistic Records

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01 – Plasmorph – Psicrus
02 – Steganography – YOLO (You Only Live Once)
03 – Pangea – Jungle Ninja
04 – Retohmorgon – Forest Realm
05 – Synthetic Forest – Not My Buisness
06 – Alien Chaos – Danger Zone
07 – Gloomy Phantom – Painbringer
08 – Dtox – Psycelots Round Table
09 – Scandalous White People – Human Alien Dynamics
10 – Hector Miller – Ololiuqui
11 – Unfug – Hazy Fog
12 – Orion’s Belt – Nocturnal Knowledge
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Finally here comes out to blast on 6th april ,the debut Ep from Haatzumaniak called *Dark Sadhu*!!!stay tuned for
that trippy release by Scared Evil Records after 2 years of silence!!!!!
Rls.-Date: 06.04.2013
Catalog: SERFREE007
Mastering: RSP Music Productions
Artwork: Wasted Ages
Format: Digital

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01 Haatzumaniak – Back On The Track
02 Haatzumaniak – Crawler
03 Haatzumaniak – 777
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