6 comments on “Blind-ox – The Heliacal Rising of Sirius (Scared Evil Records)

  1. hell yeah!!finally here we are!!!this album is a blaster!!great work brother ismael!!
    and thx jonny for the great mastering & soursweet for the killer artwork!!!
    cheers from the whole family!! 😀

  2. very pleased to release this album , many month of effort and energy envolved in it !!!

    thnx to synthetic forest and anomalistic studio and soursweet for theire help, work and hosting

    BoOoOoOoM !!

  3. valiant attempt at 190bpm forest/hi tech, claustophobic in the end and oversampling of Tool and soundtracks is annoying as I would rather hear something created by the artist.

    psy parts are generally quality, but tracks could be more eventful for their speed and length. there is much repetition, but the speed and harsh mastering get in the way of a hypnotic effect. the production is powerful but not the clearest


    • Hello ” Nymphomania ”
      thnx for you analysis , about the oversampling ” tool ” , as you can hear it just in the intro 🙂 , so i don’t know where’s the annoying thing in that , i can tell that many artist use samples from other band tracks, Documentary , Movies , Short Movies ect .
      Anyway thank you for yr comment 🙂

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