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Anomalistic Records is proud to present the full length album of Moondoggy from the Ozark Mountains of the United States.

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01. iSelf
02. I love the smell of braincells in the mourning
03. Cuddles with muggles
04. Sharks and Hedgehogs
05. Noumena
06. Living Creatures (w/ Xochipilli)
07. Initiate Download
08. Etrog (w/ Ephod)
09. Precious Pathways
10. From Cambrian Explosion To Cartesian Anxiety

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Andean Tribe Records Present Spiritual Dreams V.A. The First Release on 2016

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Traxon – Boom Bole Nath
Le guide – Lost Conection
Golomp – Ciranda Nixinawa
Spooky Hertz – Billy No Mates
Kamboo – Ayahuasca Took Up To The Seventh Dream
Sr. Tunes Feat. Caca – Alquimista De Apartamento
Munsmawa – Camino Del Corazon
Acid tricks & Kiga – Hardalah Mustafah
Dundoo – Mintcho

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front cover
back cover complit

This a compilation made it by the artist they participate in a presentation party of the platform Menino Do Mundo in Germany in September 2014

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1-Alien Hardware-cronosphere(175)
2-Brainkore-Shadwos in the Ligth(180)
3-Menino Do Mundo-(Yuppi&Knowheregpsy)-Harmonic Strings(145-156)
5-Psc-Moo (182)
6-Romeodark-Moon star nigth street(157)
7-Soospicey- Busted Minds (167)
8-Twistedbabas-un espacio retorcido(170)
9-Yuppi-Perception Management (153)
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