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Scared Evil Records comes up next with a Ep by German Artist UnfuG!! The Ep contains 4 tracks, mastering by Anomalistic Records and Artwork by Romy Rodriguez, Speedydark Psyder&Manu Pilami!!
Prepare yourself for an wonderful trip through Unfug´s worlds of darkish dreams and scapes…

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Unfug – Fear [150]

Unfug – Dreamy Feelings [162]

Unfug – Listen to Smith [171]

Unfug – Iceneedle [175]

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Gurgamesh - Psychedelic GroovesGurgamesh - Psychedelic Grooves

Horrordelic Presents:
Gurgamesh: Psychedelic Grooves
A free EP – Release: 15. November 2014
Compiled by Antikriz
Artwork by HashX
Mastering by Anomalistic Records

Psychedelic Grooves is the first volume of the release planned as a series of releases from Gurgamesh.

Enjoy a ride with Gurgamesh, steady pumping everlasting calmness and control.. Let the trip begin..

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1. A Walk In The Forest 170BPM
2. Binurial Beats And Transformation Miracles 170BPM
3. Dreamlike 190BPM
4. Eto Kak Mne Eto Nravitsya 173BPM
5. Lost In Acidland 160BPM

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front cover
back cover

Astral Minds Records Presents this compilation “Awakening in the Desert ‘.

·We will call the subject; Sunrise in the desert, a desert where we are lost, where everyone you encounter ideas.

They were together when they decide to separate, and each one taking place at some point in the desert ..

Spending the whole night until dawn experience, something epic, something natural, according to the subject carry out this compilation Tracks / Darkpsy & Forest…

Something heavy yet light, something that makes you feel happiness once more, to see the sun rise in the beautiful desert ..

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01. Wihiki – Espejismo (Intro) [160]
02. Steganography – MacGuffin [150]
03. Mental Ripper – Galactic Desert [150]
04. Ozore – Awakening in the Desert [150]
05. Aluxo’Ob – Hijos del Sol [152]
06. Jchew Ams – Space Desert Night [152]
07. Mk-Ultra – Lost Sonora Desert [154]
08. Fonetic – Ivol [154]
09. Rurouni – Nebula [155]
10. Paranoiac – The Sunshine Underground (BONUS TRACK) [158]
11. Alienus – Muchos grados [160]
12. Aum Sector & Necroillusion – Ritual of Eternity [165]

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