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Anomalistic Records is proud to present: Riptide – Lost In The Galaxy EP

Artwork by: CinderVOMIT
Mastered by: Anomalistic Studios

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01. jesus raves – институт за јебем ти мајку и дете (Riptide Remix) 194bpm
02. Riptide & Orgema – Cows On The Milky Way 210bpm
03. Riptide – Das Virus 170bpm

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For the first time HorsePower Productions have traveled around the globe by horse to gather these unique horsemen off darkness. Now they are here to release their Inner Fhorses upon us!

Cover art: Jake Amason
Mastering: CinderVOMIT

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Setanic – The Topsy Turvets 148bpm
Romeroz – Numero 23 152bpm
Mythorlogic – Track 01 154bpm
Camanchaca – Qinaya Aruma 158bpm
Cyberbaba – Paraballoonatic 160bpm
Psy Horror Noize – Nekron 160bpm
Phsiris – Friends With Tacos (Eleusis Remix) 170bpm
Satori – Circuit 175bpm
aGhori TanTriK – Evil Inside 2 180bpm
Aukiani – Loom 180bpm
Nibana – Ghetto Shaman 180bpm
Synthetic Forest – Rumpelstilz 181bpm
Motorbrain – Rise of the Bloodmoon 190bpm
Hector Miller – Alucinaciones Severas 190bpm
Uruculator – The Puppet Master 194bpm

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Cover Art (Front)
Cover Art (Back)

ॐFenomeNoize Laboratoryॐ….. we’ll be glad to present a new project of psychedelic Dark trance from two great minds … “Pharmakeus…. Hugo Lopez ( Manik Buluk) and Israel Ortega ( Sacrostema) are the creators behind this new project of experimental forest music that make reference to the altered states of consciousness ,using introspective sounds and deep bass lines in order to create an alternative space in the minds full of synthetic sounds and biological leads. ツ

FenomeNoize Laboratory ….. estaremos encantados de presentar un nuevo proyecto de trance psicodélico oscuro a partir de dos grandes mentes … ” Pharmakeus …. Hugo López ( Manik Buluk ) e Israel Ortega ( Sacrostema ) son los creadores detrás del laboratorio de este nuevo proyecto de música experimental con atmosferas y leads totalmente inigualables, que hacen referencia a los estados alterados de conciencia , el uso de sonidos introspectivos y líneas de bajo profundas con el fin de crear un espacio alternativo en las mentes llenas de sonidos sintéticos y biológicos acompañanos a descubrir que tienen guardado estos dos maestros..ツ

Artist : Pharmakeus Project
Label : Fenomenoize Laboratory
Cover Designer : Twisted Doom
Mastering Studio : Zombie Scream (Kamino Records)  & Froog (Freak Records)

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1.- Pharmakeus Project – Adrenochrome Devotes – 150 BPM
2.- Pharmakeus Project – Morphogeneticmatrix – 155 BPM
3.- Pharmakeus Project – Awakening in the Jungle – 152 BPM

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