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Active Meditation Music discovers a new talented musician called “Pangea”.
Pangea is Yardan Farkash aka Skeptych from Los Angeles – USA, presenting his debut EP release called “Porcupines For Sale”.
His music is full with tribal elements, experimental sounds & clean production. Pangea tracks have been played by many dj’s worldwide & listed in Goa Gil top charts.

Mastered by Demoniac Insomniac
Cover Design by SGDesign

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Pangea – Ohm Shanti (145 Bpm)
Pangea – Mahavira (148 Bpm)
Pangea – Porcupines For Sale (152 bpm)
Pangea – The Wall (158 Bpm)
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VA Spore destruction (Badgers Rec 2013) 'front'
VA Spore destruction (Badgers Rec 2013) 'back'

Could it be that a civilization more advanced than ours ever existed on Earth? Is it possible that, by fault, it was destroyed by its own self?

History has shown that when the system faces collapse, it tries to restart itself. This is what might have happened in the previous World Wars.
Could the economic crisis of today lead to a ‘restart’ of the system? Could such an event trigger a nuclear holocaust, destroying everything down to the last spore?

‘VA – Spore Destruction’ is a psychedelic transition from the dark age we’re entering today, to the imminent final war of tomorrow. Rapid fire, laser guns, ion beams and nukes will teleport you into the most aggressive battlefield.

But remember:
In this War, no one wins!

Compiled by Hora project
Mastered by Nik Mar at Pupsidelic Studio, Greece
Released by Badgers Records
Cover design by Jimacido Digital Art

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1. Namek – Space Port (158 BPM)
2. Romeodark meets Nasgul – Hypnotic Level (152 BPM)
3. Murukhan – Humanimal (173 BPM)
4. Drakphaser – Spore Destruction (170 BPM)
5. Mad Scientist – Primatter (183 BPM)
6. Fasteria – Fast Impressions (170 BPM)
7. Pupsidelic – Extreme Game (175 BPM)
8. JunxPunx – Super Mental Dimension (190 BPM)
9. Aghori Tantrik – Serpents Of Shani (179 BPM)
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DISMAL PATTERNS is now running 1 year and nothing would be nicer than to announce our 7th release on this day. So we’re going to release a new VA-release which is called DISTORTED BLUR. The compilation contains 10 fast psytrance tracks by only 5 different – more or less known – musicians from across the globe. The tracks are between 165 and 185 BPMs with an audio mastering by AKES from portugal and the cover artwork was provided by WASTAGE from germany.
Artists : Various
Title : Distorted Blur
Label: Dismal Patterns
Catalog: DSML007
Format: MP3/WAV/FLAC
Release Date: May 20th, 2012
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Cover Artwork: Wastage
Mastering: Akes

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01 Zero-Blade – Unforgotten And Unforgiven
02 SystemCrash – Wiland
03 Ape Rape – Space Blips
04 Extraterrestrial – Show Time
05 Cosmic Lizard – For My Fellow Arcadians
06 Cosmic Lizard – Unidentified Flying Mojo
07 Extraterrestrial Bionik – Predator
08 Ape Rape – Chip Leader
09 SystemCrash – Evolution Of Prime
10 Zero-Blade – Into The Unknown
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This is the debut EP by Roi Alksalsi aka. Sycho Meditation from israel. The EP contains 5 tracks, 2 of them are collaborations with Parandroid from germany and Psycobeat from israel as well. Mastering by Silent Enemy , Cover Artwork by Melan Wastage.
Artist : Sycho Meditation
Title : Ammonium Hydroxide EP
Label : Dismal Patterns
Catalog : DSML006
Release Date : March 20th , 2011
Format : WAV,FLAC,MP3
Genre : Dark Psytrance
Cover Artwork : Wastage
Mastering : Silent Enemy

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01 Sycho Meditation – Sonic Destructor
02 Sycho Meditation Vs Psycobeat – Human Race
03 Sycho Meditation – Ammonium Hydroxide
04 Sycho Meditation – Combat Zone
05 Sycho Meditation Vs Parandroid – Funky Fish
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During several years of producing… After many collaborations with a whole lot of musicians in the psytrance scene, uncountable compilation and album releases over the past few years, Stitch from russia will release a 10 tracks album of VS and REMIX tracks with some well known up and coming musicians.
Artist : Stitch Da Friends
Title : Logarithmic Arithmetics
Label : Dismal Patterns
Catalog : DSML005
Release Date : September 15th, 2011
Format : WAV,FLAC,MP3
Genre : Dark Psytrance
Cover Artwork : Melan Wastage
Mastering : Akés

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01 Stitch – Timekiller
02 Stitch Vs Kiru – I Wanna Get Twisted
03 Stitch Vs Maximus – Live
04 Stitch Vs Kiru – Addition
05 Spectrasonics – Cybercat
06 Stitch Da SystemCrash – Necessary Ilusions
07 Stitch And Dekhat Bhuli – The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship
08 Chemical Spoon – M.S.E. (Stitch Remix)
09 Parandroid – Cat’s Song (Stitch Remix)
10 Stitch – Kunoichi Killerz
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AGES OF HELL is the 3rd official solo release by VOODOO from portugal. this ep is coming with short intro followed by 5 very rough and unsavory tracks from 170 to 235 bpm. mastering by SILENT ENEMY , cover artwork by MELAN WASTAGE.
Artist : Voodoo
Title : Ages Of Hell
Label : Dismal Patterns
Catalog : DSML004
Release Date : July 20th, 2011
Format : WAV,FLAC,MP3
Genre : Dark Psytrance
Cover Artwork : Melan Wastage
Mastering : Silent Enemy

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01. Voodoo – Ages Of Hell (Intro)
02. Voodoo – Mechanism Deep In The Forge
03. Voodoo Vs Mad Visions – Extreme Paranoia
04. Voodoo – Kek Tenza Dzer
05. Voodoo – Fire Hate War
06. Voodoo – Eskizofreniac 666
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“Dissociactive Discoloration” is the 2nd VA release by DISMAL PATTERNS. 10 different track from up and coming musicians from all around the world with a bpm-range from 148-165bpm. mastering by akes , cover artwork by melan wastage.
Artists : Various
Title : Dissociactive Discoloration
Label : Dismal Patterns
Catalog : DSML003
Format : MP3/WAV/FLAC
Release Date : July 5th, 2011
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Cover Artwork: Melan Wastage
Mastering: Akes

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01 Malicious – Systematic
02 SystemCrash – Mental Hospital
03 Stitch Feat. Kiru – Respect The Past
04 Psy4tecks – 6 Million Wayz
05 Elephanticias – Dissociactive Discoloration
06 Unvolved – Dimension’s Dance
07 Sycho Meditation – Daybreakers
08 Parandroid – Mental Zoo
09 Khaos Sektor – Visions Of Suffering (Melek Taus Remix)
10 Necrobot – Mictlan
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After several releases on different compilations “systemcrash” is releasing his 2nd ep with the name “synthetic elements ep”. The ep comes across with 5 very trippy dark psychedelic trance tracks between 156 & 171bpm and includes also two co-production tracks. one track is produced together with “dark whisper” under the name “systemwhisper”
and the other one is a collaboration with “error in dimension” under the name “systemerror”.
Artist : SystemCrash
Title : Synthetic Elements EP
Label : Dismal Patterns
Catalog : DSML002
Release Date : June 30th, 2011
Format : WAV,FLAC,MP3
Genre : Fast Psytrance
Cover Artwork : Melan Wastage
Mastering : Baba Yaga

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01. SystemWhisper – Hack & Reud
02. SystemCrash – Twisted Vision
03. SystemCrash – Synthetic Element
04. SystemError – Copernicium
05. SystemCrash – Neutron
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Dismal Patterns is the entire release by the german based music label DISMAL PATTERNS . This compilation comes across with 10 full power night time tracks by various up and coming international psytrance artists from all over the world . Be prepared for a DISMAL journey…
Artist : Various
Title : Dismal Patterns
Label : Dismal Patterns
Catalog : DSML001
Release Date : April 20th, 2011
Format : WAV,FLAC,MP3
Genre : Dark Psytrance
Cover Artwork : Melan Wastage
Mastering : Akés

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01. Zero-Blade – Delomelanicon
02. Alien Corporation – Churrastronic
03. Cerebellum Withdarwal Vs Playtek – I Want Your Soul
04. Extraterrestial – JWH-018
05. Stitch – Normal Magnetic Generator
06. K_Lapso – Estragedelica (Schranz Militia Remix)
07. Phal:anx – Devil
08. Synthetic Forest – Agnostic Temple
09. Voodoo – I See The Demons
10. Marakame Digital – Maithuná
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Written and produced by Grind Disco and Faxi Nadu.

Mastering by: Assaf Dar
Cover art by: Maayan Peer

C2008 Grind Disco / Faxi Nadu
Unauthorized duplication leads to global warming, support music.

“We remain
but like dust shall fade away.
As cities become mountains
our songs will be forgotten.
For he who seeks clairvoyance
a search must begin”

D-Fault is the collaboration Experimental/IDM project of Maayan Peer (aka Grind Disco / Black Mizi Pro Duck Sun) and Yaron Eshkar (aka Faxi Nadu / Elmooht), both hailing from Israel. The vast array of musical influences between the artists, and at times the clash between them, brings about an interesting collaboration, rich in flavor and content. D-Fault packs in both the raw power and warmth of the analog world, with the clarity and precision of the digital DSP domain. Hi-tech broken grooves, chopped up melodies and sizzling digital effects, exploring the limits of creativity. Dark, psychedelic and disturbing, yet vaguely optimistic, giving D-Fault a fresh, yet nostalgic appeal.

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1. d-fault – artograph (3:38)
2. d-fault – dns (2:26)
3. d-fault – fs (4:25)
4. d-fault – eq (3:29)
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