Dark Techno


Written and produced by Grind Disco and Faxi Nadu.

Mastering by: Assaf Dar
Cover art by: Maayan Peer

C2008 Grind Disco / Faxi Nadu
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“We remain
but like dust shall fade away.
As cities become mountains
our songs will be forgotten.
For he who seeks clairvoyance
a search must begin”

D-Fault is the collaboration Experimental/IDM project of Maayan Peer (aka Grind Disco / Black Mizi Pro Duck Sun) and Yaron Eshkar (aka Faxi Nadu / Elmooht), both hailing from Israel. The vast array of musical influences between the artists, and at times the clash between them, brings about an interesting collaboration, rich in flavor and content. D-Fault packs in both the raw power and warmth of the analog world, with the clarity and precision of the digital DSP domain. Hi-tech broken grooves, chopped up melodies and sizzling digital effects, exploring the limits of creativity. Dark, psychedelic and disturbing, yet vaguely optimistic, giving D-Fault a fresh, yet nostalgic appeal.

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1. d-fault – artograph (3:38)
2. d-fault – dns (2:26)
3. d-fault – fs (4:25)
4. d-fault – eq (3:29)
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