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In the project’s second full-length release, Rose Red Flechette assaults the ears with an ever-accelerating barrage of broken, polyrhythmic dark psytrance rhythms, growling basslines, clanging industrial percussion, scathingly distorted beats, haunting ambiances and brain-breaking synthwork. The Aquarian Syndrome is a concept-driven work, a cyberpunk take on the oft-touted as glorious and peace-bringing age of Aquarius, and journeys deep into the dark technological heart of humanity, from genetic and mechanical human augmentation to animal experimentation to nuclear cataclysm, and everything in between. While the turning of the age promises the washing away of corrupt organized religions, the advent of scientific enlightenment, and humanistic awareness of humanity’s needs at large as opposed to selfish desires, the nature of humanity to destroy and usurp may very well prevail as we head into an age of dehumanization, mechanical augmentation, corporate rule, tyrannical enforcement of anarchy and cold rejection of emotion and the spirit in favor of advancement and progress at any and all costs, some of the more negative and less known traits of the sign. The further we distance ourselves from nature and our tribal past, the more violently our machinations will cast us out of our concrete-paved, steel-coated, computer-driven, jail-broken garden of eden.

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01 – Rose Red Flechette – Burn It
02 – Rose Red Flechette – Excruciate
03 – Rose Red Flechette – Saturnine Arrhythmia
04 – Rose Red Flechette – Fault Tolerance
05 – Rose Red Flechette – If They Can Ping Your Brain
06 – Rose Red Flechette – Machina Ex
07 – Rose Red Flechette – Chimaeric Choleric
08 – Rose Red Flechette – Nuclear Solstice
09 – Rose Red Flechette – Wax Wings
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00 - Sacred Sound Temple 2 - Image 1
00 - Sacred Sound Temple 2 - Image 2

Active Meditation Music reached it’s 5th birthday since the opening for the label, so we decided to give something back to the fans for all the support we had in the past!

Therefore we decided to give a 3 part free download compilation with tracks from some of the best artist from the night-time psychedelia.

The second part contains tracks from 148 to 175 bpm that continue the story of the Sacred Sound Temple!

Feel free to share this music with your friends and write us feedback! You can also support us by giving us donations!
Om Namo Narayan!

All tracks mastered by Demoniac Insomniac

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Psyriots – Dancing Of All Tribes (148 Bpm)
Grandahl – The Kode (150 Bpm)
Weejoonz – Trollpattern Rmx(150 Bpm)
Paranoiac – Factores Externos (155 Bpm)
Azatamous – Fake Rapes The Truth (149, 170, Bpm)
Ipotocaticac & Le Malinard – The Phospho Semen Of The Flying Dervish (164 Bpm)
Midzinco – Lux Aeterna (160 Bpm)
Demoniac Insomniac – Shamanic Rituals (175 Bpm)
Kujata – Dream Jumper (172 Bpm)
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Cryptic creatures and beasts unfamiliar,
Throughout myths and legends to appear,
From mysterious other worlds near,

Evolving within vast sacred continuums,
Brought alive from mythic imaginations,

Cryptids have strange characteristics shown,
Unusual genetic mutations grown,
Weird monstrous beings roam,

Bubbling through underwater realms aquatically,
Lurking in deep underground caverns scary,

Moving through spooky forests fast,
Maneuvering through exotic jungles vast,
Creeping along mountainous network of paths,

Exploring many habitats suddenly to find,
Many cryptic creatures of all kind.

Complied by: Psychotic Mutant
Mastering by: Anomalistic Studios
Artwork by: Psychotic Mutant & Witch Freak
Poem by Poem by: Mystical Voyager

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01 – Psynthax & Kala – Gargoyles (145 BPM)
02- Dark Cygnus – Forest Freaks (149 BPM)
03- Psy Horror Noize – Ultra Mama Gaia (149 BPM)
04- Steganography – Gloomy Sunday (150 BPM)
05- Zoomorfos – Sleep Walking (150 BPM)
06- Abbaki – Lost In The Legend (148 BPM)
07- Nibiru – Voice Of The Forest (152 BPM)
08 – Surupo – Ayahuasca (148 BPM)
09- Dark Element – Deep Space (150 BPM)
10- Psycharge – Beyond The Ruins (151 BPM)
11- Looney – Mind control (152 BPM)
12- Sanathana – Language of the Universe (158 BPM)
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00 - The Legend Of Amaya Chapter 2 - Image 1 resize
00 - The Legend Of Amaya Chapter 2 - Image 2 resize

Artists:  V.A.

Title: The Legendo of Amaya chapter 2

Release date: 1st April, 2014
Catalogue no: AP002
Label: Amaya Productions
Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

Country: Germany
Genre: Electronic
Style: Psychedelic Trance
Format: Digital release / Free download

Compiled by Ashiana & Sharas
Artwork: Aitor Torres (
Mastering: Anomalistic Studios

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01. Drahcir – Pretty Crossing Eyes  148 bpm
02. LysergZwerg – Time Of The Wolf  148 bpm
03. Sishiva – Reiki Pot  148 bpm
04. Strix Aluco – Weird Memories  148 bpm
05. Draeghul – Stones In Bubbles  150 bpm
06. Yogh – Latitude  149 bpm
07. Jotunn – Troll Epidemic (Parasect remix)  150 bpm
08. Ashiana & Yogh – Dis  150 bpm
09. Dar Kapo – Resistance  151 bpm
10. Yara – The Power Of Mind  153 bpm
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