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HorrordelicRecords has been releasing music sleeplessly, and we are proud to invite you to the next gathering of tribes. The concept this time is Horror-Hi-Tech and we have choosen 3 Horrordelic warriors to come toghether and select 30 mindaltering tracks that will take you into dimensions of positive energy and spiritual awareness, never experienced before. The power of the 3 is known to be a super natural entity and Trimurti means “the triad of gods” consisting of Bhrama the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer. The three highest manifestations of the one ultimate reality. Doombringer (India), Izar (Germany) and Muckypuh (Germany) have joined forces to create a Horrordelic Trinity, that will bring you a mind blowing musical experience.

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Mythorlogic – Trimurti 159 BPM
Benito – Breathing – 152 Bpm
Perpetuum – Perpetomobile 168 -BBpm
Gurgamesh – Quescent – 170 Bpm
Adeyamaz vs Viktor – Oryla 172 Bpm
Nemeton & Nyama – WTF 173 Bpm
Nap – Mind Voltage – 175 Bpm
The Pan Piper – Embryo – 175 Bpm
Hosmo Zonik – Suction Pump – 178 Bpm
Mythorlogic – Voices From The Other Side 180 Bpm
Psy4tecks ​​- DoomPsy4Techbringer 180 Bpm
Acid Combo – They Warned Me – 180 Bpm
Azzault – Holograma – 180 Bpm
Skup – He Vishnu – 180 Bpm
Lysergic Brain – Known Space – 182 Bpm
Anxious – Kalki’s Horse – 183 Bpm
Muckypuh & Ra Root – Shamona – 184 Bpm
Paratax – WhistleWalk – 185 Bpm
Frequency Modulation Vs Azzault – 185 Bpm
The Pan Piper – One note Symphony – 185 Bpm
Romanza Massakre – Xenophilie – 185 Bpm
Mr. Hades – Connection – 190 Bpm
Intekshine – Tekcycle – 190 Bpm
Lysergic Brain – Spiral – 190 Bpm
Phal – anx – Hypertrance – 190 Bpm
Critical Freak – Returned Feelings – 190 Bpm
Ju Limo Vs Napra – Springteufel – 192 Bpm
Mazo Sadu – Zashiki Warashi – 200 Bpm
Crone – KaraKata – 200 Bpm
Nexus A vs Neuronal – To Much For Your Head – 200 Bpm
Blind – Ox – Beyond The Realm of Vibration – 199 Bpm
Nicollo – Freaky Friday – 202 Bpm
Shroomix Vs Muckypuh – Ich Will Spielen – 206 Bpm

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Palex_-_Supernatural_(EP)_CoverArt.portal Palex_Coverback.portal
Sick-Lion Records Found grateful to file his first released with the support of big brothers who are Horrordelic Records. It is the return of Palex in a surprising EP. Full of power and darkness that highlights his work with Psytuga darkpsy style.

The career of this artist here was amazing and continues on his way. This is the beginning of a new era of great music and great artists. Mastered by: Palex – Artwork by: Miquiztli

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1.- Palex & Psytuga – Power Plant (158bpm)
2.- Palex – Blinded by Fear (160bpm)
3.- Palex – Crisis (158bpm)
4.- Palex – Supernatural (158bpm)
5.- Palex – Teen Spirit (158.5bpm)

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Hexatech_-_Wearing_A_Hat_Made_Of_Moss_Front_Cover Hexatech_-_Wearing_A_Hat_Made_Of_Moss_Back_Cover
Horrordelic Records Proudly Presents
Hexatech – Wearing A Hat Made Of Moss

From Germany comes Hexatech, a project from Synthetic Forest.  Prepare yourself and Stay Tuned for a Trip through Slower, Mesmerizing Electronic Soundscapes!

Artwork by Edelf & AntikRiz
Mastering by Anomalistic Records
Released by Horrordelic Records

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1.Hekse Trær 135 Bpm
2.Wearing A Hat Made Of Moss 138 Bpm
3.Splittering Galaxy 138 Bpm
4.Etter Mørkets Frembrudd Kommer Lys 135 Bpm

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Horrordelic Presents:
Crone – No Hope
A free EP – Release: 14. May 2015
Artwork by Paranoia Sector
Mastering by Anomalistic Records

Horrordelic presenting their first EP of 2015, Crone. This is the debut EP from the up and coming producer from Greece. You are welcomed to join a powerful ritual with ancient roots.

Mystics, dreams and visions. Past and present. End and beginning. Let the music rock, blast loud and enjoy!

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01. Dance with Demons [160Bpm]
02. Katares [164Bpm]
03. Pain Of Death [167Bpm]
04. No Hope [170Bpm]

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Gurgamesh - Psychedelic GroovesGurgamesh - Psychedelic Grooves

Horrordelic Presents:
Gurgamesh: Psychedelic Grooves
A free EP – Release: 15. November 2014
Compiled by Antikriz
Artwork by HashX
Mastering by Anomalistic Records

Psychedelic Grooves is the first volume of the release planned as a series of releases from Gurgamesh.

Enjoy a ride with Gurgamesh, steady pumping everlasting calmness and control.. Let the trip begin..

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1. A Walk In The Forest 170BPM
2. Binurial Beats And Transformation Miracles 170BPM
3. Dreamlike 190BPM
4. Eto Kak Mne Eto Nravitsya 173BPM
5. Lost In Acidland 160BPM

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Released by : Horrordelic Records
Music by: Synthetic Forest
Mastering by: Anomalistic Records
Artwork by: Edelf
Horrordelic Free EP: 009

Synthetic Forest (Germany) comes up with his 4th. Ep named Eventyr. Eventyr translates to Fairytale in Norwegian language.. After adventures and live set at Skogtroll in Norway, September 2014, the creativty and drive to create something special was strong. Work started shortly after to finish this EP in this full spirit and energy …

This journey continues Synthetic Forest`s powerful, atmospheric and mystical expression through Darkpsy. Having 3 EP`s allready out and many tracks through his label Scared Evil Records and good friends worldwide, truly establisihing as a serious dark-forest-psy act !! Exclusive artwork from Edelf, perfectly finalizing the package for you.

Fairytales ahead, blast it loud !!

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1. Skogtroll 156bpm
2. Eventyr 168bpm
3. Mirkwood 169bpm
4. Skogsbarn (Elephanticias remix) 172bpm
5. Gloomy Phantom – Burning Heaven (Synthetic Forest remix) 160bpm

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V.A. We Are Dead Vol2 (Compiled by Miquiztli) Back Pt 2

Released by : Horrordelic Records
Compiled by : Miquiztli
Mastering by: Anomalistic Records
Artwork by: Miquiztli

Horrordelic together with Ultratumba Records Produly Presents Vol.2 of “We Are Dead”..

2 Parts of psychedelic madness, compiled by Miquiztli (Mexico).  Steady rising bpm from 146 to 220. Every Moment Of Life Is A Step Towards Death.. We Are Dead.

Part 1:

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01. Steganography – Anamorphosis (146bpm)
02. Paranoia Sector – Freak Tech (155bpm)
03. Psytuga – In Darkness We Learn How Bright We can Shine (155bpm)
04. Cispailonx – First Night Of Tregenda (158bpm)
05. Psy Horror Noize – Pancuronium Bromide (160bpm)
06. Ustawka meets Nasgul – Chaotic Space (160bpm)
07. Dhrupad – Mind Explosion (165bpm)
08. Aum Sync – When The World Makes Sense (170bpm)

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Part 2:

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01. Bones – Can We Know The Truth  (180 bpm)
02. HyperBurst – Shadows (180-184bpm)
03. Crona vs Miquiztli –  Strange Energy (190bpm)
04. Yuppi – Uniao Espiritual (195bpm)
05. Cali’Balam – Cannibal Lamb (196bpm)
06. Brainkore – Chickens in the Swamp (160-198bpm)
07. Plasma Force – Optical Gridline (200bpm)
08. Baphomet Engine – Dropped Visions (210bpm)
09. Suffer Misery & Inimical Disorder – Immortal Luciferus (220bpm)

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front-webback-webHorrordelic Proudly Presents:
Gurgamesh : Branched Bearing Sporangia

This is the third EP in a series of 3 releases from Gurgamesh. this continues from the first EP and goes further and deeper into the experience. Another powerful but yet calm ride through space and sound…. Join us for this ride with Gurgamesh .. !!

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Tracklist chapter 3 – Branched Bearing Sporangia
01 Protonemata 168Bpm
02 Haploid Spore 175Bpm
03 Spring Impression 174Bpm
04 Schladonk 167BPm
Mastering Anomalistic Rec – SooSpicey

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VA - The doors of Shiva frontVA - The doors of Shiva back part1 VA - The doors of Shiva back part2 VA - The doors of Shiva back part3

Horrordelic Records presents:
VA: The Doors of Shiva

Artwork by Paranoia Sector
Mastered by Anomalistic Records

Music is a transmitting pole of God! It should electrify you with His presence! When Shiva speaks, it is poetry itself, It is the sky caressing the Earth, from His lips did song itself take birth. In this rare painting, Shivji sings a Dhrupad on His Primal Tanpura. As Ganesha accompanies on the Pakhawaj, The Goddess of Ragas, Ragini Rageshwari herself appears.The picture depicts once again, how lord shiva is the Origin of all things.

Aum Namah Shivaya! Lord Shiva is known for love, but he is also known as a protector.

The tracklist for The Doors Of Shiva is as following, spread through 3 parts, deliverd to you in one.

VOL 1:

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1]  Mk ultra- Natraja Tandava  [150bpm]
2]  Ohm-in – No-Identity [152bpm]
3]  Highstyle-Sexy dance fighting [148bpm]
4]  Yaotzin Tech -Regression’s [150bpm]
5]  BAR – Trinetra [152bpm]
6]  DarkChico – Power Of Mandalas [152bpm]
7]  Voodoo – Sik Bastards [163bpm]
8]  Leonofobia – Great Strength [155bpm]
9]  Skup – Energy Invasion [152bpm]
10] Yogh – Zargh [149bpm]
11] Dark Cygnus – Sahasranama [159bpm]
12] T-Virus – Karma [160bpm]
13] Gloomy Phantom – The Twilight Zone [166bpm]
14] Hector Miller – Pure [???bpm]
15] Plasma force – Legend of Shivatron [170bpm]

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wav download     mp3 download
1] Gloomy Phantom – Soulcatcher  [160bpm]
2] Xochipilli – Secret Shiva’s Face (knowing the unknown) [160bpm]
3] Miquiztli- Inside [160bpm]
4] Neosapiens & Massive Noise – In The Top of The World [160bpm]
5] Psy4teks – Ancient Voices [160bpm]
6] Limbo- Shamanic Ritual [160bpm]
7] Paranoia sector- Chronic Pain [164bpm]
8] Paratrip- Blazer Lights [169bpm]
9] Psyoyorale – Om ‘Doom [160bpm]
10] Dirty Phreak VS. Deadhead – Delirium in Detail [174bpm]
11] Qakbatzulu – Om Namma shivaye [190bpm]
12] Lyzergik Brain – Mahamrityunjaya Mantra [178 Bpm]
13] Master of Horror- Beyond the Doors  [160bpm – ???bpm]
14] Lepudness – Energy Heaven [178bpm]
15] Fractal DNA vs Plasma Force – Dimensional Disintegration [180bpm]

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VOL 3:

wav download     mp3 download
1] Crone – Fire And Blood [170bpm]
2] Sepehraka – In my Head [180bpm]
3] Maantrik frequency(Btoxik&sampler) – New world shit [180bpm]
4] Baphomet Engine – Casaducarai [185bpm]
5] Kliluk- Everything is possible [186bpm]
6] Azzault – Om Namaha Shiva [180bpm]
7] Mentalsystem vs Necronomus – Torturer of souls [186bpm]
8] Mekanikal mind – Of Course [190 bpm]
9] Yoshua Em – I am a Ghost [190bpm]
10] Walhalla Project – Florestrial [180bpm]
11] Dhrupad – Naamo [The Doors Of Shiva] [194bpm]
12] Lisergico Saeure – The King among Physician [190bpm]
13] HOSMO ZONIK – This Is Me [190bpm]
14] Manik buluk- Anadenant Peregrina [195bpm]
15] DarknesSs – Darkness In Shiva [210bpm]

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This is Free Release to for you to copy and share as you please ! Signed: Horrordelic Family – Part of the Dark Circle.



Artist: VA
Release: The Fallen
Mastered: Samyaza
Artwork: Edelf
Released By Horrordelic Records
Release 1. May 2014
Release number: Free VA 05

We are proud to present you this exciting compilation, totally free and for you to spread as you please… Here we got 3 artists with 3 tracks each. The vision and the concept of The Fallen is going through all of the release………

The Myth of The Fallen, some of the old writings that was found but then long forgotten about…… Until today…..

“The Fallen is rumored to still walk at night,
in silent places, from scary faces.
From silence to scream, is this just another of me?!?!
The Fallen where could you be ….”

With these 3 established darkpsy artists : Psy4tecks (Portugal), Bones (Mexico) and Yata-Garasu (Belgium), this is sure to get you far out of this world, straight into the world of The Fallen ….

wav download     mp3 download

The Tracklist:
1-Psy4tecks – Playground 150 BPM
2-Bones – Esqueletos en el Bosque 152 BPM
3-Yata-Garasu – Scarr 154 BPM
4-Psy4tecks – Syndrome 156 BPM
5-Bones -The Subconscious Ritual 158 BPM
6-Yata-Garasu – Lost in Yourself 160 BPM
7-Psy4tecks – The Fallen 165 BPM
8-Bones – Jaque Mathe The Queen 168 BPM
9-Yata-Garasu feat. Bravo Johnny on guitar – The world ends with You 172 BPM
[mp3player width=275 height=275 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=fallen.xml]

Get ready for this blaster, share and copy. Spread the darkpsy, play Loud and go crazy .. Enjoy !!! – Horrordelic Crew.