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00 - CinderVOMIT Benefit Compilation

Akashik Record organized the CinderVOMIT Benefit Compilation to raise funds for David Sheker AKA Cinder after a series of unfortunate medical mishaps left him with massive bills to pay. Together the world trance community united in support of one of its own. Direct donations to CinderVOMIT via the Paypal button below are still welcome and you can also contribute by purchasing the album on Bandcamp. This compilation was mastered by Cosmogonía.

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01 – Shunya – Parvati (120 BPM)
02 – Ocelot – WoolyMammoth (150 BPM)
03 – Arabali – Ask Yo Mama (147 BPM)
04 – Mind Distortion System – Annunaki (150 BPM)
05 – Ghreg On Earth – Mycoplasmic Neuro Interface (160 BPM)
06 – Rawar – The Meaning Of… (156 BPM)
07 – Muladhara & Urulator – Tarja Preta (180 BPM)
08 – Mettanoia – The Brotherhood Of Time (138 BPM)
09 – Sectio Aurea – Oh Fuck No Way! (196 BPM)
10 – C.O.A.T.T.T.T.A.T.T.B.S. – You’re A Freak (184 BPM)
11 – SooSpicey – Pissed On And Pissed Off (200 BPM)
12 – Martyrs – Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (190 BPM)
13 – C.O.A.T.T.T.T.A.T.T.B.S. – Ashes (197 BPM)
14 – Sanathana – The Unconscious (190 BPM)
15 – Mergel – Up In Smoke Party In The Car (180 BPM)
16 – Mentaloop – A Hole In The Wall (Extraterrestial Remix) (175 BPM)
17 – Psicodelicat & Antagon – Earth Moving (168 BPM)
18 – Fatal Discord – Another Sky (167 BPM)
19 – Parandroid – Ausgang (170 BPM)
20 – Krono Psy – Pull The Moon (147 BPM)
21 – Cosmogonía – The Love Tribe (180 BPM)
22 – Nap – The Agony Of Our Decency (176 BPM)
23 – Cosmogonía – Swing (165 BPM)
24 – Secret Society – Stormon Mormon (170 BPM)
25 – Kasatka – Anima Mia (156 BPM)
26 – Black Out – Space Cat (174 BPM)
27 – Master Pain – Wirikuta (138 BPM)
28 – Zamura – Chupacabras (162 BPM)
29 – Maer – Change Da Orbis (154 BPM)
30 – CinderVOMIT – Lysergic Bike Day Freeble (178 BPM)
31 – Strydr Zuvuya Pro – Fast Mo’Fvcka (194 BPM)
32 – Luuli – This Is Hhow Medicine Works (212 BPM)
33 – Infect Insect – Scolopendra (163 BPM)
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“I suoni se ne stanno nella musica per rendersi conto del silenzio che li separa.” (John Cage)

Labyrinthine Crew presents: Urlo In Silenzio, a work of Spiro Oblium.
Ispired by recordings of: sounds, noises, voices, soundscapes, musical instruments, synthesizers and situations.
Mastering and Cover-Art: Spiro Oblium @ Bamboo Studio – Switzerland

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1 – Intr9 (100 BPM)
2 – Nov9 (100 BPM)
3 – TheDrummer@StudioA (260 BPM)
4 – FrederickKANsas (98 BPM)
5 – 6üdhash con IgöRz (140 BPM)
6 – FredKansas III (98BPM)
7 – Earth’s’HavocAldo (ND)
8 – Tauro Seduto (190 BPM)
9 – Hauaiian’s now (200 BPM)
10 – Autro
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Surupo is a dark, deep, ambient, forestial and atmospheric psychedelic trance project from Greece. Transcending the Levels of Consciousness is a debut mini album which explores the inherent limitations and with the powerfull basslines, driving rhythms with dark and spooky forest themes, helps you to transcend them. Mastered by Erofex with artwork by m0thman72

Neurotrance Records
“Free the music because the music sets you free”

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01 – Surupo – Frequencies in Motion (148 BPM)
02 – Surupo – Quantum Touch (144 BPM)
03 – Surupo – Noctis Somnium (150 BPM)
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Dimension eXtreme Front cover
Dimension eXtreme ep back cover

Dimension eXtreme EP is the first release on Warromaja Records produced by Paranoia Sector.
It has four tracks which combine dark and chaotic sounds with powerful hightech noises.
Special thanks to Feratek, Osmosis and Warromaja Records for this release.
Mastering by SciRom , ArtWork by Paranoia Sector

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01 – Paranoia Sector – Om Kreem Kalikaye Namah (148bpm)
02 – Paranoia Sector – Jesus Was an Anarchist (155bpm)
03 – Paranoia Sector – Dimension Xtreme (158bpm)
04 – Paranoia Sector – D.I.A.M. (162pbm)
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Front cover
Back cover

Compilated By: El Oso
Mastered by Paranoiac at Burning Trip Master Studio in Argentina
Artwork by Akemi and Digital Art by El Oso
Format: Digital Download/ WAV, MP3
Release Date: May, 2013
Catalog No.: PT007
Country: Chile
Licencia Creative Commons

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01 – Paranoiac – Inside ( Killing Zombies Rmx)
02 – Accatanza – Frecuencias Dementes
03 – Kujata – Black Mages
04 – Neural – Life
05 – Priapizzm – Strange Times
06 – Xhamanik Ritual – Human Spirit
07 – Crooked Mind – Keppler 47
08 – Lirox – Space Garden
09 – eL osO & Mexkline – Elemtary
10 – Murukhan Vs Deftspank – Long Way From Home
11 – Mexkline – Sol Mantra
12 – Yuppi- Party On The Swanp
13 – Sanathana – Dabari
14 – Priapizzm & Xhamanik Ritual – Espiral Mana
15 – Chronopium – Inoch ka cho
16 – Yoshua E.m – Psybastian on Psilocybin
17 – Yatzee – I HateDisco
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Coming up first is a brand new Axis Mundi original, blending morbidly humorous voices with clean, in-your-face bass, abstract, carefully arranged percussion and synth lines corrosive enough to eat the chrome from a car bumper. Rhythmic stutters collide with chaotic collusions to build segments of tension and release, topped off by resonant glassy pads and pitch-riding breakdowns.

One Desire

The title track to this EP is written with passion and illustrates what drives its author along his path. Galloping percussion provides lopsided rhythm while tweaked, resonant filtered bleeps and blurps fill out the aural panorama. Reverbed snares sound crisp, adding to the groovy atmosphere of the beginning. The layers and tension build up subtly, but within a few minutes, the energy is in full firey bloom.


Inspired by a children’s tale with a dimension-crossing story, this track is intended to pummel both dancefloors and egos, using touches of humore to imply a subtle message. Rhythmic slicing and elastic curtains of pads and sweeps are meant to give your body something to float on while dirty bass and low-frequency growls keep your feet and soul grounded.

Silent Enemy – Acid Violence (Axis Mundi Rmx)

Axis finishes his EP off with a bang. Having remixed Brazilian colleague Silent Enemy’s frenzied darkpsy track with plenty of his signature psychedelic sounds, beat and bar manipulations, and adding contorted halftime breakbeat intros and segments. Keeping true to the original track’s agressive full-moon mood, Axis’ remix is an attempt to put the “Acid” back into “Acid Violence”.

Axis Mundi – One Desire EP
Produced and Arranged by Axis Mundi
“Acid Violence” original by Silent Enemy, Remixed by Axis Mundi
Mastered by Kri @ Audio Valve
Cover art bu Gangi
2009 Ultravision Records
All rights reserved to the owner of the produced work.
Unauthorized copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring, or rental of this recording is prohibited, lol 😛

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1. Bodies
2. One Desire
3. Speck
4. Acid Violence
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Lost Souls Front .jpg
Lost Souls Back.jpg

Album Title : Lost Souls
Artist: Plasma Force
Release Date: May 15, 2013
Tracks: 5
Playing Time: 29min
Released by: Self Released by Seth Priske

We all know the feeling of not belonging, This world has room for us  and the planet is habitable for all. So why is it thatwe feel like we don’t belong sometimes? Is it because of the way people act or the way we all live in the random ways that we do, or maybe its just the operation of the human race. Point being is we have all been in a position to feel the way we do and we should be reminded that everything has a place and there is a place for everything. No use getting down about it, just live for you and inspire others to do the same. We are all just walking eachother home, back to the place we began from. Let yourself choose your reality <3

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1. Backward Logic – 185
2. Mad Science – 175
3. Maniac Squadron – 180
4. The Mental Structure – 165
5. Wooden Dreams – 165
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Gloomy Phantom - Religion - Front
Gloomy Phantom - Religion - Back

Horrordelic proudly presents the second EP from Gloomy Phantom, titled Religion. 4 tracks of absolute destruction. Gloomy Phantom, from Germany, have been in the scene for years and have always delivered true dark powerful psychedelic music..
Dark powerful scenery, mystical emotions ahead. A true master of Darkpsy …. Prepare yourself to be transformed into another dark reality, dont look back .. !!

Music by Gloomy Phantom.
Artwork By Wast Age.
Mastering by Anomalistic Records

Here we get 4 new tracks, jois us into the darkness.

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1. Demonical – 160 Bpm
2. Sanctum – 160 Bpm
3. Illusions – 160 Bpm
4. Never ending Forests – 170 Bpm
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Perfect Timing (72DPI)
PerfectTiming middle

VA – Perfect Timing

We join the universal natural timing frequency, the universal phenomenon that regulates the phenomenal order of the cosmos, the human being is absorbed as a mental frequency, which synchronizes unconsciously the mind and the senses, with the natural order. The result is, feel and experience the harmony of reality. Welcome to Perfect Timing …

Perfect Timing
Released on JellyFish Frequency Recordings.
Mastered by Anomalistic Studios
Artwork by Adan M. Lopez & Enteogeno
All that is achieved collect under this compilation will benefit from WFP “World Food Programme”

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Artist List [Digital Shamans]


01. Konvndrvm – Ride On (149bpm)
02. Axis Mundi – Herpaderpetology (???bpm)
03. Magma Ohm – 16 319 (150bpm)
04. Zamurah – Space Landscape (157bpm)
05. Error In Dimension & Karpaxos – Just A Beginning (163bpm)
06. Cosmogonia – Swing (165bpm)
07. Synthetic Forest – Elephantasia (168bpm)
08. Sarasvati – Shamanismo (174bpm)
09. Pholiot Minds – 3ating Machine (173 – 195bpm)
10. System Error (System Crash & Error In Dimension) – Modern Arts (175bpm)
11. Zuvuya Meets ShantiShala – Synchronizing To Perfect Timing (177bpm)
12. Mad Scientist – Made In China (180bpm)
13. Invid Mind – Such A Beautiful Place (182bpm)
14. SooSpicey – Chips Challenge (186bpm)
15. Romeodark – Alend (???bpm)
16. CinderVOMIT – Perfect Timing (191bpm)
17. Maleficium – Holy World (210bpm)

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Dirty Phreak & SooSpicey – The Deeper Layers

Anomalistic Records & Lamat Records have joined forces to bring you “The Deeper Layers” from SooSpicey & Dirty Phreak. This collection of 5 mind-bending tracks is packed full of insane rythms, deranged arrangements, absurd melodies, and powerfull driving basslines. As the journey continues, you will fall deeper and deeper into the psyche….

“The deeper layers of the psyche lose their individual uniqueness as they retreat further and further into darkness… they become increasingly collective until they are universalized and extinguished in the body’s materiality… Hence at bottom the psyche is simply world.”

Artwork by Maze Wayz
Mastered at Meteor Burn Labs

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01 – Dirty Spice – Great Destructive Noise (170bpm)
02 – Dirty Spice – Brainless Mutants (172bpm)
03 – Dirty Spice – Culture Of Addiction (175bpm)
04 – Dirty Spice – Self Deluded Power Rush (178bpm)
05 – Dirty Spice – A Deep Slumber (180bpm)
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