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Anomalistic Records | Splatterkore Reck-ords
Artwork: Esperanza – Mechaphysis /
Mastering: Tyson – Psyloscope | (Australiacs Records) /

Iteration : Nástrǫnd is an experimental, movement-based release by Rose Red Flechette, consisting of a continuous, 79-minute track divided into 4 movements or “iterations”, which are further divided into 14 tracks. While the track division is integral to the story and allegory behind the release and is of course present for convenience, the artist encourages listeners to not consider any of the 14 tracks as independent and to experience the album as one singular, chapter-based chronicle of our current proto-dystopia that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Regarding the meaning behind Iteration : Nástrǫnd, the artist poses only this statement: “What do -you- think it means?”

NOTE: Download the full mix to experience this piece as the artist originally intended


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