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“Art is an evolutionary act. The shape of art and its role in society is constantly changing. At no point is art static, There are no rules!”
-Raymond Salvatore Harmon, BOMB a manifesto of art terrorism
Often many forms of art are repressed by our goverments or by gray people that dont understand our music or the art of our time!
By closing down parties or bringing walls or squats down with beautiful art from around the world, So that they can build gray buildings in theri place and put us in our prisons we call home!
When we dont resist to this our world will become a boring dark and colorless place, So as part of my resistance against the age of ageing! I combined 2 of my favorite artforms into one bombing VA!!!

Compiled by dark euforia (Arcade dsifunction rec.)
Mastering by Arcek (kamino rec.)
Artwork by Nasty galaxy


1. Nervous sensory breakdown – Aeio (173 bpm)
2. Personal space – Selective mood feat.Nocturnes creatures (178 bpm)
3. Solar recalibration – Dinotic (180 bpm)
4. Spheres of terra – Kaikkialla (182 bpm)
5. Quantum trip – Yatzee (183 bpm)
6. Sayagata – Kaya (188bpm)
7. Star path – Alien hardware (190 bpm)
8. Capo – Nasty galaxy (190 bpm)
9. Push it – Hypnotherapie (190 bpm)
10. New generation – Hosmo zonik (195 bpm)

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At those days we can find inspiration even in a bad civilization. This music is dark, hitech and a representation of some misconceptions about the christmas time and end of the year.

Writed, Mixed and Mastered by SonicMancer
Artwork by Kensho


01 – Merry Crisis (174 BPM)
02 – Happy New Fear (180 BPM)

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Sleepless monk is a audiovisual performer and artist/scientist from outer space. “It’s the fear of the unknown, the fear of our own mortality. We are all scared of death, phantoms of the past that we can’t change, chained to the future that scares us, scared of this moment as it passes away. It is gone….this chunk of time. I don’t know what it was:- between the infinite and infinitesimal, lies a vast gap of numbers, numbers that we made up. Yet there is a commonality, commonality of fear, fear of the endless and the unknown. As we break records, we find more numbers, numbers in space, numbers in pulses of time. Yet this chunk of time is gone, what was it? A picosecond, an attosecond? Yet there was creativity in it, Pandora’s box. This tiny fragment may hold clue to my consciousness. It is gone but there will be another one, as another thought pattern bursts forth.”

Production, final mixdown, words and artwork : Sleepless Monk
Mastering : Thomson Das


Sleepless Monk – Rage of Tandava (196 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – The Path of Mindfulness (196 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Shamanic Threshold (204 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Synaptic Meltdown (218 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Shaman Baikal (190 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Gautama (190 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Humanity (180 BPM)

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Scared Evil Records presents “The Gates of Guinee,” the second album compiled by Znataraja and inspired by the darker and more horrific realms of psychedelic trance. Guiding you through 10 intense tracks, The Gates of Guinee brings you brings you full circle through the darkside.

Compiled by: Znataraja [U.S.A.]
Released by: Scared Evil Records [Germany]
Mastered by: Voidscream [Germany]
Artwork by: Paranoia Sector [Greece]


01.) Hexatech – Fjell (138 BPM)
02.) Miquiztli vs Leonofobia – Black Claws of Hell (150 BPM)
03.) Shinje – Surgeon (153 BPM)
04.) Darkpsyde – River of Fire (155 BPM)
05.) DigitalX – Amnesia (155 BPM)
06.) Voidscream – Siege Rhino (165 BPM)
07.) Kashis – Sacrifices (165 BPM)
08.) Xochipilli vs. Cali’Balam vs. Matzalik Tum – Rhythmic Movement (170 BPM)
09.) Paranoia Sector vs Azareth – Life after Death (178 BPM)
10.) Crone – Ritum Magni (173 BPM)

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With great pleasure we present our first compilation, Grab your Crucifix, a selection of some heavy and powerfull Confidence Boosting music that can forge a wall against all evil greed that consumes our world. – There is no mistaking that our generation is living in the last days, Satan can see how close we are to the end of the world, which is why he brings false dates for the end of it, those dates come and go, causes many people to turn away completely from the truth.

01 – DeeJoker – Grab Your CrucIfix – 151
02 – Vishnuha – Spirals – 165
03 – DeeJoker & Murky – A Dangerous Path – 168
04 – HypnoZz – Big Smile – 173
05 – Made in Hell – Fake Jesus from Curitiba – 161
06 – DeeJoker & Murky – Amazon – 160
07 – DeeJoker & THX – Filthy Lies and Greed – 179
08 – Psyber – Freq Alien – 168
09 – DeeJoker & Made in Space – Rosemary´s Baby – 171

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The debut EP, 4 experimental tracks, 25 minutes of twisted music.

All Music by Hector Miller
Mastering by Thomas Velvet ,
Hungary Artwork by Prashob (India)

Hector Miller – Acid In The Zoo (200 Bpm)
Hector Miller – Advanced Mathematics (200bpm)
Hector Miller – Vibhuti (190 bpm)
Hector Miller – Volando (200 bpm)

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In times of change! What it is times of change? It is today, it was yesterday and it will be tomorow as well! The change it is the only sure beyond the existence! So we come together in shape of music to try breake differences and make the change together as we are too beside we are not aware of it most of the times!


1-A.T.O.A.M – Insula Et Mari (160bpm) PT(Portugal)
2-Alien Hardware – Esoteric Order Of Dagon (206 bpm) HG(Hungria)
3-Brainkore – Miche Miche (195 bpm) PT(Portugal)
4-Cerebral Kortex – The Journey (157 bpm) PT(Portugal)
5-Floating Brain – Factores limitantes (187 bpm) PT(Portugal)
6-Master Zen – Game 0 (180bpm) PT(Portugal)
7-PSC -Banna In Dor You (183 bpm) IT(Italia)
8-RomeoDark – Lolkaland (163 bpm) HG(Hungria)
9-Samaya – Pink Lemurian Seed Cristal (175 bpm) USA(America)
10-Yuppi – Menino Do Mundo (186 bpm) PT(Portugal)

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