Ant Robot Wisdom

The debut EP, 4 experimental tracks, 25 minutes of twisted music.

All Music by Hector Miller
Mastering by Thomas Velvet ,
Hungary Artwork by Prashob (India)

Hector Miller – Acid In The Zoo (200 Bpm)
Hector Miller – Advanced Mathematics (200bpm)
Hector Miller – Vibhuti (190 bpm)
Hector Miller – Volando (200 bpm)

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A selection of handpicked shamans in the underground psychedelic scene.
Expanding and promoting the realm of Experimental music, and bringing more depth to the term “experimental” – pushing the boundary to the next level and beyond…

Presenting quality soundscape designing to trigger the auditory cortex.
Enhance the experience of the frequencies that take you on a journey.

Society perceives these design frequencies as “criminal intentions” and makes this realm of understanding unreachable.

A criminal often robs from the rich and gives to the poor – this collection of shamans takes the rich sounds and delivers its criminal intentions to you for free.

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1. Oblium- Parassiti [152 bpm]
2. Cosmic Lizard – Onzin [168 bpm]
3. Dragon – Fraction Filter [174 bpm]
4. Hector Miller – When I take psychedelics [168 bpm]
5. Metalaw – HanjiNinja [177.117 bpm]
6. Dinotic & Slalohm – Granular Truth [186 bpm]
7. Yonoize – Decode Perception [190 bpm]
8. Equilibrium & LilyS – Tales of the Unreal [195 bpm]
9. Yuppi – Endless Paradox [195 bpm]
10.Sanathana – Shamanic Healing In the Sahara [250 bpm]

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Pterodactylus is a genus of pterosaurs, whose members are popularly known as pterodactyls.  It is currently thought to contain only a single species, Pterodactylus antiquus,  the first pterosaur species to be named and identified as a flying reptile. The idea is to bring them back through a sonic summoning of power and wisdom. It is a ritual of pure psychedelia of letting the soul imagine and transcend to a world where belief holds no boundaries.

Label: Ant Robot Wisdom Records (Mexico)
Compiled by: T-T00N (India)
Mastering:  HiQ Mastering (Austria)
Artwork: Ashtak Singh – Trilochna (India)

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1.Hector Miller – Feedback (148BPM)
2.Dark Cygnus – Banjhakri (155bpm)
3.Paganorium – Holly Pterodactyl (155bpm)
4.FluroNeuro – Primordial Pandemonium (158bpm)
5.Mythorlogic – Bushman of the Kalahari (158bpm)
6.Hexatech – Synthetics in the Forest (160bpm)
7.Obscurus Anima – Bad Dreams (166Bpm)
8.Gurgamesh – Tai Ping (170bpm)
9.Voidscream – Trygon Predator (175bpm)
10.Ofgohd – Dimensional Dementia (178bpm)
11.Unfug – Pterodactyl Replicator (185Bpm)
12.Phal-anx – Spectral Universe (190bpm)
13.Necronomus – Expansion Evolutiva (194bpm)
14.GunaTama (Catharsys vs Prong) – Illusion Confusion (198Bpm)
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cover front
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The fourth dimension has been identified as “time”.

Einstein spoke first time as a fourth dimension

as indispensable to locate an object in space and in time


In the fantasy has been used to refer to the fourth dimension time travel.

Thinkin’ in 4 Dimensions is dedicated to conjure fantasy, to let fly

imagination out of our dimension.

15 darkpsy, hi-tech and psycore tracks gathered from producers all

around the world.
released 20 April 2014
Compiled by Hector Miller
Mastered by Phrenetic Crew
Artwork by Alien Signal

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01 – Digital Abstract – King of the Jungle
02- Romeodark – Stolen
03 – Sanathana – Trip to elsewhere
04 – Silent Moon vs. Pagan Noise – Silence in your Eyes
05 -Xtraterrestre vs Lepudness – Biotraffic
06 – Pangea – Gnarlia
07 – Humanoid – Space Visitor
08 – Cyberbaba & Funny Cart[On] – Vanilla Turbo Bitches
09 – Pawahtun – el fluir de la vida
10 – Dreadlokkwarrior – Contagions
11 – Mexkline & Hector Miller – Frecuencias
12 – Yonoize – Misterious Trails
13 – Injerto – Systems
14 – Soospicey – Squirrel Abductions
15 – Plasma Force – Intelligence Source
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Sentiocentrism cover
Sentiocentrism back

Ant Robot Wisdom is proud to present our third compilation,Sentriocentrism. 11 tracks by different producers around the world. Sentiocentrism describes the theory that sentient individuals are the center of moral concern. All and only sentient beings (animals that feel, including humans) have intrinsic value and moral standing; the rest of the natural world has instrumental value. Both humans and other sentient animals have rights and/or interests that must be considered. we choose the 25th july, Day Out of Time maya, day of light,art, and meditation for the release day. The Day out of time is the culmination of the 13 Moon Calendar year originated from the Mayan science of time. On July 25th, Sirius (the dog star) rises with the sun. This day is observed as a day free of time in the 13 Moon Calendar. It is a day of reverence and cultural appreciation for the concept ‘Time is Art.’ This ‘free day’ is the closing of a 13×28=364 day year. The Day Out of Time re-aligns the 13 Moon calendar to the solar year and re-aligns humanity into renewed appreciation for our inherent divinity and connection to nature. Enjoy this free release
Compiled by Hector Miller
Mastered by Priapizzm
Artwork Daniela Borrelli

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1.Pangea – Hard Time Killin’ Floor -(155-193bpm)
2.Digital Abstract – Strange Arrangements – 160bpm
3.Priapizzm – Morning Wood – 164bpm
4.Pupsidelic – The Haunted House -168bpm
5.Psyon – Omega -170bpm
6.Viatoxik – Inside Myself – 170bpm
7.Hector Miller – World is made of Consciousness -160bpm
8.Moss – Roboticize -175bpm
9.Lyzergik brain – Computer Dreams -174bpm
10.Psydemon – Sweet Nightmare -170bpm
11.Mexkline & Madjester – Portal -200bpm
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Ant Robot Wisdom now presents +3-3.  In accordance to the scale of the states of the human consciousness created by John Lily, +3 is the dissolution in everything, -3 is negativity.  It is a compilation of 10 tracks that range from 170 to 195 bpm, and mastered by Priapizzm.  Free release date is November 2, 2012, Day of the Dead in Mexico

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1. Psyon – Mantra Disturbed (170bpm)
2. Viatoxik – secret of existence (170)
3. Orikalkoz – Robot (170)
4. Digital Abstrakt – Future Space Music (172bpm)
5. Retohmorgon – Struck a nerve (170 bpm)
6. Lisegik Brain – open the doors (176 bpm)
7. C.O.A.T.T.T.T.A.T.T.B.S. – How high do you want to be sick again (ft The Skabs) (182 bpm)
8. Pangea -Skull & bones 06:46 (188 bpm)
9. Yata Garasu – terror Incarnate (192bpm)
10. Hector Miller – Daniela – (195bpm)
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The first compilation from Ant Robot Wisdom Records , eight psychedelic tracks in different styles.
Compiled by Hector Miler, Mastering by Xikwri Neyrra, cover design by Daniela Borrelli in winter 2011-2012.

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1. Hector Miller – Baba Shivannanda (145 bpm)
2. Low Rezolution – Night Double Face (146 bpm)
3.  Digital Abstract – Nataraj 08:06 (150)
4. Amduscias Tales – Seed of the Hellspawn (152 bpm)
5. KillerBarbacoa – Sunday School 09:20 (160 bpm)
6. Orikalkoz – frequencies of nature (170 bpm)
7. Cosmic Grow – ha llegado el momento (170 bpm)
8. Pawathun – Tar (180 bpm)
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