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ॐFenomeNoize Laboratoryॐ….. we’ll be glad to present a new project of psychedelic Dark trance from two great minds … “Pharmakeus…. Hugo Lopez ( Manik Buluk) and Israel Ortega ( Sacrostema) are the creators behind this new project of experimental forest music that make reference to the altered states of consciousness ,using introspective sounds and deep bass lines in order to create an alternative space in the minds full of synthetic sounds and biological leads. ツ

FenomeNoize Laboratory ….. estaremos encantados de presentar un nuevo proyecto de trance psicodélico oscuro a partir de dos grandes mentes … ” Pharmakeus …. Hugo López ( Manik Buluk ) e Israel Ortega ( Sacrostema ) son los creadores detrás del laboratorio de este nuevo proyecto de música experimental con atmosferas y leads totalmente inigualables, que hacen referencia a los estados alterados de conciencia , el uso de sonidos introspectivos y líneas de bajo profundas con el fin de crear un espacio alternativo en las mentes llenas de sonidos sintéticos y biológicos acompañanos a descubrir que tienen guardado estos dos maestros..ツ

Artist : Pharmakeus Project
Label : Fenomenoize Laboratory
Cover Designer : Twisted Doom
Mastering Studio : Zombie Scream (Kamino Records)  & Froog (Freak Records)

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1.- Pharmakeus Project – Adrenochrome Devotes – 150 BPM
2.- Pharmakeus Project – Morphogeneticmatrix – 155 BPM
3.- Pharmakeus Project – Awakening in the Jungle – 152 BPM

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Andean Tribe Records Present Spiritual Dreams V.A. The First Release on 2016

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Traxon – Boom Bole Nath
Le guide – Lost Conection
Golomp – Ciranda Nixinawa
Spooky Hertz – Billy No Mates
Kamboo – Ayahuasca Took Up To The Seventh Dream
Sr. Tunes Feat. Caca – Alquimista De Apartamento
Munsmawa – Camino Del Corazon
Acid tricks & Kiga – Hardalah Mustafah
Dundoo – Mintcho

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Palex_-_Supernatural_(EP)_CoverArt.portal Palex_Coverback.portal
Sick-Lion Records Found grateful to file his first released with the support of big brothers who are Horrordelic Records. It is the return of Palex in a surprising EP. Full of power and darkness that highlights his work with Psytuga darkpsy style.

The career of this artist here was amazing and continues on his way. This is the beginning of a new era of great music and great artists. Mastered by: Palex – Artwork by: Miquiztli

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1.- Palex & Psytuga – Power Plant (158bpm)
2.- Palex – Blinded by Fear (160bpm)
3.- Palex – Crisis (158bpm)
4.- Palex – Supernatural (158bpm)
5.- Palex – Teen Spirit (158.5bpm)

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00 - Keluk - Terra Taara

Monkey Business Records in collaboration with Tarapita Sounds presents the debut album of Keluk, a psychedelic project from Estonia. Terra Taara is a story sparked from the spirit of Mother Earth through melodic figurations of sound and heavy bass lines. It contains experiments from different timeframes using live instruments and synthetic frequency patterns where each track is inspired by the progression of our planet and ancient nordic mythology. This sonic expression grabs influences from different styles of music and drives it out in higher tempos of darker psychedelic trance. Written and produced by Karl Ölluk. Mastering by Kevin Kangur at Loud Sound Studios. Artwork by Julianalalaila.

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01 – Maa 432 See Sharp (Intro) (0 BPM)
02 – 303 Resonating Monkeys (173 BPM)
03 – B Water (155 BPM)
04 – Sunning Rise (161 BPM)
05 – Bicyclecycle (155 BPM)
06 – Crunchy Machinery (155 BPM)
07 – Paksu Metsa Vahel (161 BPM)
08 – Enneagrammatic Circuit Of Pachamama (166 BPM)
09 – Soldiers Of Gaia (180 BPM)

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Plasmasphere Productions proudly presents its 5th album, compiled by Nibiru. The album consists of 15 tracks with carefully selected sounds and everlasting grooves that will visually give an understanding of mother terra and its sonic frequencies.
With the speed of 145 to 179 bpm which will take to several unexplored realms of the human mind.
Donations are most welcome!


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Leso – Growink [145 BPM]
Marcohm & Chandrapur – Purple Kingdom [147 BPM]
Nibiru & Killawatt – Mother Terra [148 BPM]
Synthetic arma -Sex therapy of dark [150 BPM]
Ra root – Emf signal [151 BPM]
Nibiru & Alien Mask – Mental Poison [152 BPM]
Moksa – Medical Advice [152 BPM]
Dizmental – Forest Saken [152 BPM]
Psycharge – From A Distance [153 BPM]
Brain Stalker – Just a little bit [154 BPM]
RomeoDark -Antisistematikus Rotator [156 BPM]
Sanathana – Inherent existence [161 BPM]
Atome – Orions tour [165 BPM]
Dattatreya vs Menterama – Mater Mundi [168 BPM]
Kaikkialla vs Girisha – Nano Earth [179 BPM]

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Triptec Records is proud to present to you the Compilation you are wating for! Ready to blast your speakers in Jan. 2015!!!! The Crew From the Dark Sun, as come together to create the best darkpsy/hitech/forest atmosphere with some magical Bpm’s to envolve you in the finest state of mind ever! The Voodoo choose the best producers and also friends to join to create one epic V.A

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Limbo – Sunset – Intro
Avizz Shadai – Oculta (136Bpm)
Psy4tecks – Atheist (155Bpm)
Voodoo – Broken Doll (163Bpm)
Phal:anx – LSD (163Bpm)
Hyperburst – Photosynthesis (163Bpm)
Gloomy Phantom – Reincarnation (163Bpm)
Zoomorfos – Pit Of Despair (163Bpm)
Psytuga – Ground Zero (163Bpm)
Roger Psyco – Strange Things (163Bpm)
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Astral Minds Records Presents this compilation “Awakening in the Desert ‘.

·We will call the subject; Sunrise in the desert, a desert where we are lost, where everyone you encounter ideas.

They were together when they decide to separate, and each one taking place at some point in the desert ..

Spending the whole night until dawn experience, something epic, something natural, according to the subject carry out this compilation Tracks / Darkpsy & Forest…

Something heavy yet light, something that makes you feel happiness once more, to see the sun rise in the beautiful desert ..

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01. Wihiki – Espejismo (Intro) [160]
02. Steganography – MacGuffin [150]
03. Mental Ripper – Galactic Desert [150]
04. Ozore – Awakening in the Desert [150]
05. Aluxo’Ob – Hijos del Sol [152]
06. Jchew Ams – Space Desert Night [152]
07. Mk-Ultra – Lost Sonora Desert [154]
08. Fonetic – Ivol [154]
09. Rurouni – Nebula [155]
10. Paranoiac – The Sunshine Underground (BONUS TRACK) [158]
11. Alienus – Muchos grados [160]
12. Aum Sector & Necroillusion – Ritual of Eternity [165]

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Released by : Horrordelic Records
Music by: Synthetic Forest
Mastering by: Anomalistic Records
Artwork by: Edelf
Horrordelic Free EP: 009

Synthetic Forest (Germany) comes up with his 4th. Ep named Eventyr. Eventyr translates to Fairytale in Norwegian language.. After adventures and live set at Skogtroll in Norway, September 2014, the creativty and drive to create something special was strong. Work started shortly after to finish this EP in this full spirit and energy …

This journey continues Synthetic Forest`s powerful, atmospheric and mystical expression through Darkpsy. Having 3 EP`s allready out and many tracks through his label Scared Evil Records and good friends worldwide, truly establisihing as a serious dark-forest-psy act !! Exclusive artwork from Edelf, perfectly finalizing the package for you.

Fairytales ahead, blast it loud !!

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1. Skogtroll 156bpm
2. Eventyr 168bpm
3. Mirkwood 169bpm
4. Skogsbarn (Elephanticias remix) 172bpm
5. Gloomy Phantom – Burning Heaven (Synthetic Forest remix) 160bpm

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*Scared Evil Records Family invites you to Blasting together the new Compilation Khajuraho!A Dark,Mystic and Intense Trip awaits you,created by some familair and new high talented Artists from all over the World!…prepare yourself..smoke much chillums.. ..blast the Speakers…celebrate… ..explode…. ….and enjoy this trip..!!! …Stay Dark….*

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1.He len – Mushrooms,Peppers,Arsenic 155bpm
2.Advaita Paso – White Horses 172bpm
3.Elephanticias – Monstrosity (synthetic forest rmx) 168bpm
4.Dra Orcon – 666 180bpm
5.Setek – Club Sandwich Moon 200bpm
6.Voidscream – Infernal Trust 175bpm
7.Hexatech – A Tree where Fairys hang around 165bpm
8.Orion´s Belt n´DeadOrphans – cCchaAarRLiIiEe 180bpm
9.Blind-Ox – Pagan Ritual 199bpm
10.Sputnik Inc. – HiVoltage 180bpm

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Beneath The Roots ( Compiled by Deidriim )

Deep beneath mysterious tree roots depth of trance, strong brew is drunk containing psychedelic plants, spirit body takes flight through astral landscape, finding hollow yew tree crack between rocks or cave, many entrances all lead to shamanic underworld, descending through earthy portals trippy journey unfurls, whooshing through tunnels vortexing spirally way, through foresty jungles primal places of power to find, various cultural geometric temples and sacred shrines, conversing with power animals and teacher plants, elemental fierce beings and sinister guardians advance, rooting out patterns habits and binding addictions, discriminating with always wise psychedelic intuitions, absorbing tectonic machine elves transmissions, ripped apart by demons then angels put back together, psychically refreshed and renewed for rebirth better.

Compiler : Deidriim
Label : Forest Spirit Records
Cover designer : Decotukos
Mastering : Skullzor
Poetry : Mystical Voyager at @ Visionary Shamanics Records

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1.Zoomorfos – Whiskey Bottle
2.Secret Senses – Sudden Step In Anomaly
3.Phenomenon – Nature’s Secret
4.Madianbrains – Twisted Metals
5.Plasma Force vs PirAnha – Tripping with the Trees
6.Hotep – Almost Troll
7.Metaphyz – Metasect
8.Shiibashunsuke – Psychotic vision
9.Mhakavaya – Jaaha
10.Skullzor – Ayahuaska ( Remix )

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