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Forma Mentis & Lucronofix - BRAIN JUICE - coverForma Mentis & Lucronofix - BRAIN JUICE - back

”Written and composed in the FM cave in Malvaglia. This is the first album of the duo Alpigiano Forma Mentis & Lucronofix. For the Production of these tracks we were inspired by our mental images, Memories of the past that remain etched in our mind.
A big thank goes to Labyrinthine Crew!! Oblium for: mastering, cover and big work, Friends, Giugi, Chai, Wild boar and everyone support and listen the Fruit of our Brains” -Forma Mentis & Lucronofix-
Label: Labyrinthine Crew
Format: Digital Download
Release: 1,August,2013
Mastering and cover: Spiro Oblium @ Bamboo Studio (CH)

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01 Forma Mentis – Aegis
02 Forma Mentis – Smash Mole
03 Forma Mentis – Lumberjack
04 Forma Mentis & Lucronofix – Gun Ip
05 Forma Mentis & Lucronofix – Un Pig
06 Forma Mentis & Lucronofix – Brain Juice
07 Forma Mentis – Aaa
08 Forma Mentis – Blblblblblblbl
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“I suoni se ne stanno nella musica per rendersi conto del silenzio che li separa.” (John Cage)

Labyrinthine Crew presents: Urlo In Silenzio, a work of Spiro Oblium.
Ispired by recordings of: sounds, noises, voices, soundscapes, musical instruments, synthesizers and situations.
Mastering and Cover-Art: Spiro Oblium @ Bamboo Studio – Switzerland

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1 – Intr9 (100 BPM)
2 – Nov9 (100 BPM)
3 – TheDrummer@StudioA (260 BPM)
4 – FrederickKANsas (98 BPM)
5 – 6üdhash con IgöRz (140 BPM)
6 – FredKansas III (98BPM)
7 – Earth’s’HavocAldo (ND)
8 – Tauro Seduto (190 BPM)
9 – Hauaiian’s now (200 BPM)
10 – Autro
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