At those days we can find inspiration even in a bad civilization. This music is dark, hitech and a representation of some misconceptions about the christmas time and end of the year.

Writed, Mixed and Mastered by SonicMancer
Artwork by Kensho


01 – Merry Crisis (174 BPM)
02 – Happy New Fear (180 BPM)

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Sleepless monk is a audiovisual performer and artist/scientist from outer space. “It’s the fear of the unknown, the fear of our own mortality. We are all scared of death, phantoms of the past that we can’t change, chained to the future that scares us, scared of this moment as it passes away. It is gone….this chunk of time. I don’t know what it was:- between the infinite and infinitesimal, lies a vast gap of numbers, numbers that we made up. Yet there is a commonality, commonality of fear, fear of the endless and the unknown. As we break records, we find more numbers, numbers in space, numbers in pulses of time. Yet this chunk of time is gone, what was it? A picosecond, an attosecond? Yet there was creativity in it, Pandora’s box. This tiny fragment may hold clue to my consciousness. It is gone but there will be another one, as another thought pattern bursts forth.”

Production, final mixdown, words and artwork : Sleepless Monk
Mastering : Thomson Das


Sleepless Monk – Rage of Tandava (196 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – The Path of Mindfulness (196 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Shamanic Threshold (204 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Synaptic Meltdown (218 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Shaman Baikal (190 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Gautama (190 BPM)
Sleepless Monk – Humanity (180 BPM)

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Psychorale - Aint Your Fairytale - FRONT
Psychorale - Aint Your Fairytale - BACK

Gustavo PsychOrale Together With Ana PsychOrale Present: Their 1st album completely independent Called: Ain’t Your Fairytale. (no label, nonprofit) Which contains 3 tracks. full of energy and high bpm’s [40-190BPM] / [195BPM] / [200BPM] + [Bonus Track 220BPM]
*Independient Artwork By:  JP Design*
*Mastered By:  SooSpicey*

wav download     mp3 download
1 – PsychOrale – Lucid Dreams [40-190BPM] (Intro)
2 – BanYa – Wi Ex Doc Va (PsychOrale’s Rmx) [195BPM]
3 – PsychOrale VS PsychOrale – Ain’t Your Fairytale [200BPM]
Bonus Track: PsychOrale’s – Ignis Fatuus [220BPM]
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Kirril - Hardwired - Image 1
Kirril - Hardwired - Image 2

Kirril is a producer from Groningen, the Netherlands. “Hardwired” features three raw darkpsy tracks with strong forest influences, the fourth track is a psychedelic ambient sounscape. There’s an overall strong focus on dark atmospheres and crazy organic sounddesign. Production, mastering and artwork is done by Kirril

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01 – Into The Forest (146 BPM)
02 – Hardwired (144 BPM)
03 – Illusion (154 BPM)
04 – RE-3
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Lost Souls Front .jpg
Lost Souls Back.jpg

Album Title : Lost Souls
Artist: Plasma Force
Release Date: May 15, 2013
Tracks: 5
Playing Time: 29min
Released by: Self Released by Seth Priske

We all know the feeling of not belonging, This world has room for us  and the planet is habitable for all. So why is it thatwe feel like we don’t belong sometimes? Is it because of the way people act or the way we all live in the random ways that we do, or maybe its just the operation of the human race. Point being is we have all been in a position to feel the way we do and we should be reminded that everything has a place and there is a place for everything. No use getting down about it, just live for you and inspire others to do the same. We are all just walking eachother home, back to the place we began from. Let yourself choose your reality <3

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1. Backward Logic – 185
2. Mad Science – 175
3. Maniac Squadron – 180
4. The Mental Structure – 165
5. Wooden Dreams – 165
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