Menino Do Mundo

In times of change! What it is times of change? It is today, it was yesterday and it will be tomorow as well! The change it is the only sure beyond the existence! So we come together in shape of music to try breake differences and make the change together as we are too beside we are not aware of it most of the times!


1-A.T.O.A.M – Insula Et Mari (160bpm) PT(Portugal)
2-Alien Hardware – Esoteric Order Of Dagon (206 bpm) HG(Hungria)
3-Brainkore – Miche Miche (195 bpm) PT(Portugal)
4-Cerebral Kortex – The Journey (157 bpm) PT(Portugal)
5-Floating Brain – Factores limitantes (187 bpm) PT(Portugal)
6-Master Zen – Game 0 (180bpm) PT(Portugal)
7-PSC -Banna In Dor You (183 bpm) IT(Italia)
8-RomeoDark – Lolkaland (163 bpm) HG(Hungria)
9-Samaya – Pink Lemurian Seed Cristal (175 bpm) USA(America)
10-Yuppi – Menino Do Mundo (186 bpm) PT(Portugal)

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This a compilation made it by the artist they participate in a presentation party of the platform Menino Do Mundo in Germany in September 2014

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1-Alien Hardware-cronosphere(175)
2-Brainkore-Shadwos in the Ligth(180)
3-Menino Do Mundo-(Yuppi&Knowheregpsy)-Harmonic Strings(145-156)
5-Psc-Moo (182)
6-Romeodark-Moon star nigth street(157)
7-Soospicey- Busted Minds (167)
8-Twistedbabas-un espacio retorcido(170)
9-Yuppi-Perception Management (153)
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