Horsepower Productions


For the first time HorsePower Productions have traveled around the globe by horse to gather these unique horsemen off darkness. Now they are here to release their Inner Fhorses upon us!

Cover art: Jake Amason
Mastering: CinderVOMIT

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Setanic – The Topsy Turvets 148bpm
Romeroz – Numero 23 152bpm
Mythorlogic – Track 01 154bpm
Camanchaca – Qinaya Aruma 158bpm
Cyberbaba – Paraballoonatic 160bpm
Psy Horror Noize – Nekron 160bpm
Phsiris – Friends With Tacos (Eleusis Remix) 170bpm
Satori – Circuit 175bpm
aGhori TanTriK – Evil Inside 2 180bpm
Aukiani – Loom 180bpm
Nibana – Ghetto Shaman 180bpm
Synthetic Forest – Rumpelstilz 181bpm
Motorbrain – Rise of the Bloodmoon 190bpm
Hector Miller – Alucinaciones Severas 190bpm
Uruculator – The Puppet Master 194bpm

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