11 comments on “VA – Antibiotic Necromancy (Triptec Records)

  1. Thank u Triptec Records and all the artists for support …
    much respect n love ..
    special thanks to Jonny SooSpicey n Anomalistic portal for hosting n supporting ….

    🙂 _/\_ \m/

    booooom !!!

  2. Ahh yeahh !! Rocks so much .. Full support T-Toon , all artists and Triptec Recordz .. !! This will be blasting through 2014s festivals n partiez.. !!! Yeahh !!!

  3. @ Kriz – thnxx a lot for ur killler support bro !! really appreciate it…

    yesss i too hope it roxxx some dancefloors worldwide 🙂

  4. hell yeah!such great va from triptec 😀 good track selection as always..this will blast some dancefloors for sure!respect and thanks to all involved for another rocking compi!

  5. thank u for liking n supporting the va n label bro Sasch 🙂

    feels glad to know that u njoyed it… please continue to njoy \m/

    cheeerz \/

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