Nightmare in Brazil Cover - 300 dpi
Nightmare in Brazil BackCover - 300 dpi

Your worst nightmare resides here. You will never have a moment’s rest, even when sleeping. When walking, is my shadow which will be chasing your footsteps.Dripping with sweat will cross over to the other Bank, but useless, because you will hear the echo of my sound in every fear with that crossing. Follow you under the specter of death and crawl up to the ends of the lacerating despair. As the most cowardly of worms, I will push the index finger on the trigger of the gun pointed at your neck under the heavy sound of the dark. In Brazil there is no room for regrets.

Present you with this nightmare by the inauguration of our label

Released by: Obscurum Records

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01 – Made in Hell & DeeJoker – Demonizz da Garoa – 157
02 – Demonizz – Galinha de Angola – 154
03 – DeeJoker & Made in Hell – Deadly Brownies – 150
04 – DeeJoker & Made in space – Scary Poppins – 153
05 – Prospectum Mortis – Kill the Monster RmX – 160
06 – Made in Hell – All Dogs Go To Hell – 178
07 – Maramba – Vinoma – 190
08 – Penumbra – Nocturne Meditation – 160

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A monolith is a geological feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock, such as some mountains, or a single large piece of rock placed as, or within, a monument or building. Erosion usually exposes the geological formations, which are often made of very hard and solid metamorphic or igneous rock.

Released by : Darknox Records
Compiled by : Lost Reflection
Mastering by : Murukhan
Artwork by : Shamantra

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1. Sample Bugs – Psychedelic Illusion (rmx) (152)
2. Romeroz – Numero 23 Part II (152)
3. Dark Cygnus – Journey To The Underworld (150)
4. Spectralis – Acoustichocolate (152)
5. Shamantra – Is It Really That Mad (152)
6. Altius – Organized Chaos (152)
7. Psy4tecks – Blue Tech (155)
8. Dark Chico – Real..World (158)
9. Paranoia Sector feat. Moyee – Zeus vs Kali (157)
10. NAzrael vs Zaiklophobia – Fantasy (165)
11. Ustawka – Paranormal Syndikate (165)
12.Elepsy – Synthetic Orechestra – (ZiGoraT Rmx) (160) {Bonus Track}

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00 dopeness cover 1
00 dopeness cover back

Dopetec Records (Germany) presents to you DOPENESS – the first dosage of a high bpm blaster compilation will come out. Featuring established and upcoming talented artists from around the globe.

Compiled by Okoronkwo (GER)
Released by Dopetec Records (GER)
Cover Art by Wastage (GER)
**Mastering by Anomalistic Studios    **(all tracks except track#11)

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01. Mentalecho – The Cosmos (165 BPM)
02. Cosmic Lizard – Dopeman (175 BPM)
03. Shouton – Jungle Robot (175 BPM)
04. LiinK – Chill Kill (176 BPM)
05. Skup – Fat Spiders (177 BPM)
06. Selective Mood – String Chaos (178 BPM)
07. N.Gin – Ultra Violet (180 BPM)
08. Selective Mood – Main Frame (184 BPM)
09. HyperBurst – Star Children (185 BPM)
10. Kaya – Swastika (185 BPM)
11. Neutralizer – Go Crazy (185 BPM)
12. Mentalecho – Conquest For Love (185 BPM)
13. Uphurya – Tales Of Victory (190 BPM)
14. Ryux – Tonique Mariani (192 BPM)
15. RastaCore – Begin Of The Darkness (190 BPM)
16. Blind-Ox & Setek – Sculptor Galaxy (190 BPM)
17. Mechanical Mind vs. Yatzee – Chaos Theory (Yatzee Remix) (195 BPM)
18. I-Logic – Kindyhachem (200 BPM)
19. MetaHuman – Silver Screen (190 BPM)

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As we know, music is the only portal to commune with the cosmic consciousness. The aim of this album is to help connect the human spirit with that cosmic oneness. FENOMENOIZE crew likes to present you.

Como sabemos, la música es la única entrada para conversar con el conocimiento cósmico. El objetivo de este álbum es ayudar unir el espíritu humano con aquella unidad cósmica. El equipo FENOMENOIZE gusta presentarle.


A whole new dimension of Hi-Tech & Darkpsy sounds and frequencies enveloped in killer base-lines that is ready to be opened by the visual ears of the listener, and take them on a transcendental voyage which is designed to destroy the negative thought and re-program the mind with Positive and Fresh energy. This is the phenomenon that regulates the order of the Microcosms and Macrocosms. BOOOOM..!! — – SHIVAYA NAMAHA – —

Una nueva dimensión entera de Hi-Tech y Darkpsy, sonidos y frecuencias envueltas en las líneas de bajo asesinas que están listas a ser abiertas por los visuales oídos del oyente, y tomarlos de un viaje transcendental que es diseñado para destruir el pensamiento negativo y el nuevo programa la mente con la energía Positiva y Fresca. Esto es el fenómeno que regula la orden del Microcosmo y el Macrocosmo. ¡¡BOOOOM ..!! –SHIVAYA NAMAHA–

Album :

Reverberations From The Interstellar

Label : ॐFenomeNoize Laboratoryॐ (MEXICO)
Artist: Various
Compiled by : Nefarious Aavee (INDIA)
Mastering by: Manik Buluk (MEXICO)
Artwork by : Claudine Pinto (INDIA)
Release Date: 30 Jun 2014

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01.- SANATHANA – Who Am I (170 BPM)
o2.- SRAVANAM – Reverberations From The Interstellar – (170 BPM)
03.- HUMANOID – Weird Space (175 BPM)
04.-SEPEHRAKA – Dark Spirituality (175 BPM)
06.- SONIK DISTORTION – Star Technology – (180 BPM)
07.- LEPUDNESS – Archive-01 (180 BPM)
08.- HOLOGRAPHIX – Ocillatronic
09.- INJERTO – Listen The Music (183 BPM)
10.- MANIK BULUK VS MOTORBRAIN – Paradise of Child (190 BPM)
11.- COSMIC GROW – Demoniac Mushrooms (195 BPM)
12.- XOCHIPILLI – Answer Dance! (200 BPM)

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VA - The doors of Shiva frontVA - The doors of Shiva back part1 VA - The doors of Shiva back part2 VA - The doors of Shiva back part3

Horrordelic Records presents:
VA: The Doors of Shiva

Artwork by Paranoia Sector
Mastered by Anomalistic Records

Music is a transmitting pole of God! It should electrify you with His presence! When Shiva speaks, it is poetry itself, It is the sky caressing the Earth, from His lips did song itself take birth. In this rare painting, Shivji sings a Dhrupad on His Primal Tanpura. As Ganesha accompanies on the Pakhawaj, The Goddess of Ragas, Ragini Rageshwari herself appears.The picture depicts once again, how lord shiva is the Origin of all things.

Aum Namah Shivaya! Lord Shiva is known for love, but he is also known as a protector.

The tracklist for The Doors Of Shiva is as following, spread through 3 parts, deliverd to you in one.

VOL 1:

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1]  Mk ultra- Natraja Tandava  [150bpm]
2]  Ohm-in – No-Identity [152bpm]
3]  Highstyle-Sexy dance fighting [148bpm]
4]  Yaotzin Tech -Regression’s [150bpm]
5]  BAR – Trinetra [152bpm]
6]  DarkChico – Power Of Mandalas [152bpm]
7]  Voodoo – Sik Bastards [163bpm]
8]  Leonofobia – Great Strength [155bpm]
9]  Skup – Energy Invasion [152bpm]
10] Yogh – Zargh [149bpm]
11] Dark Cygnus – Sahasranama [159bpm]
12] T-Virus – Karma [160bpm]
13] Gloomy Phantom – The Twilight Zone [166bpm]
14] Hector Miller – Pure [???bpm]
15] Plasma force – Legend of Shivatron [170bpm]

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1] Gloomy Phantom – Soulcatcher  [160bpm]
2] Xochipilli – Secret Shiva’s Face (knowing the unknown) [160bpm]
3] Miquiztli- Inside [160bpm]
4] Neosapiens & Massive Noise – In The Top of The World [160bpm]
5] Psy4teks – Ancient Voices [160bpm]
6] Limbo- Shamanic Ritual [160bpm]
7] Paranoia sector- Chronic Pain [164bpm]
8] Paratrip- Blazer Lights [169bpm]
9] Psyoyorale – Om ‘Doom [160bpm]
10] Dirty Phreak VS. Deadhead – Delirium in Detail [174bpm]
11] Qakbatzulu – Om Namma shivaye [190bpm]
12] Lyzergik Brain – Mahamrityunjaya Mantra [178 Bpm]
13] Master of Horror- Beyond the Doors  [160bpm – ???bpm]
14] Lepudness – Energy Heaven [178bpm]
15] Fractal DNA vs Plasma Force – Dimensional Disintegration [180bpm]

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VOL 3:

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1] Crone – Fire And Blood [170bpm]
2] Sepehraka – In my Head [180bpm]
3] Maantrik frequency(Btoxik&sampler) – New world shit [180bpm]
4] Baphomet Engine – Casaducarai [185bpm]
5] Kliluk- Everything is possible [186bpm]
6] Azzault – Om Namaha Shiva [180bpm]
7] Mentalsystem vs Necronomus – Torturer of souls [186bpm]
8] Mekanikal mind – Of Course [190 bpm]
9] Yoshua Em – I am a Ghost [190bpm]
10] Walhalla Project – Florestrial [180bpm]
11] Dhrupad – Naamo [The Doors Of Shiva] [194bpm]
12] Lisergico Saeure – The King among Physician [190bpm]
13] HOSMO ZONIK – This Is Me [190bpm]
14] Manik buluk- Anadenant Peregrina [195bpm]
15] DarknesSs – Darkness In Shiva [210bpm]

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This is Free Release to for you to copy and share as you please ! Signed: Horrordelic Family – Part of the Dark Circle.

00 - Inner Android (Front)
00 - Inner Android (Backside)

Biijah Records and Badgers Records decided to join forces and standout with this perplexing collection of the finest hi-tech from around the world. All the power behind this music is an awakening call to overcome your inner android and keep evolving! Compiled: Rod Herrera and Hora Project. Mastered & Design at Pupsidelic Studio

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01 – Metaphyz – Night Descent (169 BPM)
02 – Tyamat – Intelligent Signals (174 BPM)
03 – Automata Theory – E.Technology (172 BPM)
04 – Alien Hardware – Powerlands (170-190 BPM)
05 – Inner Coma – Pulsar (170 BPM)
06 – Freq36 – Just A Dream (172 BPMM)
07 – Drakphaser – Glitching Brain 2 (178 BPM)
08 – Selective Mood – Take Space Structure (180 BPM)
09 – A.T.O.A.M. – Ancient Lullaby (170 BPM)
10 – Metahuman – Chronus The Father Of Time (190 BPM)

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cover front
back cover

The fourth dimension has been identified as “time”.

Einstein spoke first time as a fourth dimension

as indispensable to locate an object in space and in time


In the fantasy has been used to refer to the fourth dimension time travel.

Thinkin’ in 4 Dimensions is dedicated to conjure fantasy, to let fly

imagination out of our dimension.

15 darkpsy, hi-tech and psycore tracks gathered from producers all

around the world.
released 20 April 2014
Compiled by Hector Miller
Mastered by Phrenetic Crew
Artwork by Alien Signal

wav download     mp3 download

01 – Digital Abstract – King of the Jungle
02- Romeodark – Stolen
03 – Sanathana – Trip to elsewhere
04 – Silent Moon vs. Pagan Noise – Silence in your Eyes
05 -Xtraterrestre vs Lepudness – Biotraffic
06 – Pangea – Gnarlia
07 – Humanoid – Space Visitor
08 – Cyberbaba & Funny Cart[On] – Vanilla Turbo Bitches
09 – Pawahtun – el fluir de la vida
10 – Dreadlokkwarrior – Contagions
11 – Mexkline & Hector Miller – Frecuencias
12 – Yonoize – Misterious Trails
13 – Injerto – Systems
14 – Soospicey – Squirrel Abductions
15 – Plasma Force – Intelligence Source

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“Artifacts of ancient civilizations have revealed that Sirius was of a great importance in astronomy, mythology and occultism. Mystery schools consider it to be “sun behind the sun” and, therefore, the true source of our sun’s potency. If our sun’s warmth keeps the physical world alive, Sirius is considered to keep the spiritual world alive. located in the constellation Canis Major – also known as the Big Dog – and is therefore known as the “dog star”. It is over twenty times brighter than our sun and is twice as massive. At night time, Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and its blue-white glare never failed to amaze star gazers since the dawn of time.”

ALL TRACKS ARE WRITTEN AND PRODUCED BY ISMAEL BLINDA Execpt track 6 ( Motorbrain – Obsessed – “remix” ) MASTERING / Anomalistic Strudio ( U.S.A ) Artwork : Soursweet I would like to thank , specially “scared evil records Crew”, “TRIPTEC records Crew”, “Anomalisitc Studio” ,”Wastage Graphics” ” Synthetic Forest” “Neslihan” “Motorbrain” “Setek” And all those who have shown me their support. ONE LOVE .

wav download     mp3 download

01 – Blind-ox – Dark Dreams (Intro)
02 – Blind-ox – White Dwarf
03 – Blind-ox – Temple Of Hathor
04 – Blind-ox – Alpha Canis Majoris
05 – Blind-ox – The Heliacal Rising Of Sirius
06 – Motorbrain – Obsessed (Blind-ox Remix)
07 – Blind-ox – Duat
08 – Blind-ox – Outro

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Artist: VA
Release: The Fallen
Mastered: Samyaza
Artwork: Edelf
Released By Horrordelic Records
Release 1. May 2014
Release number: Free VA 05

We are proud to present you this exciting compilation, totally free and for you to spread as you please… Here we got 3 artists with 3 tracks each. The vision and the concept of The Fallen is going through all of the release………

The Myth of The Fallen, some of the old writings that was found but then long forgotten about…… Until today…..

“The Fallen is rumored to still walk at night,
in silent places, from scary faces.
From silence to scream, is this just another of me?!?!
The Fallen where could you be ….”

With these 3 established darkpsy artists : Psy4tecks (Portugal), Bones (Mexico) and Yata-Garasu (Belgium), this is sure to get you far out of this world, straight into the world of The Fallen ….

wav download     mp3 download

The Tracklist:
1-Psy4tecks – Playground 150 BPM
2-Bones – Esqueletos en el Bosque 152 BPM
3-Yata-Garasu – Scarr 154 BPM
4-Psy4tecks – Syndrome 156 BPM
5-Bones -The Subconscious Ritual 158 BPM
6-Yata-Garasu – Lost in Yourself 160 BPM
7-Psy4tecks – The Fallen 165 BPM
8-Bones – Jaque Mathe The Queen 168 BPM
9-Yata-Garasu feat. Bravo Johnny on guitar – The world ends with You 172 BPM

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Get ready for this blaster, share and copy. Spread the darkpsy, play Loud and go crazy .. Enjoy !!! – Horrordelic Crew.