2 comments on “Spruce – Bel Vys Osma (Anomalistic Records)

  1. Wow, cool stuff! Took me a few times of having it in the background to understand that it requires slightly more attention than a typical psytrance release. But it was interesting to follow through the intricacies of the music. I find it more akin to the Ozric Tentacles- and Hawkwind-like space rock bands – with some Chick Corea elements, perhaps, in the xenonesque track “Ecumenopolis” – than to psytrance or even darkpsy. But overall, I think, it is a sign of a new level achieved in the realm of psytrance, showing how this music is able to stand on par with some academic avant-garde. It was especially interesting to listen to the “Anima Vitae” and “Anima Mundi” tracks, which seemed to intend to create some kind of peak experience in the music. The penultimate track, “Yvs Vyr Bel Vos,” with its dark ambient atmospheres, is quite enjoyable. The final track, “Anima Omni,” while reaching for the ultimate climax, was almost too much, but, considering the 2 hours and 30 minutes of the music thus far, I believe, it fulfilled its purpose in going a bit over my head.

  2. After listening to this album, the music reached a higher level, according to the 21st century technoilogical possibilities.
    All musical genres joined in one music, tearing out rigid patterns that torment the musically developed listener.
    You can listen to this album 1000 times and each time you hear something else. This shows that it is a journey deep inside yourself to the deepest being identical with the Absolute.

    I would like such music with inspiration to become a standard. Today, the world is ruled by money and superficial commerciality is created, also in the dark-haired style

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