Spacecamp Psyfari

Several creatures ventured through the uncharted land of Derpa Psynturia. They soon encountered an ally, Hunter Talien. He guided them through the phantamasgoric land which was in constant change and shared the local delicacy. After what to them seemed like years, only a few days on Earth had passed. This is what was brought back upon their return.
Mastering by Priapizzm. Artwork by eNdo. Special thanks to SpaceCamp Psyfari for the amazing journey!!
All funds for this album will be sent directly to the Colorado Japanese Chin Rescue!
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1. ManipulatioN – Paz 08:00
2. Axis Mundi – Cranked Pastry 06:40
3. Primordial Ooze – Brood 07:56
4. Coral – Stomping Grounds 07:45
5. Dfectv – Have a Bad Trip 07:49
6. Psychosis Generator – Feed the Alien 07:05
7. Ascension – Unicorn Mustache Wax 07:58
8. Priapizzm and Rainbow Static – Hyperkineticism 08:02
9. Cosmic E.G.G. with Luuli – Dancing in the Stars with Animals 07:53
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