Irori Music

Hyakki Yagyō! is a series of releases featuring collaborations between Priapizzm and a collection of artists from around the world. Each track is named after a different Yōkai, ancient monsters from Japanese mythology. For Volume One, we have assembled artists from Japan, Costa Rica, and the United States. These five tracks fall loosely on the “foresty” side of trance, although as always with Priapizzm, genre is not a major consideration. We hope you enjoy!

Art by: Ricardo Mack @ Plague Studio
Mastered by: David Chaim Cohen @ Xexify
Released by: Irori Music


1. Priapizzm and Kaoji – Ikiryō
2. Shiibashunsuke and Priapizzm – Medama Oyaji
3. Priapizzm and Greenix – Hyakume
4. Priapizzm and Samyaza – Chimi
5. Priapizzm and Transiant & Jagno Gaia – Shirime

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