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The head is the head of a serpent,
From his nostrils mucus trickles,
His mouth is beslavered with water;
The ears are like those of a basilisk,
His horns are twisted into three curls,
He wears a veil in his head band,
The body is a suh-fish full of stars,
The base of his feet are claws,
The sole of his foot has no heel,
His name is Sassu-Wunnu,
A sea monster, a form of Ea…

Released by : Darknox Records
Compiled by : Lost Reflection
Artwork by : Mantzaraise
Mastering by : Block 25 Studios

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1.Jangaramongara – Long Tails (Silent Horror rmx) (148 bpm)
2.Komfuzius – Paranormal Phenomena (152 bpm)
3.Chemical Spoon – Hyper Floor (154 bpm)
4.Master Pain – Suavecito (158 bpm)
5.Lost Reflection – Riavale In Space (158 bpm)
6.Igum Burgum – Balkanphonetics (160 bpm)
7.Hishiryo vs Zamurah – Smoking Mirror (160 bpm)
8.Revolted – Natas U Knaht (162 bpm)
9.Yata-Garasu – Winry (165 bpm)
10.Dekhat Bhuli – Eddie On Acid (172 bpm)
11.Murukhan – Audio Maze (174 bpm)
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Supersonic Speedfreaks
Supersonic Speedfreaks back

Supersonic speed is a rate of travel of an object that exceeds the speed of sound. Sounds are traveling vibrations in the form of pressure waves in an elastic medium.

Released by : Darknox Records
Compiled by : Lost Reflection
Mastering by : The Virus
Artwork by : Paranoia Sector

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1.Kashis -Digitally Haunted House (160)
2.Duke A* – Parallel Universe (165)
3.Psylence Mind – Caste Of Madness (165)
4.Dirty Phreak – Monolithic Puzzlebox (SooSpicey rmx) (168)
5.Nap – A Glass Of Simplicity (172)
6.NecroWind- Refuges On The Sky (175)
7.Aum Sync – Religion & Science (174)
8.Eleusis -Diabolus in Musica (175)
9.Metahuman – Future Is Now! (190)
10.Mr. Hades – Zhenda (185)
11. Fractal Piñatas – Hashoslakt (120)

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A monolith is a geological feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock, such as some mountains, or a single large piece of rock placed as, or within, a monument or building. Erosion usually exposes the geological formations, which are often made of very hard and solid metamorphic or igneous rock.

Released by : Darknox Records
Compiled by : Lost Reflection
Mastering by : Murukhan
Artwork by : Shamantra

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1. Sample Bugs – Psychedelic Illusion (rmx) (152)
2. Romeroz – Numero 23 Part II (152)
3. Dark Cygnus – Journey To The Underworld (150)
4. Spectralis – Acoustichocolate (152)
5. Shamantra – Is It Really That Mad (152)
6. Altius – Organized Chaos (152)
7. Psy4tecks – Blue Tech (155)
8. Dark Chico – Real..World (158)
9. Paranoia Sector feat. Moyee – Zeus vs Kali (157)
10. NAzrael vs Zaiklophobia – Fantasy (165)
11. Ustawka – Paranormal Syndikate (165)
12.Elepsy – Synthetic Orechestra – (ZiGoraT Rmx) (160) {Bonus Track}
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Chaos magic is often highly individualistic and borrows liberally from other belief systems, due to chaos magic having a central belief that belief is a tool. Some common sources of inspiration include such diverse areas as science fiction, scientific theories, traditional ceremonial magic, neoshamanism, Eastern philosophy, world religions and individual experimentation.
Released by: Darknox Records
Compiled by: Lost Reflection
Mastering by: Galactic Brain
Artwork by: Mantzaraise

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1.Witch Freak – Synaptic crisis (148)
2.Madian Brains – Soul of pain (148)
3.Cthulhu – Deep Submiter (149)
4.Cyko – Data Beast  (150)
5.Surupo – Dark Saga ( 152)
6.Autopsy – Hazebusters  (156)
7.Somarobotics – Mentally Blind  (156)
8.Holix – Town Of Nightmares (Motorbrain Remix)  (160)
9.Gloomy Phantom – Ages of Doom  (160)
10.Cinder Vomit – Here Comes The Boogyman (178)
Bonus Track – 11. Dark Element – The Darkness (150)
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