Artist: Hexatech
Release: Absurd Temple
Artwork:  Edelf
Mastered: Anomalistic Studios
Released By Horrordelic
Released 05 March 2014

Horrordelic proudly presents a weird Trip through electronic soundscapes, with Hexatech. A new project from Synthetic Forest, Germany. This EP contains 3 tracks with a variety of expressions and emotions. Prepare your mind and body to groove and dig to this.. Play loud, copy and share.

Horrordelic Records 2014

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01 – Hexatech – Invasion From Klendathu – 145bpm
02 – Hexatech – Labryinthion – 150bpm
03 – Hexatech – Absurd Temple – 120bpm

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Anomalistic Records presents VA –  Akshayapatra Vol-1.  A collection of selective tunes and sounds from artists all over the world. This sonic vessel has been put together by Space Alien. According to ancient mythology, Akshayapatra is a bottomless vessel of food provided by the Sun god to the Panadavs during their exile so that they never run out of food. In a sonic interpretation, the food is the sound energy contained in this compilation that aims to take the listeners on a trip with seamless and bottomless sound energy flowing effervescently from the source so that the mind and soul never run out of sonic fuel. So come, get the vessel and let your quest for sonic energy take you on a journey during which you will never tire. Containing a mix of sounds varying just like different tastes of food, Space Alien gives to you the eternal vessel.

Released by: Anomalistic Records
Compiled by: Space Alien
Artwork by: M.Y. Project
Mastered by: Anomalistic Studios

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01 – Vial – Morning Machines 145bpm
02 – M.Y. Project – Vals Of Renegades 2 (radio) 151bpm
03 – Amras – Wtf 171bpm
04 –  D.B.Z (Dragon Boys) – Creating Visions 145bpm
05 – Spagettibrain – Legalize Me 153bpm
06 – Lyzergik Brain – Galactic Prophecy 177bpm
07 – Zero vs Malawee – Al Hadarec 148bpm
08 – Surupo – Subconscious Behavior 150bpm
09 – Cosmic Iron – Axis 175bpm
10 – Ugly Ducky – аллегория 175bpm
11 – Zamurah – Purple Jelly Drops 160bpm
12 – Mental Brain – Lyzergik Technology (Mental Tech Rmx) 165bpm
13 – El-Kabong (Pistoff Konvndrvm) – Drug Trip Challenge 180bpm
14 – Sarasvvati – Electroconvulsive Therapy 155bpm
15 – Smokey Quartz – Happyplastic 175bpm
16 – Zoomorfos – Free Choice 150bpm
17 – CinderVOMIT – Abduction 178bpm
18 – Ajna Vitamin – Moments Of Silence 160bpm
19 – Drupad – Cosmic Gravity 162bpm
20 – Aum Sync – Cookies 182bpm
21 – Samyaza – Disintegration (ft. luuli) 160bpm
22 – Paranaoia Sectior – The Evil Incarnate 155bpm
23 – Mehpsyah – What To Do 148bpm
24 – ZY – Sunset 166bpm
25 – Cyberbaba – Rocking Through Sansara
26 – KarmasynK – Bhairav Fraktili 164bpm

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Strange and unusual things are afoot….

The USAliens releases are compiled to showcase some of the great up and coming talent coming from the United States. Volume 2 is 13 peculiar tracks from various beings across the land, varying in style and approach. Bright melodies to intense dark scenes, strange feelings and unusual revelations… Stay on your eyes and keep your toes peeled!

Released by: Anomalistic Records
Artwork by: InertG & Endo
Mastering by: Anomalistic Studios

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01 – JGIII – Faceing The Music (190)
02 – Xzy Yui Sui – Soft Hills (149)
03 – Pangea – S.O.B.S. (185)
04 – Sriracha – Zesty Mouthboners (155)
05 – Primordial Ooze vs Facehead – Seismic Disturbance (164)
06 – Psychosis Generator – Let Me Out (143)
07 – Retohmorgon – Another Dimension (175)
08 – Sunchild – Save My Life (152)
09 – Atom Smasher – A World That No Longer Exists (184)
10 – Myrkabah – Day Three Blues (165)
11 – Justincaseboy – Throw Away (160)
12 – Dfectv – Molly (96)
13 – Spiritual Tazer – Everything Is Up For Grabs (Temple Tiger and Konvndrvm RMX) (110)

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Full album by Ilya Danilov aka STITCH comprising 14 energy packed Tracks Featuring STITCH, KIRU, MAXIMUS & ELECTRYPNOSE.

Artist : STITCH
Genere : Psychedelic Trance
Mastering : Bongonation Studio, Russia
Tracks : 14
Release date : Jan 2014
Released by : Cosmic Crew Records

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01 – Stitch – Wonderful Weed World [150]
02 – Stitch – Kush In The Middle Sun [155]
03 – Stitch – 50 000 Sounds (Feat. Kiru) [148]
04 – Stitch – Ganjanoid [148]
05 – Stitch – Gunjah Wars [175]
06 – Stitch – Grind Your Herb [170]
07 – Stitch – Degoa [175]
08 – Stitch – Brain Reconstruction Studio [170]
09 – Stitch – Cannabis Survival Kit [175]
10 – Stitch – Smokemyweed [175]
11 – Axulixamus – Architecture Of Space (Stitch Remix) [175]
12 – Stitch – Hope Dies Last (Feat. Electrypnose) [180]
13 – Stitch – Heavenly People [170]
14 – Stitch vs Irrsin – Melancholic Waste [175]

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Voices Of the Forest’s aim is to raise awareness about the potential hazards that will accrue of deforestation.
 Forests covers almost 31% of land are of our planet. They produce vital oxygen and provide homes for people and wildlife.
Many of the world’s most threatened and endangered animals live in forests, and 1.6 billion people rely on benefits forests offer, including food, fresh water, clothing, traditional medicine and shelter.
But forests around the world are under threat from deforestation.

Here with the support of Jellyfish Frequency Recordings and Anomalistic Studios. We are presenting you “Voices of the Forest Vol.1″.  Free Music for the Love of Nature

In our latest audio edition from JellyFish Frequency Recordings we will be benefiting the Rainforest Alliance with funds received from this compilation! Check them out if you arent familiar .

Compiled By Aum Sync (India)
Cover Art By  Enteogeno Visual (Mexico)
Mastered at Anomalistic Studios (USA)
Released By JellyFish Frequency Recordings
* Mastered by Vili Fledhun / Energy Loop
** Mastered By Lev G / Kindzadza
*** Mastered By André Penalva / Mimic Vat
**** Mastered By John Hammond / Konvndrvm

wav download     mp3 download

01 – Konvndrvm – Nara Dreamland****
02 – Parasect – Florem ater Sanguis
03 – Insector and The Traveller – Chip Fusion
04 – Kykeon and Karash – Mekanik Kommandhoh
05 – Overdream – Hello
06 – Voodoo – Dreams Of Alucination
07 – Eniko and Energy Loop – Push Me*
08 – Synthetic Forest – Sailing the seas of Jii
09 – Amras – Talking Cows
10 – Bones – Evil Prayers
11 – Yata Garasu – The Sugar Pill
12 – Invid Mind – Aeon (CinderVOMIT remix)
13 – Murukhan – Victory Hammers
14 – Hyperburst – Transverse Waves
15 – Lyzergik Brain – Lost Soul Depot
16 – Zamurah – Pequeño Burrito
17 – Tripko and Smokey Quartz – Phosporus**
18 – Blind Ox – The Last March Of The Ents
19 – MaleficiuM – Dizzle
20 – Aum Sync – Voices of The Forest
21 – Mr Hades – Twisted Trip
22 – Sarasvvati – Could You Be … The Last Of Us
23 – Knobolt – Oderoda
24 – Metahuman – Extraterrestrial Reptile RMX
25 – Mimic Vat – Beauty and The Beast***
26 – Shamanuel – Recension
27 – Luuli – I Deserve This

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Please consider supporting JellyFish Frequency Recordings and their causes with a donation

Gurgamesh_-_ Return_To_The_Source_FrontCover
Gurgamesh_-_ Return_To_The_Source_-BackCover
Artist: Gurgamesh
Name: Return to the Source
Label: Horrordelic
Genre: Darkpsy
Artwork: Starfighter
Mastering: Anomalistic
Date: 31. December 2013
Format: WAV & MP3

Horrordelic is proud to present a new EP, from the up and coming Swedish artist: Gurgamesh. Here presented with 4 tracks from the realm of Ayahuasca and experimental psychedelic states of mind. At fist moment of play, this will rocktake over your perception and make the world turn backwards, try it on a large sound system.

The first EP from Gurgamesh, watch out for for this guy in 2014 and beyond.

A steady and stong BPM around 170bpm makes it a wonderfull and powerfull, join us in Trip.

wav download     mp3 download

01 – Gurgamesh – Closed Eye Visuals – 170bpm
02 – Gurgamesh – Dimension Within – 170bpm
03 – Gurgamesh – Return To The Source – 173bpm
04 – Gurgamesh – Aprilia – 177bpm

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All tracks produced by Yaron Eshkar at
Track 11 original by Maxim and Olga Kurushyn
Mastering by Alex Wordsworth @ eMasters UK
Album graphics by Ran Kramer

C2011 Faxi Nadu

Unatohrized dupilcation makes smurfs cry. be awsome, support crazy music


The Last Kick of your Life is an album of the imagination. Mysterious and enchanting, through tunnels of space, time and the deep mind. Intricetly layered collages of sound woven intro theatrical fabrics of harmony. Grungy and analog with a glitchy digital heartbeat, this is Faxi Nadu’s unique version of a psytrance musical.

wav download     mp3 download

Faxi Nadu – Welcome To Faxi Nadu 000bpm
Faxi Nadu – After People 130bpm
Faxi Nadu – The Deep 140bpm
Faxi Nadu – Arrange My Mind 144bpm
Faxi Nadu – Blackout 000bpm
Faxi Nadu – Sands Of Fantasy 145bpm
Faxi Nadu – Missing Puzzle 148bpm
Faxi Nadu – Strange Beyond 000bpm
Faxi Nadu – Space Opera 140bpm
Faxi Nadu – Temporal Control 145bpm
Overdream – Ultramarine (Faxi Nadu RMX) 148bpm
Faxi Nadu – The Last Kick Of Your Life  100bpm

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“You found my weakness… I prefer to shoot a moving target” – Del Tarrant

Star One is the second remix project to reach maturation on Faxi Island Records (Postunder Records outlet), after Second In Command in early 2007. We present you with ten delicious remixes of Faxi’s original minimaltech/psy tune Star One. On this one We have got some returning names on Faxi Island – LSDan, Fright Rate and Elmooht – and a bunch of new names to our label. We believe this album is truley a journey, with each remix taking you to a different destination into each of the artist’s minds. From DJ Hoax’s pumping UK techno vibes, through the bouncy trippy take by Skyhighatrist, and the deep and dark version by Noized – each remix is a new world of sound and color.

The project for the original tune was posted online, and artists could download the project and work thier own remix. The remixes were then collected, and it was decided that we will offer this album as cd and as a digital download.

wav download     mp3 download

1. Faxi Nadu’s Original Galactic Trouble Mix (Israel)
2. Hoax’s Empires Fall Remix (UK)
3. LSDan’s Paranoid Remix (UK)
4. Elmooht’s Portals Remix (Israel)
5. Noized’s Nano Battles Remix (Germany)
6. Fright Rate’s Hero Remix (South Africa)
7. Skyhighatrist’s Hovercraft Remix (UK)
8. Signal:Noised’s Dream On Remix (UK)
9. Sickmoth’s Submerge Remix (UK)

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Original track and album mastering by Yaron Eshkar.

“How did you like command?” – Commander William T. Riker

This album comes to you as a climax of an interactive internet project. After making the original version, the project files were posted on the Faxi Nadu website, where artists could pick it up and work thier own version.
It was a pleasent surprise to see all the people who took up the task and all the special remixes that came out
of it.

Cover art by: Teodor Tudorica

wav download     mp3 download

1. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Faxi’s Original SciFi Dreams Mix)
2. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Izba Tripovalnya’s Spugadelic Fog Remix)
3. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Fright Rate’s Cargo Hold Remix)
4. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Overhuman Project’s Spooky Rabbits Remix)
5. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Overdosed’s Twisted Mayhem Remix)
6. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (LSDan’s Hardcore Vibes Remix)
7. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Elmooht’s Valium Remix)
8. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Chemical Reaction’s Kill Your Enemies Remix)
9. Faxi Nadu – Second In Command (Megaheadphoneboy’s Lullaby Remix)

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Womtek Julla - back
Anomalistic Records is proud to present the debut release from ZY / Amanojaku with “Womtek Julla” (free mind). This release contains 4 songs wich express the way the artist sees this weird & strange life, and the world we live in. This delightfull story features powerfull arrangements and intense melodic scenes, mixed with energetic basslines and enchanting grooves.
Mastered by ZY/Amanojaku
Artwork by Azael Valle

wav download     mp3 download

1 – ZY – Womtek Julla (156 bpm)
2 – Amanojaku – There’s 2 Ways (158 bpm)
3 – Amanojaku – Signal Of Luv (165 bpm)
4 – ZY – Soñando Con Xilitla (168 bpm)

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