From the abyssal noise devouring the psychedelic wailing of “Sentient Scourge”, to the whiplash-inducing beats of “Weaponize”, the rule-breaking, ambitious Inutilis continues to build on Rose Red Flechette’s broken, polymetric, psychedelic industrial sound, using ever-higher BPMs, incorporating hip-hop backbeats, eschewing samples, and featuring longer, almost symphonic tracks with rhythms that defy resolution. Taking the Latin term for “useless, unserviceable, without utility” as its namesake, it was composed with the refusal of industrial music to follow rules, or to be a tool or product with a function, in mind.


01 – Sentient Scourge
02 – Chassis
03 – Weaponize
04 – Mandatory Intracranial Remote Rebooters
05 – Black Horizion (Iszoloscope Remix)

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The debut EP, 4 experimental tracks, 25 minutes of twisted music.

All Music by Hector Miller
Mastering by Thomas Velvet ,
Hungary Artwork by Prashob (India)

Hector Miller – Acid In The Zoo (200 Bpm)
Hector Miller – Advanced Mathematics (200bpm)
Hector Miller – Vibhuti (190 bpm)
Hector Miller – Volando (200 bpm)

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A selection of handpicked shamans in the underground psychedelic scene.
Expanding and promoting the realm of Experimental music, and bringing more depth to the term “experimental” – pushing the boundary to the next level and beyond…

Presenting quality soundscape designing to trigger the auditory cortex.
Enhance the experience of the frequencies that take you on a journey.

Society perceives these design frequencies as “criminal intentions” and makes this realm of understanding unreachable.

A criminal often robs from the rich and gives to the poor – this collection of shamans takes the rich sounds and delivers its criminal intentions to you for free.

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1. Oblium- Parassiti [152 bpm]
2. Cosmic Lizard – Onzin [168 bpm]
3. Dragon – Fraction Filter [174 bpm]
4. Hector Miller – When I take psychedelics [168 bpm]
5. Metalaw – HanjiNinja [177.117 bpm]
6. Dinotic & Slalohm – Granular Truth [186 bpm]
7. Yonoize – Decode Perception [190 bpm]
8. Equilibrium & LilyS – Tales of the Unreal [195 bpm]
9. Yuppi – Endless Paradox [195 bpm]
10.Sanathana – Shamanic Healing In the Sahara [250 bpm]

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00 - Spruce - Bazel - Front_Square_1080

Bazel explores an exotic world, a realm where space and time ceased to exist. As if the thoughts and ramblings of a deity were elegantly arranged and suddenly splattered onto an auditory canvas, the psychedelic waterfalls of intense emotion and complex arrangement from Spruce is nearly beyond definition. From extraordinarily dark soundscapes, to euphoric orchestrations of beautiful synths, nothing can truly be expected when diving into this atmospheric ocean of sound. The harmonic chattering of entities, distant sounds of metal echoing throughout endless chambers, planets collapsing in an explosion of life and death, and much, much more fill the colorful hallways of this arabesque kingdom. Prepare yourself to be lifted into another universe, for the next hour and a half will be an incredible adventure only previously explored in the ancient legends of faraway lands.

Mastered by : Xexify Studios
Artwork by : Spruce
Release Date : August 8 2016

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01. N,N’Gyubo Ukluxi 12:04
02. Moladd 10:35
03. Aysh Advega 10:24
04. Eo Tjii 14:47
05. Balsyrgl 8:41
06. Mvy Sselsret 7:15
07. U Wu Ve Va 8:27
08. Mnesprakhzan 6:41
09. Tel Sof 7:35

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sanctuary art

Anomalistic Records Presents : The Sanctuary – Compiled by myself, CinderVOMIT, and this is my happy place. Welcome to my sanctuary. Please enjoy your stay. Many many many thanks to all artists involved in this monsterpiece of psychedelic experimental music. I’ve dug as deep as I possibly could to find the most intense and uniquely twisted sonic compositions over the last year of my life and have come to realize that I am a part of something MAGICAL. Anomalistic Records is a generator, and the power we create is of Seismic proportions.

Release by : Anomalistic Records
Mastering by : Anomalistic Studios
Artwork by: !luuli

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01. Mythorlogic – Time Traveller 14:07
02. Alpscore – Staring Eyes 06:12
03. Audiosyntax – Downstairs Inward 08:59
04. Dawood – Love Powered Terraforming 10:51
05. Delp – Neurocore 07:02
06. Dinotic vs Slalohm – Boembalinot 10:21
07. EquilibriuM – Organic Dismemberment 09:15
08. Infra – Gillgamesh 05:58
09. Inner Void – The Dark Corners Of The Mind 07:18
10. Kaikkialla – Deceptive Enlightenment 07:26
11. KillAtk (ft Benny Bennasai) – Satisfaction
12. !luuli – That Cat 11:20
13. Male?cium – MinimAtoms 08:20
14. Mirror Me – Abeulita 07:36
15. Noctum Sounds – Vektor Void 11:12
16. Obscurum – Dark Monkeys 07:27
17. Okage – Extinction 08:20
18. Omnipresent Miscreants – Enough Watts To Change You 09:05
19. Oroboro – Developenvelope 13:00
20. Oscilocidalien – Principium 08:26
21. Phreneticus – Terrorism 05:53
22. Samyaza – 2bass nn 168 ver2 07:09
23. Sanathana – Agape 07:55
24. Sepehraka & Riptide – It’s Not Funny
25. Smoking Shiva – What The Shaman Saw 07:26
26. Spiritual Science – Kinetic Sculpture 09:27
27. Spycht – Schizoid 07:55
28. Voidscream – Laboratory Maniac 07:24
29. Yoshua E.m – Liars 06:59
30. Cosmic Wizard – Kundalini Flow 07:54
31. Psylocida – Da Bottom Of Charisma 06:36
32. Twisted Minds – Arrrgh 09:20

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Anomalistic Records is proud to present the full length album of Moondoggy from the Ozark Mountains of the United States.

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01. iSelf
02. I love the smell of braincells in the mourning
03. Cuddles with muggles
04. Sharks and Hedgehogs
05. Noumena
06. Living Creatures (w/ Xochipilli)
07. Initiate Download
08. Etrog (w/ Ephod)
09. Precious Pathways
10. From Cambrian Explosion To Cartesian Anxiety

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front cover
back cover complit

This a compilation made it by the artist they participate in a presentation party of the platform Menino Do Mundo in Germany in September 2014

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1-Alien Hardware-cronosphere(175)
2-Brainkore-Shadwos in the Ligth(180)
3-Menino Do Mundo-(Yuppi&Knowheregpsy)-Harmonic Strings(145-156)
5-Psc-Moo (182)
6-Romeodark-Moon star nigth street(157)
7-Soospicey- Busted Minds (167)
8-Twistedbabas-un espacio retorcido(170)
9-Yuppi-Perception Management (153)

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Violence/Vacuity is the 3rd full length release by Rose Red Flechette. Exploring new sonic territory and instrumentation, Violence/Vacuity at once maintains the jagged, tangled psychedelic throbbing and cyber-industrial rawness of previous works while being extreme and experimental even by previous releases’ standards. Clear beats descend into a miasma of distortion and steady rhythms accelerate into the tonal backdrop of the next rhythm. With Rose Red Flechette’s trademark cyberpunk flair, Violence/Vacuity conceptually explores a very simple duality between the near future’s 3rd and 1st world, the reality of the violence in the former and the emptiness of the peace in the latter. It asks of the listener the choices, or lack thereof, that we make between suffering and complacency, between chaos and banality, between true war and false peace.

Mastered by Priapizzm at Anomalistic Studios with artwork by Nullmenge.

wav download     mp3 download

  1. 403 – pt 1 (179bpm)
  2. Omnihubristic (149bpm)
  3. Dismantling the Esoteric (159bpm)
  4. Not Real (181bpm)
  5. 403 – pt 2 (179bpm)
  6. Synapse Transfer Protocol (173bpm)
  7. Spirit Prosthesis (189bpm)
  8. Monoamine (209bpm)
  9. Even Apex Predators Go Extinct (155bpm)

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Hexatech_-_Wearing_A_Hat_Made_Of_Moss_Front_Cover Hexatech_-_Wearing_A_Hat_Made_Of_Moss_Back_Cover
Horrordelic Records Proudly Presents
Hexatech – Wearing A Hat Made Of Moss

From Germany comes Hexatech, a project from Synthetic Forest.  Prepare yourself and Stay Tuned for a Trip through Slower, Mesmerizing Electronic Soundscapes!

Artwork by Edelf & AntikRiz
Mastering by Anomalistic Records
Released by Horrordelic Records

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1.Hekse Trær 135 Bpm
2.Wearing A Hat Made Of Moss 138 Bpm
3.Splittering Galaxy 138 Bpm
4.Etter Mørkets Frembrudd Kommer Lys 135 Bpm

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The Brain Game ART by ENTEOGENO

CinderVOMIT is proud to present his new bag of tricks from his friends all around the world. This time we dig deep into the abstracted, and play on the edge of infinity. Let’s play the game!

Mastered by David Chaim Cohen @ Xexify Studios
Artwork by Enteogeno

*Many thanks to all artists involved, the community, and listeners far and wide :)*

wav download      mp3 download

01. Noise Gust vs Midzinco vs Poteto – Three Chaotic Days
02. The Dog of Tears – Rustech
03. Spruce – Ahn- Golgeth Behe’el
04. Luuli – psydistic
05. Paranoiac – Rescata Tu Zorrah
06. Maleficium – Connect
07. Okage – Breath Of The Universe
08. CinderVOMIT & Oblium – The Brain Game
09. LilyS – At my Parrrrrtttttyyyyy
10. Cilium – The Navigator
11. Whrikk – Hollanders
12. Delp – The Butchers Dreams Of Life
13. Peyoceps – Near Life Experience

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