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amanna back

Spycht kicks things up a notch with this climbing tale that takes you from a personal disaster to your perfectly incomplete awakening. Don’t question what flies past once your feet leave the ground and you begin to soar – you might fall down. Above the birds and over the mountains is where you belong. Embrace this dreamscape as your complete reality.
Released by: Anomalistic Records
Mastered by: Priapizzm
Artwork by: Zensphere

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1 – Muddump ft. Aktif (166)
2 – Whisper to Me (168)
3 – It Is Everywhere (170)
4 – Jahmbi ft. Soospicey (174)
5 – Shithawks (180)
6 – Red Mountain (185)
7 – Yeaman (190)
8 – Dreaming Blind (200)
9 – Ayahuasca (211)

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Not many are adventurous enough to traverse a swamp filled with creepy critters, gaters, and snakes. This release is as close as you’ll want to get to the parasites you’ll find lurking there. Never-mind the depressing hopelessness of the bubbling shallow water all around. Don’t blame Spycht if you wake up knee-deep in muck after listening to this release. You better learn to boghop with the best of them.
Released by: Anomalistic Records
Mastered by: Priapizzm
Artwork by: Zensphere

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1 – Shtump (100)
2 – Crog (100)
3 – SSA (108)
4 – Bells Toll (108)
5 – Dagobah (108)
6 – Secondary (111)
7 – Spring Moss (108)

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Do you ever feel like your flying? Do you love cake? We love cake, and flying, and cake while flying, and even flying while we uhhhh…cake. Not to mention that the flying we are doing is through cyber spider core wormholes in the 197th dimension.



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01. Artificial Revolution
02. Strange Spawn
03. Omoto
04. The Hydrocon
05. Programmed Memories (vs Alpscore)

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00 - Invid Mind - Inimaginable - Image 1
00 - Invid Mind - Inimaginable - Image 2

Alkhimia Records and Anomalistic Records join together to give birth to the second release by Invid Mind AKA Nancy Molina from Argentina. Inimaginable is a hypnotic tale from the weirdest universe: a complex, funny collage of sounds and feelings mixed and twisted especially created to give you a unique experience full of love and kawaii things! All tracks are written and produced by Nancy Molina. Mastered by Soospicey with cover art by 4MACK.

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01Inimaginable (160/195 BPM)
02Trapped Inside (161 BPM)
03Kawaii (190 BPM)
04Know Your Xenomorph (168 BPM)

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nightlight cover

If you would like to donate, all profits will go to future free luuli/Anomalistic releases. Thank you for your care and generosity -!luuli


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1.!luuli – track 1
2.Iluuli – free dumb
3.!luuli – oic
4.!luuli n samyaza – dab dreaming the day away
5.!luuli ft tryptanice – the delivery of desmonysius
6.!luuli – psy tramps theme song
7.!luuli – autoclaustrophobia
8.!luuli – beware of twitterpation
9.!luuli y anxious – rivas chegal
10.!luuli and fractal baba – for giv
11.!luuli – being disgusting by being disgusted
12.!luuli – raa
13.!luuli – urgency
14.!luuli – givn birth
15.!luuli – play with me
16. syphilus sauna – playful little slut (!luuli rmx)
17.!luuli – guud girl
18.!luuli – thank you for breath
19.!luuli – nothing else matters right now
20.!luuli – you dont scare me
21.!luuli – high rise bird call

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Bel Vys Osma (Front)
Bel Vys Osma (Back)

Artist name: Spruce
Album name: Bel Vys Osma
Record label: Anomalistic Records
Cover Art by: Spruce
Composed, Mixed,  and Mastered to 44100 hz 16-bit wav by Spruce.

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Part 1:                           1:15:37

1. Afdal Ljom                                  8:59

2. Nczultcbazchnd                       11:13

3. Ecumenopolis                           9:34

4. V Umuld Wat                             9:00

5. Memento Mori                          8:27

6. hEiseNbUG                                 8:24

7. Shōkatai                                      8:08

8. Anima Vitae                              11:47

Part 2:                           1:13:58

1. In Chololiztli                              8:16

2. Ludnansull                                 8:36

3. Anima Astra                             10:23

4. Lhündrub Thödrgal               7:01

5. Yvs Vyr Bel Vos                      25:30

6. Anima Omni                             14:09

Total playtime:             2:29:36

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In the project’s second full-length release, Rose Red Flechette assaults the ears with an ever-accelerating barrage of broken, polyrhythmic dark psytrance rhythms, growling basslines, clanging industrial percussion, scathingly distorted beats, haunting ambiances and brain-breaking synthwork. The Aquarian Syndrome is a concept-driven work, a cyberpunk take on the oft-touted as glorious and peace-bringing age of Aquarius, and journeys deep into the dark technological heart of humanity, from genetic and mechanical human augmentation to animal experimentation to nuclear cataclysm, and everything in between. While the turning of the age promises the washing away of corrupt organized religions, the advent of scientific enlightenment, and humanistic awareness of humanity’s needs at large as opposed to selfish desires, the nature of humanity to destroy and usurp may very well prevail as we head into an age of dehumanization, mechanical augmentation, corporate rule, tyrannical enforcement of anarchy and cold rejection of emotion and the spirit in favor of advancement and progress at any and all costs, some of the more negative and less known traits of the sign. The further we distance ourselves from nature and our tribal past, the more violently our machinations will cast us out of our concrete-paved, steel-coated, computer-driven, jail-broken garden of eden.

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01 – Rose Red Flechette – Burn It
02 – Rose Red Flechette – Excruciate
03 – Rose Red Flechette – Saturnine Arrhythmia
04 – Rose Red Flechette – Fault Tolerance
05 – Rose Red Flechette – If They Can Ping Your Brain
06 – Rose Red Flechette – Machina Ex
07 – Rose Red Flechette – Chimaeric Choleric
08 – Rose Red Flechette – Nuclear Solstice
09 – Rose Red Flechette – Wax Wings

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Maleficium has blessed us with a new bag of tricks for his new adventure we proudly present : BROKEN TIME. In this adventure, Maleficium takes us on a pretty epic jiggle session that will vibrate your entire core. With absolutely absurd basslines, creepy crawly leads, broken percussion, and intense arrangement with amazing atmospheric pressure, we are all in for quite the sonic scrambling. Just…Press…Play.

Title : Broken Time
Label: Anomalistic Records
Format : Digital Download
Release Date: Saint Patricks Day 2014 of March …
All solo tracks w/p by Da-suke Fukuda @ Anomalistic Studios Japan
Track 5 written with Infra @ PsykoAktive Studios Austria
Track 6 w/p by c.VOMIT @ The Outerlimits Studios
Released by : Anomalistic Records
Artwork by : Enteogeno Visual
Mastered by: Anomalistic Studios

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1. Ecstasy Violence
2. Will Be Back
3. Morph
4. Typhoon
5. Asuka Darling (VS INFRA)
6. MinimAtoms (CinderVOMIT Remix)

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Anomalistic Records presents VA –  Akshayapatra Vol-1.  A collection of selective tunes and sounds from artists all over the world. This sonic vessel has been put together by Space Alien. According to ancient mythology, Akshayapatra is a bottomless vessel of food provided by the Sun god to the Panadavs during their exile so that they never run out of food. In a sonic interpretation, the food is the sound energy contained in this compilation that aims to take the listeners on a trip with seamless and bottomless sound energy flowing effervescently from the source so that the mind and soul never run out of sonic fuel. So come, get the vessel and let your quest for sonic energy take you on a journey during which you will never tire. Containing a mix of sounds varying just like different tastes of food, Space Alien gives to you the eternal vessel.

Released by: Anomalistic Records
Compiled by: Space Alien
Artwork by: M.Y. Project
Mastered by: Anomalistic Studios

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01 – Vial – Morning Machines 145bpm
02 – M.Y. Project – Vals Of Renegades 2 (radio) 151bpm
03 – Amras – Wtf 171bpm
04 –  D.B.Z (Dragon Boys) – Creating Visions 145bpm
05 – Spagettibrain – Legalize Me 153bpm
06 – Lyzergik Brain – Galactic Prophecy 177bpm
07 – Zero vs Malawee – Al Hadarec 148bpm
08 – Surupo – Subconscious Behavior 150bpm
09 – Cosmic Iron – Axis 175bpm
10 – Ugly Ducky – аллегория 175bpm
11 – Zamurah – Purple Jelly Drops 160bpm
12 – Mental Brain – Lyzergik Technology (Mental Tech Rmx) 165bpm
13 – El-Kabong (Pistoff Konvndrvm) – Drug Trip Challenge 180bpm
14 – Sarasvvati – Electroconvulsive Therapy 155bpm
15 – Smokey Quartz – Happyplastic 175bpm
16 – Zoomorfos – Free Choice 150bpm
17 – CinderVOMIT – Abduction 178bpm
18 – Ajna Vitamin – Moments Of Silence 160bpm
19 – Drupad – Cosmic Gravity 162bpm
20 – Aum Sync – Cookies 182bpm
21 – Samyaza – Disintegration (ft. luuli) 160bpm
22 – Paranaoia Sectior – The Evil Incarnate 155bpm
23 – Mehpsyah – What To Do 148bpm
24 – ZY – Sunset 166bpm
25 – Cyberbaba – Rocking Through Sansara
26 – KarmasynK – Bhairav Fraktili 164bpm

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Strange and unusual things are afoot….

The USAliens releases are compiled to showcase some of the great up and coming talent coming from the United States. Volume 2 is 13 peculiar tracks from various beings across the land, varying in style and approach. Bright melodies to intense dark scenes, strange feelings and unusual revelations… Stay on your eyes and keep your toes peeled!

Released by: Anomalistic Records
Artwork by: InertG & Endo
Mastering by: Anomalistic Studios

wav download     mp3 download

01 – JGIII – Faceing The Music (190)
02 – Xzy Yui Sui – Soft Hills (149)
03 – Pangea – S.O.B.S. (185)
04 – Sriracha – Zesty Mouthboners (155)
05 – Primordial Ooze vs Facehead – Seismic Disturbance (164)
06 – Psychosis Generator – Let Me Out (143)
07 – Retohmorgon – Another Dimension (175)
08 – Sunchild – Save My Life (152)
09 – Atom Smasher – A World That No Longer Exists (184)
10 – Myrkabah – Day Three Blues (165)
11 – Justincaseboy – Throw Away (160)
12 – Dfectv – Molly (96)
13 – Spiritual Tazer – Everything Is Up For Grabs (Temple Tiger and Konvndrvm RMX) (110)

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