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The lifeway of the shaman must be nearly as old as human consciousness, predating the earliest human civilization by many millennia.Think of the past as really existing in the physical world, with human beings living their lives and interacting with one another and their environment much as we do today. We must also realize that the world of the shaman was very different from our own. Considering They processed their interconnections freely by Necromantic/common Rituals in a space that no governance system was defined like nowadays.

Shamanism is a path of opening the heart, creating a doorway that leads to traveling into hidden realms.which, the shaman(spiritual healer) gains knowledge and the power to heal by entering into the spiritual world or dimension. Even though shamanism is an ancient practice it is obligatory on all, who are restricted by the flawed and bounded system, seek the ways to live a life filled with harmony, good health, and returning balance and peace back to their lives and to the mother planet,earth.

We must ask ourselves a series of questions:

“ Where is our world headed?”

“ In what direction is all of humanity as a civilization, as a single collective intelligence and as an intelligent species—in what direction are we headed?”

“ What paradigm, ideology, or social structure will shape the near future of humanity?”

“ What will replace post-industrial consumer society?”

Neo-humanity as the future of human civilization in the third millennium, will be an enormous collective intelligence (noosphere), which will number millions and billions of leading members of the human race who will voluntarily join its ranks. It will be a complex, self-organized, open society of universal progress, evolution, and synergism. In terms of values, ideology, mentality, and economics, neo-humanity will be oriented toward development, toward moving forward, toward growth in the scale of its goals and the comprehensiveness of its projects

The growth in humanity’s power inevitably makes it necessary for every individual to take on a new level of responsibility, given that a single neo-human(neo-shaman) will be able to wield power and capabilities currently possessed by a modern army of a large government. Such responsibility cannot be called into being in a single instant and cannot be created administratively, by order. It can only be nurtured, encouraging a person’s spiritual growth, which would awaken the higher aspects of consciousness: inner purity, beauty, compassion, love for all living things, harmony, living not for oneself but for others, the ability to serve for the good of society, sacrifice, devotion.

One can nurture such qualities in oneself by way of serious spiritual and ethical labor on oneself, means that the new society of the future, apart from the technologies, will be built on high principles of spiritual growth, on high morals and high-level ethics.

so we would like to present to you Anomalistic latest VA-(Homologous civilizations) in activation of our purposive collective psyche.


VA Homologous Civilizations
Compiled by Far Noosh
Mastering by CinderVOMIT (tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7)
Track 4 Mastering by Paranoiac
[Anomalistic Records]


01 – CinderVOMIT – Dark Matter Eater Hole
02 – Xochipilli – Duality
03 – Maramba – Deep Into
04 – Paranoiac – Chasing Monsters
05 – Oroboro – Stechapfel
06 – Nechropsycho – The Gates Running Life
07 – ShamoOrtee – Sigitama Oudus

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Varaboro – Alpha to Omega

All compositions by Marci and Robin
Mastering by Anomalistic Studios

01. Mother of Everything
02. Schonberg on Fire
03. Rave
04. Symmetrical Tribalica
05. Life
06. Cantare
07. The End Feat The Doors
08. Pipe (feat Audio Syntax

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From the abyssal noise devouring the psychedelic wailing of “Sentient Scourge”, to the whiplash-inducing beats of “Weaponize”, the rule-breaking, ambitious Inutilis continues to build on Rose Red Flechette’s broken, polymetric, psychedelic industrial sound, using ever-higher BPMs, incorporating hip-hop backbeats, eschewing samples, and featuring longer, almost symphonic tracks with rhythms that defy resolution. Taking the Latin term for “useless, unserviceable, without utility” as its namesake, it was composed with the refusal of industrial music to follow rules, or to be a tool or product with a function, in mind.


01 – Sentient Scourge
02 – Chassis
03 – Weaponize
04 – Mandatory Intracranial Remote Rebooters
05 – Black Horizion (Iszoloscope Remix)

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Anomalistic Records is proud to present: Riptide – Lost In The Galaxy EP

Artwork by: CinderVOMIT
Mastered by: Anomalistic Studios

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01. jesus raves – институт за јебем ти мајку и дете (Riptide Remix) 194bpm
02. Riptide & Orgema – Cows On The Milky Way 210bpm
03. Riptide – Das Virus 170bpm

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00 - Spruce - Bazel - Front_Square_1080

Bazel explores an exotic world, a realm where space and time ceased to exist. As if the thoughts and ramblings of a deity were elegantly arranged and suddenly splattered onto an auditory canvas, the psychedelic waterfalls of intense emotion and complex arrangement from Spruce is nearly beyond definition. From extraordinarily dark soundscapes, to euphoric orchestrations of beautiful synths, nothing can truly be expected when diving into this atmospheric ocean of sound. The harmonic chattering of entities, distant sounds of metal echoing throughout endless chambers, planets collapsing in an explosion of life and death, and much, much more fill the colorful hallways of this arabesque kingdom. Prepare yourself to be lifted into another universe, for the next hour and a half will be an incredible adventure only previously explored in the ancient legends of faraway lands.

Mastered by : Xexify Studios
Artwork by : Spruce
Release Date : August 8 2016

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01. N,N’Gyubo Ukluxi 12:04
02. Moladd 10:35
03. Aysh Advega 10:24
04. Eo Tjii 14:47
05. Balsyrgl 8:41
06. Mvy Sselsret 7:15
07. U Wu Ve Va 8:27
08. Mnesprakhzan 6:41
09. Tel Sof 7:35

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sanctuary art

Anomalistic Records Presents : The Sanctuary – Compiled by myself, CinderVOMIT, and this is my happy place. Welcome to my sanctuary. Please enjoy your stay. Many many many thanks to all artists involved in this monsterpiece of psychedelic experimental music. I’ve dug as deep as I possibly could to find the most intense and uniquely twisted sonic compositions over the last year of my life and have come to realize that I am a part of something MAGICAL. Anomalistic Records is a generator, and the power we create is of Seismic proportions.

Release by : Anomalistic Records
Mastering by : Anomalistic Studios
Artwork by: !luuli

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01. Mythorlogic – Time Traveller 14:07
02. Alpscore – Staring Eyes 06:12
03. Audiosyntax – Downstairs Inward 08:59
04. Dawood – Love Powered Terraforming 10:51
05. Delp – Neurocore 07:02
06. Dinotic vs Slalohm – Boembalinot 10:21
07. EquilibriuM – Organic Dismemberment 09:15
08. Infra – Gillgamesh 05:58
09. Inner Void – The Dark Corners Of The Mind 07:18
10. Kaikkialla – Deceptive Enlightenment 07:26
11. KillAtk (ft Benny Bennasai) – Satisfaction
12. !luuli – That Cat 11:20
13. Male?cium – MinimAtoms 08:20
14. Mirror Me – Abeulita 07:36
15. Noctum Sounds – Vektor Void 11:12
16. Obscurum – Dark Monkeys 07:27
17. Okage – Extinction 08:20
18. Omnipresent Miscreants – Enough Watts To Change You 09:05
19. Oroboro – Developenvelope 13:00
20. Oscilocidalien – Principium 08:26
21. Phreneticus – Terrorism 05:53
22. Samyaza – 2bass nn 168 ver2 07:09
23. Sanathana – Agape 07:55
24. Sepehraka & Riptide – It’s Not Funny
25. Smoking Shiva – What The Shaman Saw 07:26
26. Spiritual Science – Kinetic Sculpture 09:27
27. Spycht – Schizoid 07:55
28. Voidscream – Laboratory Maniac 07:24
29. Yoshua E.m – Liars 06:59
30. Cosmic Wizard – Kundalini Flow 07:54
31. Psylocida – Da Bottom Of Charisma 06:36
32. Twisted Minds – Arrrgh 09:20

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Anomalistic Records is proud to present the full length album of Moondoggy from the Ozark Mountains of the United States.

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01. iSelf
02. I love the smell of braincells in the mourning
03. Cuddles with muggles
04. Sharks and Hedgehogs
05. Noumena
06. Living Creatures (w/ Xochipilli)
07. Initiate Download
08. Etrog (w/ Ephod)
09. Precious Pathways
10. From Cambrian Explosion To Cartesian Anxiety

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fateful day orchestra - dooom EP artwork

Anomalistic Records presents this extremely powerful, chaotic tale of extreme dimensions, explained through the music of the japanese project Fateful Day Orchestra. Nothing pretty to be expected in this session of madness.

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01. Palmistry (177 – 188bpm)
02. Create Chaos (176 – 220bpm)
03. Biophilia (180 – 200bpm)
04. Atavism (190 – 200bpm)

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00 - Priapizzm - Murican - Image 100 - Priapizzm - Murican - Image 2

For nearly a decade, American producer Priapizzm has been building a reputation as a musician who bends and warps the language of contemporary psychedelia to tell his own stories. Following the release of collaborations with CinderVOMIT (Bit By Bit as Datavore) and Aquarium (Cream Of Wheat as Naiad Daiad), Izzm set out to craft a solo album as deeply personal as it is rump-shakingly kinetic. Finally, after more than two years of wild experimentation and careful sculpting, Ektoplazm and Anomalistic Records are proud to present ‘Murican, a psychedelic concept album in the finest Floydian tradition. Designed in the form of a fractal, it can be enjoyed as one complete experience, three extended pieces, or nine DJ-friendly tracks. Composed in Costa Rica and Japan and refined on dance floors around the planet, this music is a record of living as a stranger in a strange land, of alienation and sublimity, of tension, loss and joy, of being… ‘Murican. Mastered by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio, U.K., with artwork by 4MACK

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01 – Chapter 1.1 (148 BPM)
02 – Chapter 1.2 (150 BPM)
03 – Chapter 1.3 (153 BPM)
04 – Chapter 2.1 (155 BPM)
05 – Chapter 2.2 (155 BPM)
06 – Chapter 2.3 (158 BPM)
07 – Chapter 3.1 (156 BPM)
08 – Chapter 3.2 (152 BPM)
09 – Chapter 3.3 (148 BPM)

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ASDFEP cover
asdfep back

Infra and Phreneticus present you with 4 really twisted compositions that will totally rattle your beings being. Proceed with caution….or don’t, and get totally blasted with us!

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01. Infra – Xephon 220bpm
02. Infra – Project 444 240bpm
03. Phreneticus – Fanasie 220bpm
04. Phreneticus – Cry 240bpm

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