Cryptic creatures and beasts unfamiliar,
Throughout myths and legends to appear,
From mysterious other worlds near,

Evolving within vast sacred continuums,
Brought alive from mythic imaginations,

Cryptids have strange characteristics shown,
Unusual genetic mutations grown,
Weird monstrous beings roam,

Bubbling through underwater realms aquatically,
Lurking in deep underground caverns scary,

Moving through spooky forests fast,
Maneuvering through exotic jungles vast,
Creeping along mountainous network of paths,

Exploring many habitats suddenly to find,
Many cryptic creatures of all kind.

Complied by: Psychotic Mutant
Mastering by: Anomalistic Studios
Artwork by: Psychotic Mutant & Witch Freak
Poem by Poem by: Mystical Voyager

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01 – Psynthax & Kala – Gargoyles (145 BPM)
02- Dark Cygnus – Forest Freaks (149 BPM)
03- Psy Horror Noize – Ultra Mama Gaia (149 BPM)
04- Steganography – Gloomy Sunday (150 BPM)
05- Zoomorfos – Sleep Walking (150 BPM)
06- Abbaki – Lost In The Legend (148 BPM)
07- Nibiru – Voice Of The Forest (152 BPM)
08 – Surupo – Ayahuasca (148 BPM)
09- Dark Element – Deep Space (150 BPM)
10- Psycharge – Beyond The Ruins (151 BPM)
11- Looney – Mind control (152 BPM)
12- Sanathana – Language of the Universe (158 BPM)

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00 - The Legend Of Amaya Chapter 2 - Image 1 resize
00 - The Legend Of Amaya Chapter 2 - Image 2 resize

Artists:  V.A.

Title: The Legendo of Amaya chapter 2

Release date: 1st April, 2014
Catalogue no: AP002
Label: Amaya Productions
Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

Country: Germany
Genre: Electronic
Style: Psychedelic Trance
Format: Digital release / Free download

Compiled by Ashiana & Sharas
Artwork: Aitor Torres (
Mastering: Anomalistic Studios

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01. Drahcir – Pretty Crossing Eyes  148 bpm
02. LysergZwerg – Time Of The Wolf  148 bpm
03. Sishiva – Reiki Pot  148 bpm
04. Strix Aluco – Weird Memories  148 bpm
05. Draeghul – Stones In Bubbles  150 bpm
06. Yogh – Latitude  149 bpm
07. Jotunn – Troll Epidemic (Parasect remix)  150 bpm
08. Ashiana & Yogh – Dis  150 bpm
09. Dar Kapo – Resistance  151 bpm
10. Yara – The Power Of Mind  153 bpm

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00 - Sacred Sound Temple - Image 100 - Sacred Sound Temple - Image 2

Active Meditation Music reached it’s 5th birthday since the opening for the label, so we decided to give something back to the fans for all the support we had in the past!

Therefore we decided to give a 3 part free download compilation with tracks from some of the best artist from the night-time psychedelia.

The first part contains tracks from 147 to 160 bpm which open the story of the Sacred Sound Temple.

Feel free to share this music with your friends and write us feedback! You can also support us by giving us donations!
Om Namo Narayan!

All tracks mastered by Demoniac Insomniac

wav download     mp3 download

01.Pangea – Ol’ Faithful (147 Bpm)
02.Dog Of Tears – Just Kidding (149 Bpm)
03.Cosmos Disorder – Disturbia (150 Bpm)
04.Seth – Devils Fruit (156 Bpm)
05.Phagos Sonus – Night Walker (158 Bpm)
06.Umber Vamber – Forgotten Frequency (158 bpm)
07.Mind Oscillation – I Like Music (160 Bpm)
08.Rawar – Urban Misticism (160 Bpm)
09.Sectio Aurea – Ora Et Labora (156 bpm)

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Please consider supporting Active Meditation Music and their efforts with a donation

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Chaos magic is often highly individualistic and borrows liberally from other belief systems, due to chaos magic having a central belief that belief is a tool. Some common sources of inspiration include such diverse areas as science fiction, scientific theories, traditional ceremonial magic, neoshamanism, Eastern philosophy, world religions and individual experimentation.
Released by: Darknox Records
Compiled by: Lost Reflection
Mastering by: Galactic Brain
Artwork by: Mantzaraise

wav download     mp3 download

1.Witch Freak – Synaptic crisis (148)
2.Madian Brains – Soul of pain (148)
3.Cthulhu – Deep Submiter (149)
4.Cyko – Data Beast  (150)
5.Surupo – Dark Saga ( 152)
6.Autopsy – Hazebusters  (156)
7.Somarobotics – Mentally Blind  (156)
8.Holix – Town Of Nightmares (Motorbrain Remix)  (160)
9.Gloomy Phantom – Ages of Doom  (160)
10.Cinder Vomit – Here Comes The Boogyman (178)
Bonus Track – 11. Dark Element – The Darkness (150)

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Maleficium has blessed us with a new bag of tricks for his new adventure we proudly present : BROKEN TIME. In this adventure, Maleficium takes us on a pretty epic jiggle session that will vibrate your entire core. With absolutely absurd basslines, creepy crawly leads, broken percussion, and intense arrangement with amazing atmospheric pressure, we are all in for quite the sonic scrambling. Just…Press…Play.

Title : Broken Time
Label: Anomalistic Records
Format : Digital Download
Release Date: Saint Patricks Day 2014 of March …
All solo tracks w/p by Da-suke Fukuda @ Anomalistic Studios Japan
Track 5 written with Infra @ PsykoAktive Studios Austria
Track 6 w/p by c.VOMIT @ The Outerlimits Studios
Released by : Anomalistic Records
Artwork by : Enteogeno Visual
Mastered by: Anomalistic Studios

wav download     mp3 download

1. Ecstasy Violence
2. Will Be Back
3. Morph
4. Typhoon
5. Asuka Darling (VS INFRA)
6. MinimAtoms (CinderVOMIT Remix)

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Antibiotic Back cover 1
Antibiotic Back cover 2

Triptec Records (Austria) presents to you Antibiotic Necromancy – a journey that takes you inside the world of mysteries and spells surrounding life, death, and afterlife energies through sounds. Featuring established and upcoming talented artists from around the globe, this album is an effort to take the listener back to the age where people summoned dead souls and communicated with them through shamanic rituals.

Compiled by – T-T00N (India)
Mastering by - Limbo (Israel)
Artwork by – DFORCE (Austria)
Release Date – 16.03.2014

wav download     mp3 download


Limbo – Intro
Highstyle – Fucked Up Skunk Class A (144bpm)
Space Alien – Happy Birthday To Us (148bpm)
Retomorghan – Groom Lake (150bpm)
Felix – Anyay (152bpm)
DigitalX – Black Hole (152bpm)
Spagettibrain – The Egg Of Condor (154bpm)
Sanathana – Antarayami (155bpm)
Haemogoblin – Onyxion (155bpm)
Shie’ox – Sacred Mirrors (156bpm)
Rudrajeebo – Brats of Nature (160bpm)
Sarasvvati – Dametudineroputa (160bpm)
Overdream – Panic Mode (160bpm)
Bones – Dark Voices (Tribute To Jim Morrison) (160bpm)
Aum Sector – Planet Ogo (160bpm)
Nazrael – The New World Order (163bpm)
Dhrupad – Power Of Vibration (164bpm)
Kujata & Mexkline – Clouds (164bpm)


Unfug – Change Is The Only Constant In Life (166bpm)
SooSpicey – God Is My Bro-Pilot (169bpm)
Hector Miller – Deep Dip (170bpm)
Necroillusion – Mr. Hyde Is Coming (170bpm)
BToxik & Metaform – Break Da Neck (172bpm)
N.Gin – Shy Snail (172bpm)
Master Of Horror – Malicious Dancing (175bpm)
Voodoo – Having Visions Of Armagedon (175bpm)
Toxinexia – Obsessive Vanity (Live Version) (175bpm)
Silent Moon – Death Element’s (175bpm)
KlassiKal Rage – Welcom3 2 Da Lab (177bpm)
Bones vs Miquiztli – Voces En El Abismo (180bpm)
Elepsy – We Can Handle The Truth (180bpm)
MK Ultra – LSDeath (180bpm)
Miquiztli – Ceremonial Circles (180bpm)
Phal:anx – The Great Arrival (185bpm)
Blind-Ox vs Setek – Alien Hates 0 bpm (187bpm)

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Artist: Gurgamesh
Release: Self Similarity
Artwork:  Starfighter
Mastered: Anomalistic Studios
Released By Horrordelic
Released 15 March 2014

Horrordelic proudly presents Gurgamesh – Self Similarity. This is the second EP in a series of 3 releases from this sound wizard. He continues the vibe and power from the first EP, transcending deeper into the experience. A powerful but yet calm ride through yourself, into the known unknown.

The chapters of this epic story:
1.Return To The Source > Out now @ Download here @ Horrordelic
2. Self Similarity – The chapter you are listening to now @ Horrordelic
Next up is the final chapter, prepare your system:
3. “Branched Bearing Sporangia” – Coming soon @ Horrordelic

Join us for this ride with Gurgamesh, the 5 tracks of this EP should be played on big soundsystems, turn it up and space it out  !!  Trip on, bro …

wav download mp3 download

1. Overlapping Intervals 165BPM
2. Angular Momentum 165BPM
3. Dream Bubble 172BPM
4. Terrestris 173BPM
5. Be Free 180BPM (Bonus Track)

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Artist: Hexatech
Release: Absurd Temple
Artwork:  Edelf
Mastered: Anomalistic Studios
Released By Horrordelic
Released 05 March 2014

Horrordelic proudly presents a weird Trip through electronic soundscapes, with Hexatech. A new project from Synthetic Forest, Germany. This EP contains 3 tracks with a variety of expressions and emotions. Prepare your mind and body to groove and dig to this.. Play loud, copy and share.

Horrordelic Records 2014

wav download     mp3 download

01 – Hexatech – Invasion From Klendathu – 145bpm
02 – Hexatech – Labryinthion – 150bpm
03 – Hexatech – Absurd Temple – 120bpm

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Anomalistic Records presents VA -  Akshayapatra Vol-1.  A collection of selective tunes and sounds from artists all over the world. This sonic vessel has been put together by Space Alien. According to ancient mythology, Akshayapatra is a bottomless vessel of food provided by the Sun god to the Panadavs during their exile so that they never run out of food. In a sonic interpretation, the food is the sound energy contained in this compilation that aims to take the listeners on a trip with seamless and bottomless sound energy flowing effervescently from the source so that the mind and soul never run out of sonic fuel. So come, get the vessel and let your quest for sonic energy take you on a journey during which you will never tire. Containing a mix of sounds varying just like different tastes of food, Space Alien gives to you the eternal vessel.

Released by: Anomalistic Records
Compiled by: Space Alien
Artwork by: M.Y. Project
Mastered by: Anomalistic Studios

wav download     mp3 download

01 – Vial – Morning Machines 145bpm
02 – M.Y. Project – Vals Of Renegades 2 (radio) 151bpm
03 – Amras – Wtf 171bpm
04 -  D.B.Z (Dragon Boys) – Creating Visions 145bpm
05 – Spagettibrain – Legalize Me 153bpm
06 – Lyzergik Brain – Galactic Prophecy 177bpm
07 – Zero vs Malawee – Al Hadarec 148bpm
08 – Surupo – Subconscious Behavior 150bpm
09 – Cosmic Iron – Axis 175bpm
10 – Ugly Ducky – аллегория 175bpm
11 – Zamurah – Purple Jelly Drops 160bpm
12 – Mental Brain – Lyzergik Technology (Mental Tech Rmx) 165bpm
13 – El-Kabong (Pistoff Konvndrvm) – Drug Trip Challenge 180bpm
14 – Sarasvvati – Electroconvulsive Therapy 155bpm
15 – Smokey Quartz – Happyplastic 175bpm
16 – Zoomorfos – Free Choice 150bpm
17 – CinderVOMIT – Abduction 178bpm
18 – Ajna Vitamin – Moments Of Silence 160bpm
19 – Drupad – Cosmic Gravity 162bpm
20 – Aum Sync – Cookies 182bpm
21 – Samyaza – Disintegration (ft. luuli) 160bpm
22 – Paranaoia Sectior – The Evil Incarnate 155bpm
23 – Mehpsyah – What To Do 148bpm
24 – ZY – Sunset 166bpm
25 – Cyberbaba – Rocking Through Sansara
26 – KarmasynK – Bhairav Fraktili 164bpm

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Strange and unusual things are afoot….

The USAliens releases are compiled to showcase some of the great up and coming talent coming from the United States. Volume 2 is 13 peculiar tracks from various beings across the land, varying in style and approach. Bright melodies to intense dark scenes, strange feelings and unusual revelations… Stay on your eyes and keep your toes peeled!

Released by: Anomalistic Records
Artwork by: InertG & Endo
Mastering by: Anomalistic Studios

wav download     mp3 download

01 – JGIII – Faceing The Music (190)
02 – Xzy Yui Sui – Soft Hills (149)
03 – Pangea – S.O.B.S. (185)
04 – Sriracha – Zesty Mouthboners (155)
05 – Primordial Ooze vs Facehead – Seismic Disturbance (164)
06 – Psychosis Generator – Let Me Out (143)
07 – Retohmorgon – Another Dimension (175)
08 – Sunchild – Save My Life (152)
09 – Atom Smasher – A World That No Longer Exists (184)
10 – Myrkabah – Day Three Blues (165)
11 – Justincaseboy – Throw Away (160)
12 – Dfectv – Molly (96)
13 – Spiritual Tazer – Everything Is Up For Grabs (Temple Tiger and Konvndrvm RMX) (110)

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37 votes, 4.89 avg. rating (97% score)