Harvesting The Sonic Hops and trance-forming them into the tastiest Craft Beats, This short but sweet, 3 track release of Vox Fabri will tantalize your tastebuds and leave you craving another sonic cold one with your best of buds.

Anomalistic Records Presents: Vox Fabri – Craft Beer Session

  1. Raspberry Porter 96bpm
  2. Salted Caramel Stout 204bpm
  3. Mango Milkshake Ipa (w/ My Cat Buci) 204bpm
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Kreepsy Origins!

  1. Mukhtar – Bloodhound
  2. Demonkore – Non Ei Dominentur Umbrae Mortis
  3. Parxon & Ojo de Mano – Sushumna
  4. ShammanoiD – Get Experimental, Mothafucka
  5. Black Phillip – Scars
  6. God Menstruation – Divine Secretion
  7. Fat Freddy – Swinging By The Pool
  8. Karaj� – Ager Concentration
  9. Fatal Error – Trapped Inside my Mind
  10. Parxon – Magma
  11. XkoRykor – Social Universe
  12. Birth Machine – Hexensabbath
  13. Leonomalia & Black Phillip – Der Machine

Artwork by Luis Ricardo Antonio


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Anomalistic Records Presents:

Lüdic – Dfloor Disassociatees

~~~Songs for the fellow Centrifugal Crystal Disco-topian~~~


01. Lavolta 200bpm
02. Dizzy Spells 220bpm
03. Give Me A Break 225bpm
04. Sanguine 240bpm

All Tracks Written, Produced, and Mastered by Stanley Hill / Lüdic

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The lost tales of the 21 pattern is a puzzle of 4 interconnected tracks as one single story geometrically linked by a symbolic chain of formulas.
A deep soundscape connecting the present moment with ancient times through expanding the listener’s audio sensory experience by unique rituals combining harmony and chaos.
A journey all the way from enchanted gardens passing by purifying incantations withholding key fragments of the 21 gate; the door to the codex.

01- 180 bpm / 1 + 8 + 0 = 9
02- 201 bpm / 2 + 0 + 1 = 3
03- 210 bpm / 2 + 1 + 0 = 3
04- 222 bpm / 2 + 2 + 2 = 6
-> 9 + 3 + 3 + 6 = 21 .

Labels : Anomalistic Records and Geometric Corruption Records
Artwork by : Sko (Murky Marduk)
Mastering : Bruno Biomekanik (Biolab mastering)

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SkridmarkS Volume 2: DejaVudu

And here we are again.
How did we get here?
What does this mean?
How do you explain it?
Have we experienced this before?
Is it something from a Dream?
A signal we are on the right path?
Or a flashback to the past?
Whatever this Dejavu may be…
It is something that connects us.
Something that helps to assure us
there is something greater
than this layer of reality.

It has been a great Journey,
A lot of energy went into the creation
of this compilation. Each person involved
made this what it is. Thank you to all the
artist’s hard work, and a big Thank you to
Spiro (Oblium) at Optinervear studio for
mastering this collaborative creation.
We all appreciate you so much!


  1. Zamurah – Uii iuuu
  2. Okage and Enigmachina – Keepers of the Forsaken
  3. Oblium – The Sounds Around You Are Converted Into Energy
  4. Synthetic Forest – Fata Morganic
  5. Audionimus – Frish Geschlupft, Noch Nicht Getauft
  6. Enigmachina – Sonic Expressionism
  7. CinderVomit – Dejavudu
  8. Black Phillip – Receptor 5-HT2A
  9. Binasephira – Masta Mike
  10. Rysavy – eXperimental
  11. K-Owl – The Moment You Forgot You Were Happy
  12. Dattatreya – Vude Javudu
  13. Depuratus – Buty Prysutnim
  14. Spycht – Crosshead
  15. Setu Ketu – Errore Della Realtà
  16. Mukhtar – Reverse the Humanity


Compiled by: EkimSkriD
Mastered by: Spiro (Oblium) at Optinervear Studio
Artwork by: EkimSkriD
Released by: Anomalistic Records

For Zig and Twig
Fly high good buddies!

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Anomalistic Records | Splatterkore Reck-ords
Artwork: Esperanza – Mechaphysis / esperanza@mechaphysis.org
Mastering: Tyson – Psyloscope | (Australiacs Records) / tysongodden@hotmail.com

Iteration : Nástrǫnd is an experimental, movement-based release by Rose Red Flechette, consisting of a continuous, 79-minute track divided into 4 movements or “iterations”, which are further divided into 14 tracks. While the track division is integral to the story and allegory behind the release and is of course present for convenience, the artist encourages listeners to not consider any of the 14 tracks as independent and to experience the album as one singular, chapter-based chronicle of our current proto-dystopia that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Regarding the meaning behind Iteration : Nástrǫnd, the artist poses only this statement: “What do -you- think it means?”

NOTE: Download the full mix to experience this piece as the artist originally intended


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“The biggest heavyweight. – Like when, one day or at night, a demon slipped into your solitary loneliness and said to you, “This life, as you now live and live, you will have to live again and again countless times; and there will be nothing new about it, but every pain and every desire and every thought and sigh and all the unspeakable little and big of your life must come back to you, and all in the same series and episode – and also this spider and moonlight among the trees , as well as this moment and myself. The eternal hourglass of existence is turned over again and again – and you with it, dust from the dust! “- Would you not prostrate and grit your teeth and curse the demon that spoke like that? Or have you once experienced a tremendous moment when you would answer him: “You are a god and never have I heard more divine things!” If that thought about you had violence, it would transform you as you are, and perhaps crush it; the question of everything and everyone “do you want this again and countless times?” would be as the biggest focus on your actions! Or how would you have to be good for yourself and for life, to ask for nothing more than after this last eternal confirmation and sealing?

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4th EP from the Slovenian working class. 5 tracks entangled into one continuous story ///
The last track is a first-time collaboration with the Moroccan Psyroot, hence the introduction to project BROOTKO //
Dedicated to all beings /


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