Triptec Records is proud to present to you the Compilation you are wating for! Ready to blast your speakers in Jan. 2015!!!! The Crew From the Dark Sun, as come together to create the best darkpsy/hitech/forest atmosphere with some magical Bpm’s to envolve you in the finest state of mind ever! The Voodoo choose the best producers and also friends to join to create one epic V.A

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Limbo – Sunset – Intro
Avizz Shadai – Oculta (136Bpm)
Psy4tecks – Atheist (155Bpm)
Voodoo – Broken Doll (163Bpm)
Phal:anx – LSD (163Bpm)
Hyperburst – Photosynthesis (163Bpm)
Gloomy Phantom – Reincarnation (163Bpm)
Zoomorfos – Pit Of Despair (163Bpm)
Psytuga – Ground Zero (163Bpm)
Roger Psyco – Strange Things (163Bpm)

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Scared Evil Records comes up next with a Ep by German Artist UnfuG!! The Ep contains 4 tracks, mastering by Anomalistic Records and Artwork by Romy Rodriguez, Speedydark Psyder&Manu Pilami!!
Prepare yourself for an wonderful trip through Unfug´s worlds of darkish dreams and scapes…

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Unfug – Fear [150]

Unfug – Dreamy Feelings [162]

Unfug – Listen to Smith [171]

Unfug – Iceneedle [175]

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Gurgamesh - Psychedelic GroovesGurgamesh - Psychedelic Grooves

Horrordelic Presents:
Gurgamesh: Psychedelic Grooves
A free EP – Release: 15. November 2014
Compiled by Antikriz
Artwork by HashX
Mastering by Anomalistic Records

Psychedelic Grooves is the first volume of the release planned as a series of releases from Gurgamesh.

Enjoy a ride with Gurgamesh, steady pumping everlasting calmness and control.. Let the trip begin..

wav download     mp3 download

1. A Walk In The Forest 170BPM
2. Binurial Beats And Transformation Miracles 170BPM
3. Dreamlike 190BPM
4. Eto Kak Mne Eto Nravitsya 173BPM
5. Lost In Acidland 160BPM

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front cover
back cover

Astral Minds Records Presents this compilation “Awakening in the Desert ‘.

·We will call the subject; Sunrise in the desert, a desert where we are lost, where everyone you encounter ideas.

They were together when they decide to separate, and each one taking place at some point in the desert ..

Spending the whole night until dawn experience, something epic, something natural, according to the subject carry out this compilation Tracks / Darkpsy & Forest…

Something heavy yet light, something that makes you feel happiness once more, to see the sun rise in the beautiful desert ..

wav download     mp3 download

01. Wihiki – Espejismo (Intro) [160]
02. Steganography – MacGuffin [150]
03. Mental Ripper – Galactic Desert [150]
04. Ozore – Awakening in the Desert [150]
05. Aluxo’Ob – Hijos del Sol [152]
06. Jchew Ams – Space Desert Night [152]
07. Mk-Ultra – Lost Sonora Desert [154]
08. Fonetic – Ivol [154]
09. Rurouni – Nebula [155]
10. Paranoiac – The Sunshine Underground (BONUS TRACK) [158]
11. Alienus – Muchos grados [160]
12. Aum Sector & Necroillusion – Ritual of Eternity [165]

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Do you ever feel like your flying? Do you love cake? We love cake, and flying, and cake while flying, and even flying while we uhhhh…cake. Not to mention that the flying we are doing is through cyber spider core wormholes in the 197th dimension.



wav download     mp3 download

01. Artificial Revolution
02. Strange Spawn
03. Omoto
04. The Hydrocon
05. Programmed Memories (vs Alpscore)

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00 - Invid Mind - Inimaginable - Image 1
00 - Invid Mind - Inimaginable - Image 2

Alkhimia Records and Anomalistic Records join together to give birth to the second release by Invid Mind AKA Nancy Molina from Argentina. Inimaginable is a hypnotic tale from the weirdest universe: a complex, funny collage of sounds and feelings mixed and twisted especially created to give you a unique experience full of love and kawaii things! All tracks are written and produced by Nancy Molina. Mastered by Soospicey with cover art by 4MACK.

wav download     mp3 download

01Inimaginable (160/195 BPM)
02Trapped Inside (161 BPM)
03Kawaii (190 BPM)
04Know Your Xenomorph (168 BPM)

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Released by : Horrordelic Records
Music by: Synthetic Forest
Mastering by: Anomalistic Records
Artwork by: Edelf
Horrordelic Free EP: 009

Synthetic Forest (Germany) comes up with his 4th. Ep named Eventyr. Eventyr translates to Fairytale in Norwegian language.. After adventures and live set at Skogtroll in Norway, September 2014, the creativty and drive to create something special was strong. Work started shortly after to finish this EP in this full spirit and energy …

This journey continues Synthetic Forest`s powerful, atmospheric and mystical expression through Darkpsy. Having 3 EP`s allready out and many tracks through his label Scared Evil Records and good friends worldwide, truly establisihing as a serious dark-forest-psy act !! Exclusive artwork from Edelf, perfectly finalizing the package for you.

Fairytales ahead, blast it loud !!

wav download     mp3 download

1. Skogtroll 156bpm
2. Eventyr 168bpm
3. Mirkwood 169bpm
4. Skogsbarn (Elephanticias remix) 172bpm
5. Gloomy Phantom – Burning Heaven (Synthetic Forest remix) 160bpm

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unnamed (1)

The head is the head of a serpent,
From his nostrils mucus trickles,
His mouth is beslavered with water;
The ears are like those of a basilisk,
His horns are twisted into three curls,
He wears a veil in his head band,
The body is a suh-fish full of stars,
The base of his feet are claws,
The sole of his foot has no heel,
His name is Sassu-Wunnu,
A sea monster, a form of Ea…

Released by : Darknox Records
Compiled by : Lost Reflection
Artwork by : Mantzaraise
Mastering by : Block 25 Studios

wav download     mp3 download

1.Jangaramongara – Long Tails (Silent Horror rmx) (148 bpm)
2.Komfuzius – Paranormal Phenomena (152 bpm)
3.Chemical Spoon – Hyper Floor (154 bpm)
4.Master Pain – Suavecito (158 bpm)
5.Lost Reflection – Riavale In Space (158 bpm)
6.Igum Burgum – Balkanphonetics (160 bpm)
7.Hishiryo vs Zamurah – Smoking Mirror (160 bpm)
8.Revolted – Natas U Knaht (162 bpm)
9.Yata-Garasu – Winry (165 bpm)
10.Dekhat Bhuli – Eddie On Acid (172 bpm)
11.Murukhan – Audio Maze (174 bpm)

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*Scared Evil Records Family invites you to Blasting together the new Compilation Khajuraho!A Dark,Mystic and Intense Trip awaits you,created by some familair and new high talented Artists from all over the World!…prepare yourself..smoke much chillums.. ..blast the Speakers…celebrate… ..explode…. ….and enjoy this trip..!!! …Stay Dark….*

wav download     mp3 download

1.He len – Mushrooms,Peppers,Arsenic 155bpm
2.Advaita Paso – White Horses 172bpm
3.Elephanticias – Monstrosity (synthetic forest rmx) 168bpm
4.Dra Orcon – 666 180bpm
5.Setek – Club Sandwich Moon 200bpm
6.Voidscream – Infernal Trust 175bpm
7.Hexatech – A Tree where Fairys hang around 165bpm
8.Orion´s Belt n´DeadOrphans – cCchaAarRLiIiEe 180bpm
9.Blind-Ox – Pagan Ritual 199bpm
10.Sputnik Inc. – HiVoltage 180bpm

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nightlight cover

If you would like to donate, all profits will go to future free luuli/Anomalistic releases. Thank you for your care and generosity -!luuli


wav download     mp3 download

1.!luuli – track 1
2.Iluuli – free dumb
3.!luuli – oic
4.!luuli n samyaza – dab dreaming the day away
5.!luuli ft tryptanice – the delivery of desmonysius
6.!luuli – psy tramps theme song
7.!luuli – autoclaustrophobia
8.!luuli – beware of twitterpation
9.!luuli y anxious – rivas chegal
10.!luuli and fractal baba – for giv
11.!luuli – being disgusting by being disgusted
12.!luuli – raa
13.!luuli – urgency
14.!luuli – givn birth
15.!luuli – play with me
16. syphilus sauna – playful little slut (!luuli rmx)
17.!luuli – guud girl
18.!luuli – thank you for breath
19.!luuli – nothing else matters right now
20.!luuli – you dont scare me
21.!luuli – high rise bird call

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