Violence/Vacuity is the 3rd full length release by Rose Red Flechette. Exploring new sonic territory and instrumentation, Violence/Vacuity at once maintains the jagged, tangled psychedelic throbbing and cyber-industrial rawness of previous works while being extreme and experimental even by previous releases’ standards. Clear beats descend into a miasma of distortion and steady rhythms accelerate into the tonal backdrop of the next rhythm. With Rose Red Flechette’s trademark cyberpunk flair, Violence/Vacuity conceptually explores a very simple duality between the near future’s 3rd and 1st world, the reality of the violence in the former and the emptiness of the peace in the latter. It asks of the listener the choices, or lack thereof, that we make between suffering and complacency, between chaos and banality, between true war and false peace.

Mastered by Priapizzm at Anomalistic Studios with artwork by Nullmenge.

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  1. 403 – pt 1 (179bpm)
  2. Omnihubristic (149bpm)
  3. Dismantling the Esoteric (159bpm)
  4. Not Real (181bpm)
  5. 403 – pt 2 (179bpm)
  6. Synapse Transfer Protocol (173bpm)
  7. Spirit Prosthesis (189bpm)
  8. Monoamine (209bpm)
  9. Even Apex Predators Go Extinct (155bpm)

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Hexatech_-_Wearing_A_Hat_Made_Of_Moss_Front_Cover Hexatech_-_Wearing_A_Hat_Made_Of_Moss_Back_Cover
Horrordelic Records Proudly Presents
Hexatech – Wearing A Hat Made Of Moss

From Germany comes Hexatech, a project from Synthetic Forest.  Prepare yourself and Stay Tuned for a Trip through Slower, Mesmerizing Electronic Soundscapes!

Artwork by Edelf & AntikRiz
Mastering by Anomalistic Records
Released by Horrordelic Records

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1.Hekse Trær 135 Bpm
2.Wearing A Hat Made Of Moss 138 Bpm
3.Splittering Galaxy 138 Bpm
4.Etter Mørkets Frembrudd Kommer Lys 135 Bpm

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Anattman - Off The Grid (EP) Triptec Records 2015 Front
Anattman - Off The Grid (EP) Triptec Records 2015 Back

Anattman, referring to the Buddhist concept of ‘no-self’, is Daniel James’ hi-tech psytrance project. Daniel, from Holland, started writing and performing music with a group at a young age. When he was twenty, he came into contact with the psytrance scene, and has been addicted ever since. In 2012, he began his studies as an electronic alchemist, embracing the dark arts of hi-tech psytrance and producing his own melodic, bass-driven tracks. Triptec Records is proud to release his first EP called “Off The Grid”. Mastered by Phal:anx (AT) at Hi-Q-Mastering. Artwork by Flashback (PT).

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Lye (175Bpm)
Off The Grid (175Bpm)
Omnipotent (175Bpm)
Novichok (175Bpm)

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Horrordelic Presents:
Crone – No Hope
A free EP – Release: 14. May 2015
Artwork by Paranoia Sector
Mastering by Anomalistic Records

Horrordelic presenting their first EP of 2015, Crone. This is the debut EP from the up and coming producer from Greece. You are welcomed to join a powerful ritual with ancient roots.

Mystics, dreams and visions. Past and present. End and beginning. Let the music rock, blast loud and enjoy!

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01. Dance with Demons [160Bpm]
02. Katares [164Bpm]
03. Pain Of Death [167Bpm]
04. No Hope [170Bpm]

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The Brain Game ART by ENTEOGENO

CinderVOMIT is proud to present his new bag of tricks from his friends all around the world. This time we dig deep into the abstracted, and play on the edge of infinity. Let’s play the game!

Mastered by David Chaim Cohen @ Xexify Studios
Artwork by Enteogeno

*Many thanks to all artists involved, the community, and listeners far and wide :)*

wav download      mp3 download

01. Noise Gust vs Midzinco vs Poteto – Three Chaotic Days
02. The Dog of Tears – Rustech
03. Spruce – Ahn- Golgeth Behe’el
04. Luuli – psydistic
05. Paranoiac – Rescata Tu Zorrah
06. Maleficium – Connect
07. Okage – Breath Of The Universe
08. CinderVOMIT & Oblium – The Brain Game
09. LilyS – At my Parrrrrtttttyyyyy
10. Cilium – The Navigator
11. Whrikk – Hollanders
12. Delp – The Butchers Dreams Of Life
13. Peyoceps – Near Life Experience

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Plasmasphere Productions proudly presents its 5th album, compiled by Nibiru. The album consists of 15 tracks with carefully selected sounds and everlasting grooves that will visually give an understanding of mother terra and its sonic frequencies.
With the speed of 145 to 179 bpm which will take to several unexplored realms of the human mind.
Donations are most welcome!


wav download     mp3 download

Leso – Growink [145 BPM]
Marcohm & Chandrapur – Purple Kingdom [147 BPM]
Nibiru & Killawatt – Mother Terra [148 BPM]
Synthetic arma -Sex therapy of dark [150 BPM]
Ra root – Emf signal [151 BPM]
Nibiru & Alien Mask – Mental Poison [152 BPM]
Moksa – Medical Advice [152 BPM]
Dizmental – Forest Saken [152 BPM]
Psycharge – From A Distance [153 BPM]
Brain Stalker – Just a little bit [154 BPM]
RomeoDark -Antisistematikus Rotator [156 BPM]
Sanathana – Inherent existence [161 BPM]
Atome – Orions tour [165 BPM]
Dattatreya vs Menterama – Mater Mundi [168 BPM]
Kaikkialla vs Girisha – Nano Earth [179 BPM]

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Flashback (POR) proudly announce that is going to release his first music compilation with Triptec Records! After 5, almost 6 years developing graphic artworks in the psychedelic scene for musicians, producers, labels and other kind of artists, Flashback decided to release his first music compilation. Mastered by Limbo (ISR).

wav download     mp3 download

Voodoo – Lost The Memory (163Bpm)
Mekanical Mind & Sirius Wizard – Only Favor (164Bpm)
Zamot – Spin That Wheel (165Bpm)
Kashis – Frenetic Genetics (177Bpm)
Mentalecho – Anton Lavey (180Bpm)
Txubaka – The Edge (182Bpm)
Hyperburst – Mind Over Matter (190Bpm)
Phal-anx – Vortex (190Bpm)
Nyotech – Spacetrip Connection (195Bpm)
Cathachyon – Essence Of Disorder (200Bpm)

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Scared Evil Records Proudly Present´s the 3rd. Album by Voidscream named Cadaverous Bloom!! prepare yourself for 10 trippy tales through the weird worlds of Voidscream!

Since his last release “Chasing Ghosts” in 2013 Voidscream played alround the country aside acts as dark whisper, ogun, dsompa, HGichT and many more…

Through this period he achieved tons of new musical experiences and heard very different approaches to a banging sound in a huge variety of genres.

So on his latest album “Cadaverous Bloom” he combines modern dark psy-trance with different approaches of hard pumping music (Hardcore DnB, Rhythmic Noise, IDM and Breakcore to name a few).

Two songs (“Loam Lion” & “Pernicious Deed”) feature his good friend and excellent music producer Delp, which complents the Voidscream sound with his layered soundscapes perfectly. After mastering his album Antagon got involved in the Voidscream project and marked the track “Abrupt Decay” with his characteristic sound!

Released by : Scared Evil Records
Music by: Voidscream
Title: Cadaverous Bloom
Release Date: 12.04.2015
Mastering by: Anomalistic Records
Artwork by: Kentaro Kanamoto

wav download     mp3 download

1. Voidscream – Alter Reality
2. Voidscream vs. Delp – Loam Lion
3. Voidscream – Chalice of the Void
4. Voidscream – Deathrite Shaman
5. Voidscream – Dismember
6. Voidscream feat. Antagon – Abrupt Decay
7. Voidscream – Hypnotic Specter
8. Voidscream – All is Dust
9. Voidscream – Agent of the Fates
10. Voidscream vs. Delp – Pernicious Deed

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00 - Sacred Sound Temple 3 - Image 1
00 - Sacred Sound Temple 3 - Image 2

Active Meditation Music reached it’s 5th birthday since the opening for the label, so we decided to give something back to the fans for all the support we had in the past!

Therefore we decided to give a 3 part free download compilation with tracks from some of the best artist from the night-time psychedelia.

The third part contains tracks from 160 to 180 bpm which closes the story of the Sacred Sound Temple.

Feel free to share this music with your friends and write us feedback! You can also support us by giving us donations!
Om Namo Narayan!

wav download     mp3 download

Forma Mentis – Reborn (160 Bpm)
Egova – Neuron Module (160 Bpm)
Noise Gust vs Midzinco – Crystal Child Dance (165 Bpm)
Kasatka – Alchemy (170 Bpm)
Demoniac Insomniac – Sita Ram (Stop The War) (170 Bpm)
Seth – Placebo (170 Bpm)
Dog Of Tears – Spiral70a (170 Bpm)
Pangea – It’s Been Forever (168 Bpm)
Crystal Dabship Orchestra – Northern Lights (165 Bpm)
Lucronofix – Aramani (180 Bpm)

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00 - Cover

wav download     mp3 download

Asamori – Mental Vacuum (190 BPM)
Asamori – Leading Instance (197 BPM)
Asamori – Chaos Structure (190 BPM)

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